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FD 2021/22

Welcome to Summer Term 2!

Wow! I can't believe we've already made it to our final Summer term. This is a very exciting term as we continue our transition activities which will help us get ready for year 1. We will begin to have story time in our new classrooms regularly and have visits from our new teachers.

The half term commences with our topic about minibeasts. We will learn all about minibeasts and will become authors as we write our very own information books! We will enjoy a trip to the wild garden to hunt for minibeasts and will use natural resources to make mini beats hotels. 

We will then enjoy reading and retelling the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar! We will practise retelling the story using actions and story maps and will then have a go at writing it all by ourselves! We will design our very own hungry animals and will build caterpillars and butterflies out of our box modelling resources.

We will learn about
metamorphosis - the process of caterpillar changing into a butterfly and can't wait for our class caterpillars to arrive!

Later this term, we will enjoy learning all about our local communitity and contrast this with environments such as the countryside and seaside. 

The theme for arts week this year is 'Haydn Fashion Week'. We will be designing tie-dye headbands and bandanas using colours and patterns found at the seaside as our inspiration.

P.E lessons continue to be on a Thursday. Please ensure your child is wearing our school colours: Navy blue, white, grey and black.

Amazing arts week!


We have had a very busy few days after a slow and very hot start to the week. The children loved their sports day on Wednesday and were so pleased to see so many grown-ups there! Many children told me that it was their favourite day this year so far. Thank you for coming along and cheering them on. It was such a special memory for everyone 🙂 Yesterday, we enjoyed our arts week presentation day. Each year group displayed their art in their classrooms and we enjoyed walking around the whole school to admire each other's creations. I am so proud of FD's amazing tie-dye headbands and bandanas and loved their 'Julian mermaids'. We hope you enjoyed having a sneak peek at the start of the day.

Our arts week creations were inspired by one of our favourite 5 stories called Julian is a Mermaid. In the story, Julian creates his own mermaid outfit using materials and plants he finds around his home.

We wanted to make our own clothes too and have made headbands and bandanas using tie-dye! We enjoyed exploring tie-dye creations made by an artist called Hugo Pineda.


We also made our own ‘Julian mermaids’ and used natural materials to help decorate their outfits, just like Julian does in the story!



Letting our butterflies go!

Week commencing 27.06.22

Firefighter Fun!

FD have had a lovely week this week; a highlight was a surprise visit from the local firefighters! The children had a fire safety talk and then got to experience spraying the hose and sitting in the fire engine! They were so excited and were amazing at waiting for their turn and listening to the firefighters.  We have also been very busy writing stories inspired by 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We have been watching our class caterpillars very carefully and we think they will be forming into chrysalis’ very soon! 

Week commencing 20.06.22

FD have had a wonderful and very settled few days back this week. We have enjoyed reading and retelling our story of the week - The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We designed our very own hungry animals and wrote lists of what food they might eat! We loved making minibeast hotels and visited our wild garden to hunt for different insects. On Friday, we met our new class caterpillars! We have 5 caterpillars and we can't wait to watch them grow and change into butterflies.  We had brilliant 'Rainbow' (Diversity) Day on Friday. Everybody's wonderfully colourful outfits certainly brightened our day! We enjoyed making rainbow potions, painting and colouring rainbows, learning new songs and reading the story, 'It's Okay to be Different' by Todd Parr.   

Week commencing 06.06.22

FD have had a wonderful time learning about the Jubilee and the Queen this week as well as talking about London and different London landmarks. They have been busy having a street party in the home corner and making flags and crowns. We wrote invitations to our picnic on Friday and loved posting them in our brand new class post box! We have read the book, 'The Queen's Knickers' this week which has inspired some royal knicker-making and writing descriptive captions for them.


We would like to thank everyone today who made it for the Jubilee picnic for Grandparents. It was so lovely to see lots of you and the children were so excited to see you. We hope everyone that came had a wonderful time!

Our Jubilee picnic celebration with Grandparents

Week commencing 23.05.22

Peek into our P.E lessons! 

(with a few photos of our Friday treat on the big slide!)

Marvelous Manor Farm! 

We had our 'best day ever' at Manor Farm on Wednesday! We enjoyed animal petting, explored the adventure playgrounds, loved spotting the large animals and birds and even found a dinosaur trail! FD were brilliant and made their teachers very proud. Thank you very much to our wonderful parent helpers too. 

