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CLASS 4M 2017-2018

Year 4 Amazing Ancient Egyptians assembly






YEAR 3 2016-2017

Into the Amazon!

Check out all the fun we had during arts week.

Observational drawings upside down.

Working outside.

What a great team we make!  Making frames from sticks.

Designing with junk


Painting a background for a theatre.  Aztecs, Day of the Dead, Jungle...

Careful, that's hot!!!

We are tribes people from the Amazon. Hear us roar!

Tribes puppets made from junk.  Clay heads on sticks.  Observational drawings.  Design analysis. Being in the jungle.  What an adventure.  We hope you enjoyed our exhibition!


Welcome to the wonderful world of 3B.  Following our topic on the rotten Romans we are now learning about vicious volcanoes! Over the holidays, each child has produced an incredible piece of work relating to volcanoes, layers of the Earth or Pompeii.



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