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Happy Thursday Everybody!

Mrs Wilkinson welcomes you to a new day of learning!

Mrs Wilkinson starts the day!

Busy Bodies

Today let's start the day by warming up our bodies!

CBeebies: Thursday Song

Make Your Own Tiger Tea Party



Busy Fingers

Making a list

Why don't you make your own Tiger Who Came to Tea tea party! First you will need to make a list of the things that you think the tiger would like to eat. Can you remember what Sophie gave him in the book? You could draw the pictures and your grown can help to write the words.


Collecting and making the things you need

You don't need to make real food for your tea party. You could use play dough or you could draw pictures of the food and cut them out. Think about how many plates and cups you will need and see if you can find a teapot and a jug to put on your table. Don't worry if you can't - you can just pretend!


Setting the table

When you have got together all the things you need, then you can begin to set the table ready for your tea party. Who will you invite? It could be some of your soft toys or people in your family but you will definitely need a tiger! Can you really invite a tiger to tea? 


Making a tiger mask

Make your own tiger mask so that you can have your own tiger at the tea party. There are lots of different ways you can do this depending on what you have in your house! Here's an idea using a paper plate.


Now you are ready to have your tea party. I wonder who will be the tiger at your party? Have fun!




Having a tea party is a good opportunity to do some sharing! Maybe you could teach the tiger how to do this! Talk together about what sharing means and think of times when you need to share things with your friends or family. Grown-ups: Encourage your child to set the correct number of places and then share out the pretend food fairly between each guest at the tea party. You could set them some challenges too! For example, give them two plates and 6 biscuits and ask them to share them out fairly. How many does each plate have on it? What would happen if another guest arrived and now you have 3 plates and 6 biscuits?



Here's a fun counting game to play! Follow the link below.


Let's finish with a story...

Holding a tea party is hard work! Settle down for a story all about sharing...

Sharing a Shell

I love that story! See you again tomorrow!
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