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FD 2020/21

Mrs Parkes reads you a story!

Mrs Parkes misses you all lots and can't wait to see you again soon!

Home Learning Commencing July 08th

Hello all! It's that time again. Thank you for your resilience, kindness and patience as we work together to make home learning as easy and accessible as possible for yourselves and your children. 

This time, we are offering live lessons. These will be led by Miss Deighton and Mrs Wallace. Our live lessons will be interactive and will consist of a phonics session to practise our reading and writing, a shared reading session to practise our comprehension skills and a Puzzle (maths) lesson.

Please choose the times that work best for you. You do not have to stick with the same times each day.

Phonics sessions will be at 9.00am and 1.00pm 
Shared reading will be at 10.00am and 2.00pm
Puzzle (maths) sessions will be at 11.00am

You will receive a Zoom invitation to your emails so please keep an eye out for those.

All lessons will last around 25 minutes. This will give the children a chance to have a movement break or complete some fun, creative activities in between videos. 


Alongside live lessons, we will be placing a selection of maths, creative and bonus activities on your class pages for the children to enjoy.

Follow the 3 links at the top of this page to access these additional activities.

Keep on reading! 10 minutes a day makes all of the difference.

Thank you again for your amazing support. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful parent team and resilient children. 

Best wishes, 

Miss Deighton, Mrs Parkes, Mrs Thraves x




Hello all. We thank you for your patience whilst we prepare home learning for FD class.


Over the next four days, we will upload the following daily tasks:

- A phonics video of the day

- A literacy activity (Pop's challenge)

- A maths activity (Puzzle's challenge)

- Creative activities (a bank of activities for you to choose from throughout the week)

- A guided handwriting video
- Story of the day

Please remember, routine is important.

In order to help keep our children motivated, ready to learn, and ease them back into school expectations next week, it is important that they follow some routine at home. 

We have posted a suggested timetable below. Please note that this is only an example. We understand that these are unprecedented times and that parents and carers are still working.

Please continue reading with your child for 20 minutes a day. A small comment in their reading diary helps us keep track of your child's reading progress. 

As always, please remember those movement breaks too! Here are a list of videos we love to enjoy at school:
Jack Hartman - Count to 100:
  Go Noodle - Superheros Unite:
Go Noodle - Rollercoaster:

Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Thank you again for your patience and resilience. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful parent team.

Best wishes,

Miss Deighton, Mrs Thraves, Mrs Parkes

Click on the star to access home learning this week

Friday Fun!

We have really enjoyed our Fridays this half term and can't wait to continue the Friday fun after the holidays. On Fridays, we have our busy time outside and enjoy provision such as den building, water play, construction toys, mud kitchen, outdoor writing and art. We especially love working as a team in the water provision and showing Miss Deighton our amazing creations!

We also have P.E on a Friday. Scroll down below to see what we got up to in P.E this week. 

Welcome to Haydn Heath Centre! How may we help you?

When learning about people who help us, our home corner was transformed into a doctors surgery. We loved pretending to be receptionists, patients, doctors and nurses. We tested our eyes, x-rayed our bones and had a go at wrapping bandages. It was so much fun!

Welcome back!
Summer Term 1

We hope you have all had a wonderful break. We are very excited to kickstart our final term of the year and have lots of exciting things planned! For the first few weeks back, our topic is called, 'I am super.' We will be talking about all of the different things that make us special. Discussion will range from talking about our families, to our different talents, eye/hair colours and favourite food! 

As mentioned in an email, please can children bring in a photo of their family on the first day back. 
 This could be their immediate family, extended family, or perhaps simply one special person from their family. If you would like to do this but do not have a printer, please email your photo(s) to Miss Deighton and she will print it for you. 

This term, we will be reading: 

- What if we were all the same? By C.M Harris
- Supertato By Paul Linnet
- All Join In! By Quentin Blake

- The Gingerbread Man (Variety of versions)
- My Mum is a Supermum By
 Angela McAllister

Please keep a look out below for photos of what we get up to next term. For now, enjoy the images from the end of last term.