Week Commencing 09.05.22


You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!


FD have had a very busy week. Our week started with us receiving a letter from the gingerbread man. He told us that he had lost some pages from his book and needed help re-writing them! The children worked so hard to help him by writing their own speech bubbles. They quoted different characters from the story and used their most beautiful handwriting. We are wonderful writers in FD!
Alongside our usual busy time fun, we've also enjoyed making gingerbread people out of playdough, decorated and ate real gingerbread, drawn story maps, talked a lot about recipe books and even had a go at writing our own.  In maths, we have enjoyed learning about teen numbers. I am blown away by how quickly the children have understood how to build teen numbers using tens and ones, how to read and write them and how to order them. We have used Tens Frames and Numicons to help understand the composition of these numbers. 

Week Commencing 03.05.22


Run, Run as Fast as you can...


We loved starting our week with a clue hunt to find the Gingerbread Man. We were amazing at working out the clues to find the Gingerbread Man! We have been reading the story this week and learning it with actions. We have been creating our own super story maps. We have really concentrated making our own split pin Gingerbread Man completely independently using our fantastic fine motor skills. FD have thoroughly enjoyed making a bridge over the wide river to help the Gingerbread Man cross, using their co-operative team skills in doing so! We decided that we are engineers in training!


We celebrated Eid together on Wednesday. We loved learning about Ramadan and the Eid celebrations from our friends Haleemah and Farhan. We learnt about how Muslims prepare for Eid and why it is so important. Haleemah explained how adults fast during Ramadan to us and this is why there is so much delicious food during the Eid celebrations. Farhan sent in some lovely photographs of his family receiving gifts over Eid. F2 had a taste of different Eid foods including pakoras and samosas and curry!

Our Gingerbread Man Hunt

Week commencing 25.04.22


Supertato to the Rescue!


We have had another super week in FD. We have LOVED reading Supertato and acting out the story with our very own amazing Supertatos! We have been talking about what makes us special and unique: what makes us a 'super me'! We have also been busy squishing evil peas to help us subtract different amounts and had a go at writing story speech bubbles. We have been practising our number bonds to 10 using numicon. We have been 'digraph detectives' and have been spotting digraphs in words to help us with our reading skills. One of our favourite activities was to draw our very own supertato characters using bright oil pastels. 


FD loved their first PE lesson and we are so proud of how well they all listened and followed instructions. We warmed-up our bodies with different stretches and practised listening to the whistle to know when we should stop and go. We played 'traffic lights' where we had to change the speed we were moving and 'down in the jungle' where we had to move like different animals. Our favourite game was the bean game! Super job, FD!


An Egg-cellent final week!

We have had a fantastic Easter themed final week of term. We have talked about who traditionally celebrates Easter and why. We then discussed how we might celebrate Easter at home and school. We enjoyed an Easter egg hunt where we had to read clues and follow them carefully to reach the prize and created some colourful Easter artwork. We loved our Easter party day on Thursday and are very grateful to a number of FD grown-ups who baked some delicious cakes for us to enjoy!

One of our favourite activities this week was creating egg protection for our egg drop experiment. We had to decide which materials would protect our eggs most effectively and then worked in teams to create the best protection, before dropping the eggs from the top of our climbing frame. We came up with some magnificent plans. One even contained a parachute!


Week commencing 21.03.22

Step into Spring!

  I hope lots of you enjoyed our 'Stay and Play' on Friday and have had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. Thank you so much to all for making the time to speak to me at our parents' evenings last week. It was brilliant to be able to speak in person and showcase some of your child's super learning. As mentioned, I will ensure to update you on any transition to year 1 information early next term.  FD enjoyed a Spring themed week last week. We spent a lot of time talking about the 'signs of Spring' we can see when exploring outside and even learnt a simple Spring song. I'm sure the children would love to sing it for it for you! You can find the lyrics under 'nursery rhymes of the week'.  A highlight of the week was most certainly our trip to the school wild garden. The children transformed into photographers for the morning and used ipads to take some beautiful Spring photographs. I was astounded by the quality of the photos! It was lovely to see the garden through their eyes and watch them appreciate the Spring flowers and wildlife. I have placed some photographs of their morning in the garden below. I'd like to print some of the photographs they took and showcase them as a little photography gallery for you (outside the classroom) so please keep your eyes peeled for those!  Whilst being in the garden, we noticed that a large number of the flowers were daffodils. This prompted us to enjoy creating observational drawings of daffodils in our busy time. Again, FD's creations are truly beautiful and I look forward to presenting these to you as a little gallery over the next few days.  A number of parent evening conversations revealed that so many of our children love completing jigsaw puzzles at home! In response to this, Friday morning saw our classroom carpet transformed into a very busy jigsaw making area and provided a brilliant opportunity for the children to put their spatial reasoning skills to the test and to work as a team. It was fantastic watching them collaborate and converse as they completed some tricky puzzles! 

