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6H 2017-2018


Year 6 have made an impressive start to the year, they are working very hard and we are continually proud of them.





Year 6 Assembly - Thursday 30th November 2017


Our year 6 assembly was all about our love of reading. We have a year group challenge to read 100 books before we leave Haydn Primary School. These range from classics such as 'Alice in Wonderland' to current favourites such as 'Wonder' and 'The Goldfish Boy'. We scripted and acted out scenes from some of our favourite stories and identified which books were our personal favourites. It was great fun and we did a fabulous job.

This term as part of our computing topic and art and design topic, we made fairground rides. In groups and having considered our favourite rides at Goose Fair, we planned, designed and made a ride.  We used our knowledge of a Crumble controller to connect and program our models so that they rotated, it was great fun.

Our fairground rides

Our fairground rides 1
Our fairground rides 2
Our fairground rides 3
Our fairground rides 4
Our fairground rides 5
Our fairground rides 6
Our fairground rides 7
Our fairground rides 8
Our fairground rides 9
Our fairground rides 10
Our fairground rides 11
Our fairground rides 12
Our fairground rides 13

As part of our half term geography homework project the children were asked to create something related to the topic  ‘Extreme Earth’ and weather conditions.

It could be:

  • A picture, painting or collage

  • An information sheet on a case study or newspaper article

  • A model

  • A poem

  • Something inspired by a particular artist

Look how creative they were.

Extreme Earth homework projects

Extreme Earth homework projects 1
Extreme Earth homework projects 2
Extreme Earth homework projects 3
Extreme Earth homework projects 4
Extreme Earth homework projects 5
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