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Welcome to 2C

Grown Ups - Mrs Crawford, Miss Williamson, Miss Gilbert

Class Teddy - Sidmouth

Class Worry Monster - Senor Worry

On our class page, you will find copies of our letters and photos of the fun things we get up to in Year 2.

If you would like photos of your 2Cer to appear on the website, please speak to one of our class grown ups.

2C have been embracing the Christmas spirit with both arms! We had a cracking time wearing our Christmas jumpers and we've been working really, really hard rehearsing for our Christmas show!

Recently, we made the long, half a mile journey to Blackwoods. We did a mapping activity, with an OS map, a sense of place job (asking ourselves where we’d been like Blackwoods before and what we could see/hear/smell) and completed some fieldwork tasks to find out if hedgehogs might live there. We used quadrats, a wildlife survey and asked ourselves what impacts humans were having on the woods. All in all, we think hedgehogs can live there! We rounded off our visit with some hot chocolate and a good run around in the leaves!


Something that brought us all a rather unexpected amount of joy this half term was learning about the first Christian baptism. We discussed how nice it is to be a part of a community, how they can come in all different shapes and sizes and why Christians decide to be baptised. We then got into groups and acted out what Christian's believe happened at Jesus' baptism. Can you tell who is John the Baptist and who is the adoring crowd? One of us even referred to John the Baptist as, "the dipper"! Happy times.

As part of our Welcome to NG5 topic, we built our own homes, or favourite shops, for our homework and used them to help develop our sense of place. We used these models to map out Sherwood and tried to put them in the correct places. We shared stories of times we've had breakfast at Spoons, recommended delicious treats at The Pudding Pantry and told everyone about our visits to Woodthorpe Park. If we were very lucky, we also remembered times we had been to our friend's house for tea and played on their trampoline!

We have had a lovely half term reading many beautiful books, like The Dragon Stoorworm and Dear Greenpeace, using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and embedding our knowledge of place value and number. Life is very busy, when you're in Year 2!

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