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Welcome to 2S


Great Fire of London!

As part of our 'Welcome to NG5' topic, we studied The Great Fire of London. The children really threw themselves into the topic and enjoyed all aspects. We interviewed Samuel Pepys and designed our own Tudor style houses. To finish off the topic we lined the houses up and burned them. We listened to a story of the horrific event and even chanted London's Burning!


Blackwoods Trip

Year 2 had a fantastic start to the half term. We have been working on our topic 'Into the Woods' and we walked to Blackwoods for a wonderful afternoon full of exploration. We took part in different activities. We created our own hedgehogs using leaves collected and created bark rubbing pictures. We loved our mini beast hunt and worked together to unearth different insects in their micro-habitats. We didn't let the rain ruin our day!

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Under the Sea

In connection to Sustainability week, Year 2 were given the opportunity to watch a film at Cineworld about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the range of marine life that live there. Although there were some technical difficulties when we arrived, the children were amazing and so grown up. We really enjoyed the film, learning about jelly fish, sharks, sea horses and many more. Some parts did make us jump and laugh!

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Haydn's Garden!

We are so privileged to have our garden in school and we now have a gardener who helps look after it. As part of sustainability week we went to visit our garden. We had a tour and explored the different types of fruit and vegetables. We asked some fantastic questions!



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Friendship Friday

In the Autumn term, Haydn had 'Friendship Friday'. We loved having lots of circle time activities where we discussed this topic and what being a good friend looks like. We then created our own friendship rainbows where we wrote nice comments about our peers. It made us all feel happy and loved!



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Art and D.T

This half term we have learned many new skills and looked at different artists. We created our own clay hedgehogs based on the work of Ceramic artist Nick Mackman, sketched leaves and owls based on the botanist artist Claude Aubriet and create beautiful watercolours inspired by Joseph Turner. We combined all these elements to make a hedgehog house. The children did this totally independently!

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Welcome to 1R




This half term our topic is 

❄️Polar Regions❄️


We have been learning all about the coldest places on earth; The Arctic and The Antarctic!πŸŒβ„οΈ

We have learnt lots about the different types of animals that live in each, in particular, penguins and polar bears.🐧

We have watched lots of real life clips of penguins, and know all about how they look after their chicks.🐣

Did you know, the penguin daddy looks after the egg on his feet for 2 whole months while the mummy penguin goes hunting?🐟

He has to keep the egg very safe so it doesn't get too cold or crack.

We made our own penguin eggs and investigated how long we could keep them on our feet whilst waddling.

It was much harder that it looks!



Please check back for the latest news, key dates and photographs of what we have been up to! 




Remembrance Day 2018  - 100 years


The children learnt all about why we wear poppies on remembrance day and some of us shared stories of our families who served in the wars. We enjoyed looking at the photographs some of the children brought in - thank you!


After watching a short animation showing how the battlefields changed after the war had finished, we painted our own poppy fields using watercolours and finger painting. The results were beautiful!



Fireworks Poems

Goose Fair

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