Week commencing 14.03.22 


A Super Week! 

Wow. What a fantastic week we have had! We have loved talking and learning about real life superheroes! We learnt about people who help us and shared photos and information about the important jobs some grown-ups in our families do.

Our home corner has been transformed into a doctors surgery and we have loved acting as doctors and patients. We learnt about lots of different equipment used by doctors and were particularly interested in x-rays!

On Wednesday, we took part in a teddy bear hospital experience. We enjoyed activities such as a teddy consultation and x-ray, looking inside a doctor's bag, an exercise station and investigating different senses. The session was led by medical students from the University of Nottingham and aimed to reduce anxieties around visiting the doctors.

We have been carefully observing the beans we planted last week and can't believe how fast they are growing!

On Friday, we enjoyed outdoor busy time in the sun! We especially loved having the water provision out again.


Week commencing 07.03.22

Jack and the Beanstalk
FD have had a brilliant week this week! We have continued to complete activities that link to our story of the week - Jack and the Beanstalk. We can now retell the story confidently.
We planted our very own magic beans and can't wait to observe them over time. We took it in turns to water our seeds and talked about what plants need to grow. We even sang a song about the process of a plant changing from a seed to a seedling, growing roots, shoots and then flowering.
We have also been busy designing and building giant's castles in our workshop. Enjoy looking at some of our creations below. They are magnificent. Miss Deighton thinks we might be architects one day!

On Friday we enjoyed our first ever assembly with the year 1 and 2 children. FD sat beautifully in the hall and Mrs Mason said how proud she was of their behaviour and listening.  We have been practising adding 2 amounts together this week and using manipulatives to help us. Lots of us have even started to write our very own addition number sentences which is very grown up! Next week, our maths focus will be doubling. 

week commencing 28.02.22

We have had so much fun learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this week! On Monday, a bag of magic beans was delivered to our classroom. It was so exciting. We talked about where would be best to plant them. Whilst we were sleeping, a huge beanstalk grew in our classroom!

To help us remember and retell the story, we have come up with our on actions and have created story maps. We would love to retell the story to you at home! 

We have continued to work hard to complete as many challenges on our challenge cards as we can. We created our own beanstalks and measured them, have written character speech bubbles, ordered numbers to 20 and have continued to practise sharing amounts equally by sharing some magic beans!

On Tuesday, we celebrated pancake day by tasting pancakes and choosing our favourite toppings! We completed a class survey and found out our favourite topping was chocolate and least favourite was lemon.

On Thursday, we enjoyed World Book Day! We loved talking about our favourite stories and enjoyed showing off our costumes to FS class. A Spanish teacher came into our classroom and read us a story called, 'Boa's Bad Birthday'. She taught us some of the words in Spanish and we played games to help us to remember them. It was so special to celebrate reading in a different language! 

Next week, we will continue to complete activities around Jack and the Beanstalk. We are going to have a week full of science lessons as we plant our very own beanstalks and learn about the life cycle of plants!

week commencing 21.02.22

Wow! What a busy first week back. We are so proud of how brilliantly FD have settled back this week. We can't wait for an exciting 'Traditional Tales' themed half term ahead!
These week, we have been learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have retold the story confidently and have learnt a song with Makaton signs to help us remember the order of the story. We even enjoyed making porridge and choosing our toppings. We completed a breakfast survey as a class to practise our tally skills and discovered that pancakes were the most popular breakfast choice! In Puzzle time, we have been learning how to share amounts equally and have practised making pairs. Perhaps the children could practise these new skills by helping your pair shoes and socks at home, or sharing out the food at dinner time.