As always, thank you for your brilliant support! 

Miss Deighton, Mrs Thraves, Miss Howells x

Spring has Sprung! 

On Wednesday, we became photographers. We went on an adventure to our school wild garden to look and photograph signs of Spring. We had to line up the camera on our ipads carefully and keep our hands very still to make sure all of the image was in the frame. We loved taking pictures of the Spring flowers and insects! Miss Deighton is in the process of printing our finished photographs so we can share them with our grown-ups!

Our Fan-tastic Mother's Day Cards!

We loved making mother's day cards last week! We had to fold the fans and cut out flowers to create a bouquet on the front. We then used our best handwriting to write a lovely message to our mummies. We spoke about why some people choose to celebrate Mother's Day and suggested reasons why we love our mummies.


Pop writing!


Pop loves going on adventures and likes us to help him write about them.

He helps us to use our phonics to sound out words in his pictures.


With Pop's help, we will practise using our phonics skills to write longer words and short sentences.

We will practise using our finger spaces to separate words and remember to place a full stop at the end of our sentences. 






We are close to completing phase 3 phonics and will then revise all of the phase 2 and 3 sounds that we know so far.

This week's sounds are:

ng   ai   ee   igh   oa

Please keep practising the sounds below at home. We should be able to write and say the sounds.



Phase 2 full list of sounds



Bear Word Certificates

Bear Word  certificates have been a huge success, with so many FD children working very hard to receive them! When the children can read all of the words on their current bear word sheet and are moved on to the next, they receive a certificate. Each child will move onto their next bear words at their own pace and will be celebrated.


Puzzle time!


This week in maths, we are learning all about doubling and halving! 




Check out our super doubling and halving!



Hello all! We hope you are well and had a wonderful week. We will be continuing our home learning schedule over the next few weeks.


As with last term, we will upload a weekly plan, outlining the following daily tasks:

- Phonics video

- Literacy activity (Pop's challenge)

- Puzzle activity (Puzzle's challenge)

- Creative activities (a bank of activities for you to choose from throughout the week)

- A well-being activity

- Guided handwriting video
- Shared reading videos

Please remember, routine is important.

In order to help keep this going whilst learning from home, below is a suggested timetable, similar to the timings we normally follow in school.

Feel free to use this to help plan your day (if it helps) but there is no pressure to follow these timings. Your child may need more breaks or be better starting work earlier/finishing earlier.

I understand that many of you will also have to schedule home learning around your own jobs and how tricky this must be, so again, if you don’t manage to complete all of the activities every day, please don’t worry.




Please keep me updated!

In order for us to keep track of the children's learning, as well as celebrating their achievements, please send photo's of the children's work or photo's of what they have been up to to me at

We will continue our Friday whole class Zoom calls - please join when you can!

Best wishes,

Miss Deighton, Mrs Thraves, Miss Howells x

Keyworker Children Photographs!

Please enjoy a selection of photographs showcasing some of the many things we got up to in school last term.

We enjoyed topics learning about:

Polar Animals
Chinese New Year

Have a wonderful Christmas break!

Dear FD families,

Wow! We have already completed our first term of school. How exciting! Thank you for your continued support this term. We feel so lucky to have such a brilliant parent team! Please enjoy a selection of photos below, showing all of the fun Christmas activities the children have been enjoying over the past few weeks. (Including many shots of our Christmas party day!)

I am so proud of the children's progress this term. I can't wait to see how high they fly next year!

Stay safe! See you in 2021.

Love from,

Miss Deighton, Miss Howells and Mrs Thraves x

Important letters and documents:

Reading Meeting Presentation

Happy Diwali

This week, we learnt all about Diwali. We loved learning about and acting out the story of Rama and Sita, as well as making our very own Rangoli patterns, lanterns and Diva lamps. 

We hope you enjoyed our creations!



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