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Class Bubble Closure

We have had a confirmed COVID-19 case in our Foundation Stage bubble. FD will therefore be closed and all children should remain at home self-isolating until Saturday 28th November.
Our bubble system means that all other children and siblings, apart from those in bubbles directly affected by this case, can still attend school.

We look forward to seeing you back on Monday 30th November. 

Please click the HOME LEARNING star below to access home learning planning and resources to support your child at home during this time.

Do not hesitate to contact Miss Deighton if you need anything at all.

Stay safe.
Miss Deighton, Mrs Thraves and Miss Howells x 


Please send pictures of your work to me at

or bring your work into school when we return.

We will be making a special 'Home Learning' book to celebrate all of the children's achievements

Pudsey Party!

Happy Diwali

This week, we learnt all about Diwali. We loved learning about and acting out the story of Rama and Sita, as well as making our very own Rangoli patterns, lanterns and Diva lamps. 

We hope you enjoyed our creations!



Meet pop!


Pop loves going on adventures and likes us to help him write about them.

He helps us to use our phonics to sound out words in his pictures.


We practised sounding out and writing the word Pop.

P  o  p


Where is Pop? Can you write the word?


pop is on a map




This week's sounds (phonemes)

In phonics this week, we have been learning the sounds:
f           ff         l
Can you spot the digraph?

We would love to practise spotting, writing and saying these sounds at home!
Please also practise BEAR WORDS!





Bear Word Certificates

This week, I have introduced bear word certificates. Children will receive these certificates when they can read all of the words on their current bear word sheet and are move on to the next. Each child will move onto their next bear words at their own pace and will be celebrated.

Phase 2 full list of sounds


Puzzle time!


Puzzle's favourite number this week is the number 8!
Can you find 8 on a numberline?
How many ways can you make the number 8?



Important letters and documents:

Reading Meeting Presentation

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