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Happy Friday!

Hello everybody and welcome to a cosy day full of stories and songs! 

Here is Mrs Wilkinson to start the day!

Happy Friday from Mrs Wilkinson


One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth

I hope you have enjoyed making puppets and your story map of One Snowy Night. Don't worry if you haven't finished because there's still time! Today we are going to use our puppets and story maps to make a little show where we retell the story to our families. I've made a little video of my puppet show - I'm using some of the puppets I showed you earlier in the week and some other things I have found around my house  - including a sugar mouse! I think I can remember most of the words!  I hope you enjoy it!

Ms Paulson's Puppet Show of One Snowy Night

If you haven't made any puppets yet you can still make a show using your toys to play the different parts! We would love to see any photos of your little show!
Here's the animated version of the story for you to snuggle up to and watch!

Percy the Park Keeper: One Snowy Night

More Stories to Share

Miss Storey is telling a story today from her garden - in the snow!!

The Black Cat by Alan Ahlberg

Ms Paulson shares a story for a snowy day.

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

Music by BOYZ II MEN

Talking Together

Snow does feel quite magical, doesn't it? Millions of snowflakes fall when it snows. Each snowflake is made up of snow crystals and it has its own special pattern. All snowflakes have six points but each one is unique which means no two are the same.

  • How do you think Peter felt when he woke up and saw the snow?
  • Can you remember the sound the snow made when he walked on it?
  • What did Peter make in the snow?
  • What happened to the snowball that Peter put in his pocket for tomorrow?
  • How did that make him feel?
  • Peter dreamed that the sun melted the sun. Did that really happen?
  • You're right, it didn't! New snow was falling! What did Peter do?
Join in a song with Miss Storey! It's one you know!

Get ready for a winter walk Miss Storey

Busy Fingers

When you have listened to some stories, why don't you find somewhere cosy to sit and do some drawing. You could draw some of your favourite characters or parts of a story. Don't forget to write your name on your drawings - it's always good to practise!


Today we are going to sing a shape song!

The Shape Song Swingalong | Barefoot Books Singalong

Busy Bodies!

It's important to keep moving so let's finish with a dance!

Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Have a wonderful weekend - I hope it snows again! Take care, keep safe and look after each other!
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