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Happy Thursday, Nursery Children!


Start the day with Miss Storey!

Today we are going to make a story map of One Snowy Night.

One Snowy Night Story Map Part 2

I hope you have fun making your own story map. When you've finished, keep it safe with your puppets that you made yesterday ready for a puppet show tomorrow!

Animals in Winter

Talking Together

Let's have a think about what happens to the animals in Percy's park in the wintertime. I remember in the information book about winter we read it said that some animals migrate and some animals hibernate in winter. I think some animals just have to fluff up their feathers and fur and keep warm! What do you think? Can you remember what migrate and hibernate mean?


Animals in the wild do one of three things in winter.


1. Migrate     This means they move to a warmer place.


2. Hibernate   This means they go to sleep for the winter.   


3. Adapt       This means they stay awake and keep warm by growing a warm winter coat.

Have a look at these animals from Percy's park and decide which of these three things you think they do in winter. Do they adapt, migrate or hibernate? Talk with your family and decide.





Answer - only the hedgehog hibernates and all of the other animals adapt. That means they stay in this country, they grow thicker coats or fluffier feathers and whilst they do spend lots more time in their different homes and nests to keep warm and save energy, they do not sleep for the winter. 
Watch this beautiful film about the British Wintertime!

The British Winter | BBC Teach



These are great number raps! You can listen to them in your own time! 

CBeebies - Number Raps 1 - 5


Using the 1, 2 and 3 numerals from yesterday, ask your child to pull out one of the numbers and say what it is. Ask your child to find that number of objects from around the house. Can you find 2 spoons, 3 teddies, 1 cushion, 3 cups and so on. 

Let's move!

Enjoy some Hey Duggee yoga with Rebecca!

Hey Duggee Yoga with Rebecca | CBeebies House

Have a fun-filled day and we'll see you again tomorrow!
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