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2S 2021-2022


Current 1H. Here is a copy of this week's planning for our self isolation week.

1H 2021-2022

A big 'Hello' to the new children joining 1H in September, Mr England and I are looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you all.

I am really sorry that we can't meet you because both your year group and our year group are isolating. I just wanted to let you know that in September we will still have busy time, our classroom has a creative area and space to play outside with sand and water, it also has lots of blocks, lego and some other construction toys so there is lots to do in busy time, which we call

Discovery Time' in Year 1. We will also have phonics and maths time and we will learn about lots of other things too. Why don't you have a look at the photos of our classroom below and here is a video of me reading a story for you. 

Video for F2.mp4

Still image for this video

1H 2020 - 2021


We have a new name, we are now in class 1H! I can't wait to see you all again on Thursday. I have been getting our new classroom ready during the holidays and I thought you might like to see some photos! As well as the areas in the photos we also have a workshop and a reading corner in our classroom. We have an outside space where we will have our café, a role play area, a reading area, a water tray and a sand tray. Let's hope we have lots of nice weather. If it is cold or rainy you will need to bring a waterproof coat from home.

I am really looking forward to showing everything to you!

See you on Thursday!

Mrs Harris

CLASS LETTERS - 1H - 2020 - 2021
                                                FH 2019 - 2020

This week the planning is in two parts. If you were in school last week, follow the planning in blue print. If you were at home last week, follow the planning in black print.

This is the last week of home learning. We will see you all back in school in September.

Have a lovely summer break everyone!

Week 18 planning Week commencing 20th July

Week 17. Week commencing 13th July

Welcome at the gate.

This video explains how Mrs Harris and Miss Storey will welcome the children at the gate and bring them to our classroom. It also explains how families shouuld keep 2 metres apart while waiting.

Welcome back to our classroom!

This is a video showing what our class looks like. It explains that, when the children come to school, they will be in a bubble with a few (up to 4) of their friends and they will play with those children all day.
We are really looking forward to seeing everybody!

Hi FH! Here is the planning for this week. We are doing lots of art activities because it is Sherwood Art Week. Please send us photos of your creations so we can put them on the website.

Hello FH!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all at our zoom gathering on Tuesday. It will be so nice to see your faces! You don't need to say anything or do anything, but if you want to bring anything to show us all you can, it might be a toy, or something that you have made while you have been at home. 

We can't wait!!



Mrs Harris and Miss Storey


p.s if you haven't had a text with the details, please contact school.




Week 13. Week commencing 15th June

Week 12 planning is below - keep scrolling!!

National Best Friends Day

Monday 8th June


In our class we are all best friends! I thought that it would be really nice if we could all write a message to each other.  You might want to tell your friends what games you are looking forward to playing with them when you return to school, you could tell your friends about a new skill that you have learnt while you have been at home or you might just want to tell your friends how much you are missing them.


Please write your messages and then email them to me ( and I will put them on the website for everyone to see.

This is Mrs Harris' letter to you all

Hi FH! Which book do you think we might be reading this week? below are some clues.

Symmetry activity

Creative Quarter Challenges


Keep an eye on the Creative Quarter page ( ) on our website for weekly art challenges that you can all get involved in, inspiring websites and links. 

Week 10. Week commencing 25th May

Your work. Keep sending in the work everyone, we love to show it off on the website!

Question of the Week

In what ways are children better than adults?

What do you think FH?

Question of the week

Could you have a sport where everyone was on the same side? 

What do you think? Could you make one up? have a go FH.

Here is the latest work you have sent in via e.mail. We are so proud of you! Keep sending us your photos for the website, we love them!

Dear FH,

We hope you are all okay, it has been nice to chat to some of you during phone calls this week. 


Thank you for all the kind messages and photos you are sending in and posting on Seesaw, it is so nice to see all the work and activities you have been getting up to. If you haven't got Seesaw yet please e.mail for a link, it is a great way to share our work and fun. So many of you have been doing the work we are setting which is really encouraging. Keep at it as much as possible, but don't worry if you don't complete everything.


From 4th May we will be using the Letters and Sounds lessons on You Tube as they are very similar to the phonics lessons we have at school. The link is on the planning sheet below. The lessons last about 20 minutes and your child will need a pencil, or pen and paper. They should be able to watch the video unsupported but may need a little encouragement to begin with. Please let us know how they get on. 


Take care everyone!

Mrs Harris and Miss Storey

Week 7, Week Commencing 4th May

Haydn Surname Challenge!

Have a go at this if you have time, or save it for half term!

Phonics lessons starting online week commencing 27th April

I thought this might be useful and you may want to use it alongside the phonics work that we are planning for the children to complete at home.

Question of the week

If pigs are what wolves eat, is the Big Bad Wolf bad? 

What do you think FH? Have a chat to your family about your thoughts!


We are setting up the seesaw app and it is proving useful to share what we are doing at home. I am really enjoying seeing what everybody has been doing and hope you are too!

If you have not yet set it up please contact me by e.mail at for the class QR code. If you have downloaded it and have any questions please also e.mail me. 


Mrs Harris


To set it up for your child

 1. Download the seesaw app for IOS or android, or go to on your computer.

 2. Choose 'I am a student'

 3. Scan the QR code and select your child's name from the list. 

 4. Go to your inbox, there should be a message there. 


Thank you for all your messages, it is lovely to see what you have been up to. Here are some of the photos you have sent in.

Hello everybody,


I hope you are all well and being kind to your family. Thank you to those of you who have sent me photos and messages, it is good to hear that you are doing well. I have found some interesting questions which I thought might give you and your family something to talk about so I will put a 'Question of the Week' onto the website, don't argue about them, but listen to everyone's ideas and opinions carefully, there is no right or wrong answer!


Have you been doing some exercise? I've been doing the Joe Wicks workout on You Tube every day, it is hard but every day I can do a bit more! It would be good to know you are doing it at the same time as me!


I hope you have managed to plant the seeds we sent you, It will be great to see what colour all the flowers are. Even when everything changes and there is no school, the flowers keep on growing and the seasons carry on changing, we are heading into spring now, can you see leaves growing on the trees and flowers beginning to grow in the gardens?  


During the next two weeks we will be setting work for you to do at home so you can keep some routines going, but do remember to spend some special times as a family too!


Mrs Harris

Week 2 planning and phonics sentences. Week commencing 30th March

Question of the week:

Would an elephant make a good pet?

Week 4. Week commencing 13th April

Question of the Week


If you dig up buried treasure is it yours?


What do you think FH? Tell your family your thoughts.

Home Learning Pack

Here is another resource to use for ideas if you want to supplement the class home learning packs.

Home Learning


As the school is now closed, we have prepared a pack of resources for you to use with your child at home. We would suggest that children of this age thrive on some structure and routine in their day. Engage your child with cooking, games, crafts, books and stories, schoolwork and physical activity. It is important that your children stay active and keep talking! Having the same structure every day will really help your child and should help you too if you need to spend time working from home.

Each week we will update our class pages on the school website so you can follow a weekly plan of learning activities. We have also provided you with a home learning folder with a variety of tasks, activities and resources. It is clearly indicated on the home learning plan which resources are needed for each activity. As much as possible, we have tried to plan activities which once you have explained to the children, they should be able to complete independently.


Please find below, the attached planning documents and resources for use with your children during weeks 1 and 2 of school closures.

Each week that the school remains closed, we will add subsequent planning.


Please remember that you can email me by emailing

All emails will be forwarded to me


I would LOVE to hear from the children and find out all about their exciting home learning adventures!


Look after yourselves and stay safe smiley

Letter to Parents

Week 1 planning and phonics sentences

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