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Pupils Attitudes to Self and Social Assement (Pass) Assessment Letter
How to plan an at home learning day for autistic children

World Autism Awareness Week!


This year’s World Autism Awareness week was meant to be celebrated in school from the                     30th March - 5th April.

We are still going to celebrate it, so our amazing teachers Mrs Crawford, Mrs Harris and Mr Grimshaw have took the time to read some lovely stories which celebrate our similarities and differences.


Scroll down and you will also find lots of fun home learning resources.  


Miss McLeod


Mr Grimshaw reads ‘A Boy Called Bat’- Part 1 by Elna K. Arnold

The first 4 chapters read for all children at Haydn during the closure.

Mrs Crawford reads ‘The Girl Who Thought in Pictures’ by Julia Mosca

As part of Autism Awareness week and during the school closure we have decided to share some books with you.

Mrs Harris reads ' My Brother Otto' by Meg Raby

For autism awareness week Mrs Harris is sharing a lovely book with you to listen to at home.

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