You will notice that the children have come home with 'Challenge cards' today. We will continue to use challenge cards each week for the remainder of the school year.  Challenge cards are designed to promote independence in learning and encourage the children to have a go at a range of activities. Now that we are becoming much more confident in our reading, writing, creating and number work, we are ready to have a go at important busy jobs all by ourselves! The children have enjoyed using their challenge cards. They of course still have free choice of all other provision in our classroom and outside areas as well. We now also have a celebration assembly on a Friday where Mrs Mason comes and helps us to celebrate our learning of the week. This week, every child that completed all 5 challenges, received a golden sticker in our celebration assembly! 

Welcome to Spring Term 2!

This term, we are focusing on reading and writing traditional stories and thinking about how we can become amazing storytellers! We will enjoy the stories of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and will learn new songs and rhymes to support our topic work. This is also the term where we celebrate our love for books during World Book Day! (3rd March)

Whilst reading Jack and the Beanstalk, we will conduct an experiment where we will grow beans. We will have to find out all about the important things plants need to grow and will decide where is the best place to place our beanstalks. We can't wait to measure them and watch them grow!

Later in the term, we will learn all about people who help us. We will enjoy Doctor Ranj's book, 'A superhero like you' and will share all of the real life superheros we know. We are so excited for our Teddy Bear Hospital experience, where we will have a consultation with a Teddy-Doctor about our “sick” Teddy. We will attend a variety of workshops on health related topics which provide a friendly experience, reducing any worries about visiting a doctors surgery or hospital. 

Our term will finish with lots of Easter fun! We will enjoy egg hunts, an Easter bonnet parade and lots of baking! 

We will continue to develop fine motor skills which enable us to use tools safely and efficiently.  We will enjoy challenges set by our classroom characters; ‘Pop’ who brings letter sounds for us to learn and ‘Puzzle’ to help us with our numbers. We are excited to learn Phase 3 phonics sounds and spend more time applying our phonics skills to independent reading and writing tasks.
Miss Deighton, Mrs Parkes and Mrs Thraves 


Week commencing 31.01.22

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong xi fa cai!


FD have had so much fun learning all about Chinese New Year. We spoke about where it is celebrated, why and how. The children loved exploring China on Google Earth and investigated how far away it is from school!


Some highlights of the week involve making lanterns, creating dragon puppets, trying noodles, watching and then dancing to lion dance music, painting tigers, joining in our very own Chinese New Year parade around the whole school, building a 'great wall of China', having a go at writing numbers 1 - 10 as Chinese characters and learning and retelling the Zodiac story. 

Week commencing 17.01.22

We are Super Scientists!


We have had another brilliant week this week! Our story of the week has been 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. This has led to some wonderful learning all about the South Pole, cold climates and of course, penguins! The children have loved creating their own magical arctic lands using our small world animals and loose parts. They have drawn and painted beautiful illustrations, inspired by the images found in 'Lost and Found' and have had a go at writing and drawing what they would pack in their suitcases if they travelled to the South Pole!  This week, we have become scientists! We have completed a number of investigations  as our Puzzle learning has been all about measurements. We used balance scales to determine whether objects were heavier or lighter and talked about what we could do to make each side of the scales equal in weight. We also measured length and capacity and enjoyed investigating which containers could hold the most amount of liquid and why.  FD's favourite busy job this week was most definitely our floating and sinking experiments! We predicted which objects would float and which would sink and talked about how and why this might happen. We were all very surprised that a banana floated after most of the class predicted it would sink! We LOVED creating our own boats to test in our water tray and tried to select materials that we thought would float best.  We have certainly had a week full of enquiry and investigation. It has been brilliant to take a step back and let the children take the lead in their experiments and problem solving. 

Testing our boats! Will they float or sink?

Making our own small world Arctic lands!

Week commencing 10.01.22

A frost-tastic week!

We have continued to complete activities based around Percy the Parkkeeper as part of our Winter topic this week. We loved making bird feeders, going on a frosty winter walk around school, creating some winter artwork and completing a 'sticky ice' experiment using ice and salt. This was so popular that i'll link instructions below. The children loved predicting what might happen and sharing their explanations for why the salt helped the ice to become drier and 'sticky'. We linked this to our understanding of the world around us by talking about the salt or 'grit' we have spotted on the playground this week to help us walk safely on the icy grounds. 

We have finished our phase 2 phonics learning now and are about to kick-start phase 3 - how exciting! In our final phase 2 phonics lesson, some children even came up to the whiteboard and had a go writing some words for the class, just like a teacher! Please find our 3 new sounds of the week by clicking on the phonics star above.

