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Message to the Children

Dear Children,

“What a week!” We said “Wash your hands!” and “Are you OK?” It has been a strange week for mums and dads, children, teachers, grandparents – everyone!

You know that school will be closing for a while. This is to keep people healthy and stop lots of people getting ill. We will stay in touch and we will be thinking of you all at this odd time. When it would usually be school – you will continue learning at home. Teachers will prepare your learning and this will be on your class page each week. We will be on a computer ready to help! At the weekend you will be with family at home and outside. Some of you (if your mums and dads have jobs which they have to do) will come to school. It will feel a bit different but will be fun! (We promise!)

Lots of you will have had a home learning pack. Teachers will be very pleased to hear from all of you next week as we begin learning online!

We know lots of you will be feeling a bit anxious about what is going on. That is OK. Ask questions, talk to people around you about your worries. We know you will fall out with brothers and sisters and mums and dads but remember to love each other and care for each other. Make sure you all give each other a bit of time – time to be worried, stressed, angry, whatever!

Take care! Keep smiling!


Mrs Fielding and Mrs Mason

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