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Welcome to Spring Term
Happy New Year!

Our learning commences this term with a topic called Winter and Cold Lands. We will observe lots of changes we see in Winter time and will learn how to keep warm in Winter! We can't wait to start our Winter themed science activities, which involve making bird feeders and conducting ice experiments. We will read non-fiction books when learning facts about polar animals and will enjoy activities themed around Oliver Jeffers' wonderful story 'Lost and Found'. 

As the term progresses, we will enjoy Space Week! This week is themed around a story called 'Lost and Found'. We will make our very own class rocket ship and discuss all of the things we would like to take to space with us. We already have a number of space experts in FD class and can't wait to expand our knowledge and curiosity.

Our term ends by enjoying Chinese New Year celebrations. We will take part in our very own parade and will enjoy traditional activities, such as making lucky envelopes and reading the Chinese Zodiac story. }

We can't wait for an exciting half term ahead!
Miss Deighton, Mrs Parkes and Mrs Thraves 



Week commencing 10.01.22

A frost-tastic week!

We have continued to complete activities based around Percy the Parkkeeper as part of our Winter topic this week. We loved making bird feeders, going on a frosty winter walk around school, creating some winter artwork and completing a 'sticky ice' experiment using ice and salt. This was so popular that i'll link instructions below. The children loved predicting what might happen and sharing their explanations for why the salt helped the ice to become drier and 'sticky'. We linked this to our understanding of the world around us by talking about the salt or 'grit' we have spotted on the playground this week to help us walk safely on the icy grounds. 

We have finished our phase 2 phonics learning now and are about to kick-start phase 3 - how exciting! In our final phase 2 phonics lesson, some children even came up to the whiteboard and had a go writing some words for the class, just like a teacher! Please find our 3 new sounds of the week by clicking on the phonics star above.

FD have blown me away with their number bonds to 10 knowledge this week. They are getting really good at remembering our chant (can be found on webpage) and loved using tens frames and Numicons to help find number bonds.


Our Ice and Salt Experiment

Week commencing 04.01.22
Happy New Year! I could not be more proud of how well FD have settled back into school routines this week! They have loved seeing their friends again and have been kind to one another. It has been lovely to hear about everything they got up to over the holidays. The children have worked very hard to remember all of their phonics and writing learning from last term and have made Puzzle the squirrel very proud with their brilliant maths work.  Our story of the week has been Percy the Parkkeeper, One Snowy Night. We will continue to link our learning to this story for one more week. We have also been reading The Colour Monster and have talked about different emotions and feelings. FD came up with a very long list of wonderful ways we can help ourselves and our friends if we ever feel worried, angry or upset at school or home. We have spoken about the changes we see in Winter time and have enjoyed watching the snow and observing the frosty mornings! Next week, we will go on a Winter walk around our school grounds.   

This week, Miss Deighton spotted us playing so kindly with our friends!

Wow! We had 'the best day ever!' today, according to a number of FD children! Our Christmas party day preparations started with the children making their very own cakes and sandwiches to go inside their party food bags. We made our own party crowns and enjoyed playing with the winter wonderland train set in the classroom. Before lunch, we enjoyed circle games and dancing before our party feast in the afternoon. Near the end of the day, we had a very magical visit from Santa! He left a trail of footprints and a big snowy sack outside our classroom door. It was filled with presents for all of FD to enjoy at home! 

Week commencing 06.11.21

Trip to Tiny Town Adventures!

FD had the BEST time on their trip today. They were absolute superstars and their behaviour on the coach and at Tiny Town was a credit to Haydn. Well done FD, we are so proud of you!


We had so much fun using our imaginations! We made pizzas, ice cream and coffee. We gave the grown-ups a pamper session at the Hairdressers. We loved being Firefighters putting a fire out in Haydn's dining hall. We were police officers patrolling the traffic. The vets helped make the poorly animals better. We built houses and looked after all the babies. It was so much fun for all the children (and the grown ups too!) to play so creatively together. Enjoy the photos from our trip! 

Week commencing 22.11.21

Sustainability Week

This week has been our sustainability week. Our focus has been learning about different ways we can keep our planet clean and happy. We talked about cleaning up and recycling litter, we re-used recycled plastic to make stain glass sun catchers, we had a go at 'clearing the forest floor' by sorting materials into the correct bins and we made our own posters to remind children around the school to put their rubbish in the bins. We can't wait for Miss Deighton to laminate our posters so that we can place them around school!

We worked collaboratively to paint our very own forest scenes and then had a go at painting characters from our story of the week (Little Red Riding Hood). We had to select the correct colours to make the characters come to life and used fine paint brushes to add detail. Next week, we are going to cut out our characters and place them onto the forest scene backdrop.

