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Happy Wednesday!

Here's Miss Storey to start our day!

Happy Wednesday from Miss Storey

What are we learning today?

This week we are reading the story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. Do you think real tigers visit people's houses and have tea with them? I don't think they do! I wonder where real tigers live? And I wonder what food they like to eat? Today we are going to find out all about tigers. Look at and listen carefully to the information book below called 'Tigers' and see what you can remember and learn. When you have finished I have made a quiz for you to do with your grown-up. Don't worry if you don't know the answer to something as you can go back and look at the book again!

TIGERS | Animal Book for Kids Read Aloud

Talking Together

Tiger Quiz

Talk about what you have found out about tigers and have a go at this quiz together!

  1. What kind of animals are tigers?
  2. Where do tigers live?
  3. What does a tiger look like?
  4. When do tigers sleep?
  5. What do tigers like to eat?
  6. What is a baby tiger called?
  7. What are tigers good at?


How did you do? Have you learnt some new things about tigers? What's your favourite thing about tigers? Do you know what sound a tiger makes? Listen to the clip below to hear the roar of a real tiger!

One Of The Most Beautiful Sounds In The Jungle - The Roar Of The Tiger


Rhyme Time

Our rhyme this week is... 


Why don't you make up a rhyme about a different animal? For example, you could choose elephants and think about what sound they make and what they look like. Here's my rhyme!


I hear elephants, I hear elephants,
Hark don’t you, hark don’t you?
Trumpeting, trumpeting elephants,
Trumpeting, trumpeting elephants,
I hear too, so do you.

I see elephants, I see elephants,
Look don’t you, look don’t you?
Grey and wrinkly elephants,
Grey and wrinkly elephants,
I see too, so do you.

Busy Fingers

Making stripes

Today we are going to use our busy fingers to create tiger stripes! There are lots of different ways you can make a tiger and give it some stripes! Here are some ideas...





Or you might choose to draw your tiger and make its stripes using different coloured pens.


A counting and listening game

Grown-ups - Collect together up to 6 small objects such as stones, marbles or pasta pieces. Find a box or small container. Ask your child to close their eyes as you drop the objects into the box, choosing a different amount each time and ask them to you count the objects as they land in the box? How many were there? Can you show your grown-up the numeral that matches? Grown-ups: write out the numbers 1-6 on individual pieces of paper. If your child isn’t sure what the number looks like, put the numbers in order and encourage them to count along the number line until they find the number.

 1  2  3  4  5  6 

Busy Bodies

SING with Cbeebies | Robot Rhythm Song

Here's a song from the animated version of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. It's brilliant and has all the different characters from the story popping up in it! There are lots of different foods for the tiger to eat too - see what you can spot!

'Hey Tiger!' Robbie Williams - Karaoke | The Tiger Who Came To Tea | SceneScreen

Hope you enjoyed the song! See you again tomorrow!
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