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Arrangements for September 2021

22nd July 2021


Dear Families,


We’ve made it!! Thank you so much for your support, kindness and resilience in what has been the most unusual year. However, despite all the trials and tribulations there has been so much to be proud of. The children have made great progress across the school even though we have been through two major lockdowns and missed chunks of school.


I hope you enjoyed reading your child’s report and are proud of their achievements. All teachers have passed on vital information to their new year groups and assessment data has been fully analysed so that children will be able to hit the ground running in September.


We have thought long and hard about the beginning of September and how we will begin on Thursday 2nd. Thank you to those who have given feedback about what has worked well and what you have missed about coming into school.


As cases of Covid have been on the increase and we have had many children, staff and families who have needed to isolate during the last two weeks, we have decided to take a cautious approach to the beginning of next term.


We will be keeping to the same routines that are well embedded in school. The children will be greeted by staff members at the gates in the morning and will independently come into school saying goodbye at the gate. This year the beginning of our days have been very calm and orderly. The children too have learnt vital independence skills because they have had to be organised and responsible for their own belongings.  


At the end of the day at pick up time we have created year group designated areas for you to wait on site. We will be relying on you to promptly leave the school site once you have collected your child. Thank you.

Children in classes that finish at 3.15pm will be taken by their teachers to their siblings pick up point at 3.30pm. This means you will be able to pick up your children at the later time of 3.30pm and your children will be together. Unfortunately, the start times remain static and you will need to drop your child off at the early time first and the older children will be able to wait in their playground. We really appreciate your co-operation.



The children will continue to have staggered playtimes in school and play with the children in their year group because this has benefited their play. We feel this will help their transition as they come back to a familiar group of children.


We are asking our F2 parents to wait in the F2 and nursery garden before and after school but again the children will go into their classrooms by themselves.


We are conscious that so much has been missed this year; especially coming into school to support events such as music shows, sports days, assemblies and so much more. When we have settled the children back into school and we have a clear picture about what Covid looks like in our community we will begin to schedule in these events so that you are embracing the whole of your child’s learning journey.


Opening up cautiously will keep more children in school and keep vulnerable adults safe. I hope you understand and we look forward to working hard again for our children and providing them with the very best experiences so they continue to thrive.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Mason



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