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Stay safe, from #TeamHaydn

We have a message to send home to all of you, we miss you so much and hope you are all staying safe!

Home Learning



1S, you are all AMAZING! You have been working so hard on your home learning and I am so incredibly proud of you all! (see the photos and videos below!)

I really love responding to your emails and letters so keep them coming!

I have also absolutely loved speaking to you all on the phone over the last few weeks and hearing your lovely, happy voices. I will call you all again soon for another catch up!

When you reach the Week 7 home learning planning, we will be starting an exciting new topic!
Our new topic from Week 7 will be


We have planned lots of exciting learning and activities for you based around this topic and we can't wait to hear all about what you get up to!

I have added dates to the planning to help everyone keep track of where they are up to!

I have also moved all past planning and resources to the bottom of the page, they're all still there if you need to revisit them!



It sounds like you and your families have worked hard to settle into a routine that works for you now, and that you're engaging in a range of activities; cooking, games, crafts, books and stories, schoolwork and physical activity! Keep it up! 


Each week that the school remains closed, I will continue to add subsequent planning below and all of the required resources.


Please remember that you can email me by emailing

All emails will be forwarded to me


I would LOVE to hear from the children and find out all about their exciting home learning adventures!


Please let me know when sending photographs or videos of your child whether you would be happy for these to be uploaded to our class page as a celebration of their learning and so that the children can see what one another have been up to!

Photos and videos will be added below!


Look after yourselves and stay safe smiley




Are you still doing Joe Wicks PE in the morning? It's a great way yo start your day!



Remember to keep reading every day!

There are lots of free audiobooks you can listen to as well! Links below.


David Walliams is releasing a new audio story every day!  


Audible has made 100’s of children’s audiobooks for free!



We are getting into the world of YouTube!


Remember to subscribe to the Haydn YouTube channel for notifications each time a new video is added!

Lots of teachers are reading stories for you all! Link below.



Creative Quarter Challenges


Keep an eye on the Creative Quarter page ( ) on our website for weekly art challenges that you can all get involved in, inspiring websites and links. 

Home Learning Pack

In addition to the weekly home learning planning and resources, here is another resource to use for ideas if you want to supplement the class home learning packs.

Week beginning 25th May



You have all worked so unbelievably hard the last few weeks and we are SO proud of you!

Make sure that you take some time this week to enjoy the sunshine and reflect on your home learning journey so far.

Keep smiling, stay safe!


Mrs Sudborough & Mr England xx

Week beginning 1st June

Week 10 home learning planning

Week beginning 11th June

Week 11 home learning planning

Martha's dinosaur poem

Martha has used pairs of rhyming words to write an amazing poem!
It is truly brilliant Martha, well done!
You are a fabulous writer and we miss you very much!

Tibbie - Things

Tibbie has been super busy composing her own music!
She is working on a few tracks at the moment, here is on called 'Things'.
Well done Tibbie!
#TibbieForNumber1 xx

A joke from Martha!

Still image for this video
Martha made my day with her hilarious dinosaur joke!
What a ray of sunshine!
Thank you Martha!
Keep being you :)

Seb makes slime!

Seb has had a very busy afternoon making his own slime!
He read the recipe, wrote the shopping list and thought of some super adjectives to describe it once it was made!
I love the goggle Seb!
Keep finding fun things to do with your family :)
We miss you! x

Shahzad sharing a book with us all!

Shahzad is sharing an information book all about musical instruments.
What a fantastic reader you are Shahzad! Well done!

Joni's dandelion clock

Still image for this video
This little clip put such a smile on my face!
What a beautiful, smiley girl!
We miss you Joni! Keep smiling x

Millie's fun times!

Still image for this video
Millie has made a video montage of some of the fun things she has been getting up to!
It made me smile a lot and I'm sure it will you too, especially the part where she is getting the hose pipe to work!
It looks like you're having lots of fun with your family Millie!
We miss you lots x

Aggie's message for Mrs Sudborough

Still image for this video
Aggie used a program called 'Game Froot' to create her own computer game!
What a computing whizz!
Move over Mr Grimshaw!

