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Happy Thursday Everybody!

Let's start the day with Mrs Wilkinson.

Happy Thursday

Find out what we are learning today from Paulson.

Make your own bear hunt with Ms Paulson

Talking Together

Talk about all of the different obstacles that the characters in the story have to make it through and then go on a bear hunt of your own!

You could create a life-size bear hunt trail or a miniature one!

Here are some more ideas to get you going...



Grown-ups, as you play and talk to your child encourage them to notice the sounds in words, first the initial sounds and as they get good at that, move onto the final sounds in words. Keep robot talking everyday objects! Weave it into instructions and daily routines for example, go and brush your t- ee- th, wash your f-a-ce, put on your c-oa-t and so on. 


All about 4

This week we're thinking about the number 4. Can you count to 4? Show your grown-up 4 fingers. You could use one hand or both! can you clap your hands 4 times? Do 4 jumps? Touch your nose 4 times? Have a look at the I spy 4 activity below to practise!

Numberblocks - Meet Number Four | Meet the Numberblocks | Learn to Count

Busy Fingers

Here's a rhyme to help strengthen your busy fingers!

Tweenies - Tommy Thumb (Wriggling Fingers)

Busy Bodies

Sing with CBeebies | Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes | Chris and Pui

Here's something to watch if you're having one of those days,

grown-ups! It happens to us all!

Baby elephant throwing a tantrum

It's almost the end of another week! See you again tomorrow!
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