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SEND Assessment of Progress

How do we know if your child is making progress?


We will be guided by the following sections of the SEND Policy:


4.3    If our assessments show that a child may have a learning difficulty, we use a range of strategies that make full use of all available classroom and school resources., please see the link on the website for city provision maps. The child’s class teacher will offer interventions that are different from or additional to those provided as part of the school’s usual working practices. The class teacher will keep parents informed and draw upon them for additional information. The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), if not already involved, will become involved if the teacher and parents feel that the child would benefit from further support. The SENCO will then conduct further assessments of the child’s needs, supported by one of the team of teaching assistants who work throughout the school / nursery.


4.4    We will record the strategies used to support the child within an Individual Provision Map (IPM). The IPM will show the short-term targets set for the child and the teaching strategies to be used. It will also indicate the planned outcomes and the date for the plan to be reviewed. In most cases, this review will take place once a term either at a planned meeting with the class teacher or at parents evening. Targets will be SMART targets, written in child-friendly language and beginning with the words “I will…” in most cases. In line with the new Code of Practice we endeavour to incorporate pupil and parents voice wherever possible. Children will be involved in the target setting and reviewing cycle. All staff have received training on writing IPMs and assessing targets. Staff also devise provision maps for individual children in their classes.

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