Week commencing 15.11.21

The week started with a mysterious visitor making a big mess in our home corner! The children searched for clues to help them find out who the visitor was. They found clues such as a red cloak, a basket, furry ears and lots of muddy paw prints! The children decided that it must have been the big bad wolf. Our story of the week has been Little Red Riding Hood and we will continue to complete activities based around this story next week.  In maths this week, we have been learning all about the number six. Please enjoy some photos taken in our maths lesson, below. Our main focus has been to learn to subitise dots on dice faces. Subitising is when you are able to look at a group of objects and realise how many there are without counting.  All of the children managed to recognise the numbers represented on dice faces and order them from smallest to largest (1 - 6). If you have any board games with a dice at home,  playing them as a family would be a brilliant opportunity to expose the children to even more maths fun and would allow them to have a go at spotting numbers on a dice.  This week ended with a fun-filled party day! The children decorated Pudsey biscuits, made Pudsey bear crowns, completed some Pudsey painting, played teddy bear number games and enjoyed a Pudsey dance Party. Mrs Parkes and Miss Deighton were very impressed with FD's dance moves! It has been so lovely to enjoy a party afternoon and see the children enjoying playing games and dancing together.

Subitising Superstars!

Find the clues to find out who has visited our classroom!

Week Commencing  08.11.21

Happy Diwali!

Wow! What a busy week we have had in FD. We have enjoyed a week full of Diwali celebrations. The children have been learning and acting out the story of Rama and Sita and have made our own Diva lights. I bet they could retell some of the story to you at home. Today, we enjoyed a celebration where we sang our Diwali song and lit all 28 of our lights! 

We also enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day on Thursday. We talked about people who are brave and kind. The children suggested answers such as fire fighters, doctors, dentists, parents and even taxi drivers!


Week commencing 01.11.21

A busy first week back!

The children have had a wonderful and very busy first week back. They settled back into routines wonderfully. I am so proud of their resilience after our big, exciting walk on Wednesday. They have blown me away with how well their writing is progressing already and I can't wait to tell you all about it over parents evening calls. This week, we have enjoyed a selection of bonfire night themed activities. FD's favourite activity was making their very own rocket ships! We are looking forward to learning all about Diwali next week. We have been introduced to Pop this week. He is a little mouse who loves reading and writing! Your children may mention him at home. He sets us little writing challenges each week. Some children brought this week's Pop challenge home with them today.   

Week 8 (01.11.21 - 05.11.21) A wonderful first week back!

  Our classroom has has an Autumn make-over ready for Autumn Term 2! Have a look below.

Week commencing 11.10.21

A very happy week! 

Wow, what a wonderful end to a brilliant first half-term at school. The children have been very busy recognising, manipulating and making numbers to 3, creating autumnal art, practising their reading, working on their gross motor skills and using lots of technology in their learning. Miss Deighton has noticed how many children have been extra kind and helpful to their friends this week as lots of us have been poorly! We are building lots of lovely friendship groups and are working hard to remember to share and take turns in our play.
On the last day of term, we enjoyed a part afternoon filled with lots of different party games and dancing.

FD teaching team hope that you all have a wonderful half term break with your families. 
See you soon!

Week commencing 4.10.21

We have had another brilliant week! This week, we have started talking and learning all about Autumn time. We can talk about different changes we see in Autumn and name lots of animals that come out in autumn time. We used conkers in our tens frames to help us create different amounts of numbers to 10, created our very own houses out of giant boxes, practised our handwriting using chalk, have continued to blow Miss Deighton away with our amazing writing and phonics and have been singing lots of songs! Please enjoy some photos below. 

Week Commencing 27.10.21

We have been very busy this week!  We have enjoyed having hot school dinners, have been creating box model houses, have had a go at retelling the three little pigs story and have LOVED receiving our new book bags. Miss Deighton is so proud of all of the reading practise we have been doing at home.
Lots of our busy time activities have linked to our phonics learning. This means that we are getting really good at spotting and writing the sounds we have learned so far: 's, a, t, p, i, n'. We enjoyed matching the words to their initial sounds and went on a phonics treasure hunt around the classroom! We have also met Puzzle this week and we love him. He helps us with our maths learning and loves to watch us in lesson time. Please read our maths topic of the week page to find out more about our super maths learning.

Week commencing 20.09.21

We have had a fun-filled week! We have had a go at lots of different activities this week that get our fingers ready for writing. We have tried carefully creating peg board pictures, have been practising writing sounds in the sand, have created three little pigs houses, enjoyed more dough disco and have had our very first hand writing and phonics lessons. Miss Deighton can't believe how fantastic we already are at spotting and writing the sounds, 's, a, t'! We can't wait to practise our new reading books at home this weekend and tell you all about our fun activities. 

Please enjoy some photos below. Scroll further to read all about our adventure in the garden!

After reading 'The Three Little Pigs', we had a chat about what we could make using sticks. We then decided to go into the school wild garden and collect sticks of our own! We had so much fun collected the right shape and size sticks and can't wait to create some artwork and sculptures using the sticks next week.

Week commencing 13.09.21

We LOVED learning the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' this week! We acted out the story, watched the author read it, had a go at drawing parts of the story and even made our own bear faces!

The author of this book is called Michael Rosen. We have learnt that an author is somebody who writes the words in a book.

We have had a fun time exploring lots of our new provision this week. Some of our favourite moments have been our outside play times, building with the crates (we built a pirate ship!), dough disco, creating in the workshop and enjoying the water play. Miss Deighton was so proud of us because we worked as a team all by ourselves to build our very own stream of water. It was so long!

CLASS LETTERS - FD - 2021-2022

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