Isobel's Easter message!

Still image for this video
Isobel has sent us a video message telling us what she has been up to in the first week of the Easter holidays!
I can't wait to see what happens to the catterpillars!
What do you think they might look like by the time we come back to school?

Is it Shahzad? Or is it Joe Wicks?!

Still image for this video
Shahzad has been joining in with Joe Wicks' PE lessons in the morning!
What a super job he is doing - well done Shahzad, you could have Mr Ward's job when we're back at school!
Keep it up!

Huey's Lego Moon Landing

Still image for this video
Huey researched Neil Armstrong and watched video clips of the Moon Landing.
He then recreated the Moon Landing using lego and sound clips from the videos he found!
How clever?!
Well done Huey :)

A beautiful song by Aggie

Still image for this video
During Aggie's home learning, she has recorded her own song!
I hope that it makes you all smile as much as it did me!
Well done Aggie, I am sure you will be a superstar one day!

Our silly photos to make us smile!

Previous home learning planning and resources

Week 9 home learning planning

Week 8 home learning planning

WEEK 7 home learning planning

WEEK 6 home learning planning

WEEK 5 home learning planning

WEEK 5 home learning resources

WEEK 4 home learning planning

WEEK 3 home learning planning

WEEK 2 home learning plan

WEEK 1 home learning plan

Welcome to 1S


Visit this page to find important dates and information, keep up to date with what we are learning each half term, and see lots of photographs of our fantastic learning!

Spring 1

Welcome back!

Happy New Year!

We hope that you all had a wonderful and restful holiday.


This half term we are learning all about the 'Polar Regions'.

We have learnt all about the animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Did you know that penguins and polar bears don't live together?

Penguins live in the South Pole whereas Polar Bears live in the North Pole.

We have really enjoyed learning about the different types of penguins.

We learnt about the life cycle of a penguin and were amazed to find out that the Daddy penguin has to look after the egg on his feet for 2 whole months!

We made our own penguin eggs and tried waddling around our very own Antarctic terrain (the playground) without dropping it. It was VERY HARD!

Then we got into a huddle to protect ourselves from the cold, just like penguins in Antarctica.



This half term the children have started their weekly spelling tests.

Spellings will be given out each Wednesday and stuck in the back of the reading diary in the 'Spelling Record'. They will be tested the following Wednesday. Please remember to practise your children's spellings with then each night. Creative ideas for how to practice can be found in the 'Spelling Superstars' booklet sent home this half term.

We are so impressed with how enthusiastic the children have been about their weekly spelling tests!

The children have explored some different ideas for practising their spellings in school. Take a look...






We used playdoh, pipe cleaners, chalk and coloured post it notes to practise writing our spellings!


Autumn 2


This half term our topic is 'Under the Sea'. We have learnt lots about the different sea creatures and plants that live under the sea, designed and made our own tropical aquariums and explored lots of stories about pirates and mermaids!


A Pirate visited our class and left us clues around the classroom. His name was Pirate Pete. We wrote our own stories about Pirate Pete and learnt how to use adjectives to make our writing more descriptive.


We learnt about the Christmas Story and performed an AMAZING Christmas concert to our grown ups. We practised really hard and we hope that you all loved it!

In the last week, we had a Christmas Party to celebrate all of our hard work this term. We got a visit from Father Christmas and he gave each of us a present!



Autumn 1


This half term we have been learning about 'Our World' comparing where we live to other places in the world! We have learnt lots about The United Kingdom, the city of Nottingham and the capital city of London.

We read lots of stories about Paddington Bear to help us learn more about London.

Did you know, Paddington Bear is from Peru in South America?



In October, we learnt about the Goose Fair! We learnt all about the history of Goose Fair and why is happens in Nottingham each year. We created some beautiful artwork and wrote all about our own visits to Goose Fair!



As the weather started to change, we began exploring the season of Autumn and went on an autumn walk around our school. We observed the changes to the trees and used lots of harvest vegetables to make our very own autumn soup! It was delicious!

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