FD have blown me away with their number bonds to 10 knowledge this week. They are getting really good at remembering our chant (can be found on webpage) and loved using tens frames and Numicons to help find number bonds.


Our Ice and Salt Experiment

Week commencing 04.01.22
Happy New Year! I could not be more proud of how well FD have settled back into school routines this week! They have loved seeing their friends again and have been kind to one another. It has been lovely to hear about everything they got up to over the holidays. The children have worked very hard to remember all of their phonics and writing learning from last term and have made Puzzle the squirrel very proud with their brilliant maths work.  Our story of the week has been Percy the Parkkeeper, One Snowy Night. We will continue to link our learning to this story for one more week. We have also been reading The Colour Monster and have talked about different emotions and feelings. FD came up with a very long list of wonderful ways we can help ourselves and our friends if we ever feel worried, angry or upset at school or home. We have spoken about the changes we see in Winter time and have enjoyed watching the snow and observing the frosty mornings! Next week, we will go on a Winter walk around our school grounds.   

This week, Miss Deighton spotted us playing so kindly with our friends!

Wow! We had 'the best day ever!' today, according to a number of FD children! Our Christmas party day preparations started with the children making their very own cakes and sandwiches to go inside their party food bags. We made our own party crowns and enjoyed playing with the winter wonderland train set in the classroom. Before lunch, we enjoyed circle games and dancing before our party feast in the afternoon. Near the end of the day, we had a very magical visit from Santa! He left a trail of footprints and a big snowy sack outside our classroom door. It was filled with presents for all of FD to enjoy at home! 

Week commencing 06.11.21

Trip to Tiny Town Adventures!

FD had the BEST time on their trip today. They were absolute superstars and their behaviour on the coach and at Tiny Town was a credit to Haydn. Well done FD, we are so proud of you!


We had so much fun using our imaginations! We made pizzas, ice cream and coffee. We gave the grown-ups a pamper session at the Hairdressers. We loved being Firefighters putting a fire out in Haydn's dining hall. We were police officers patrolling the traffic. The vets helped make the poorly animals better. We built houses and looked after all the babies. It was so much fun for all the children (and the grown ups too!) to play so creatively together. Enjoy the photos from our trip! 

Week commencing 22.11.21

Sustainability Week

This week has been our sustainability week. Our focus has been learning about different ways we can keep our planet clean and happy. We talked about cleaning up and recycling litter, we re-used recycled plastic to make stain glass sun catchers, we had a go at 'clearing the forest floor' by sorting materials into the correct bins and we made our own posters to remind children around the school to put their rubbish in the bins. We can't wait for Miss Deighton to laminate our posters so that we can place them around school!

We worked collaboratively to paint our very own forest scenes and then had a go at painting characters from our story of the week (Little Red Riding Hood). We had to select the correct colours to make the characters come to life and used fine paint brushes to add detail. Next week, we are going to cut out our characters and place them onto the forest scene backdrop.

Week commencing 15.11.21

The week started with a mysterious visitor making a big mess in our home corner! The children searched for clues to help them find out who the visitor was. They found clues such as a red cloak, a basket, furry ears and lots of muddy paw prints! The children decided that it must have been the big bad wolf. Our story of the week has been Little Red Riding Hood and we will continue to complete activities based around this story next week.  In maths this week, we have been learning all about the number six. Please enjoy some photos taken in our maths lesson, below. Our main focus has been to learn to subitise dots on dice faces. Subitising is when you are able to look at a group of objects and realise how many there are without counting.  All of the children managed to recognise the numbers represented on dice faces and order them from smallest to largest (1 - 6). If you have any board games with a dice at home,  playing them as a family would be a brilliant opportunity to expose the children to even more maths fun and would allow them to have a go at spotting numbers on a dice.  This week ended with a fun-filled party day! The children decorated Pudsey biscuits, made Pudsey bear crowns, completed some Pudsey painting, played teddy bear number games and enjoyed a Pudsey dance Party. Mrs Parkes and Miss Deighton were very impressed with FD's dance moves! It has been so lovely to enjoy a party afternoon and see the children enjoying playing games and dancing together.

Subitising Superstars!

Find the clues to find out who has visited our classroom!

Week Commencing  08.11.21

Happy Diwali!

Wow! What a busy week we have had in FD. We have enjoyed a week full of Diwali celebrations. The children have been learning and acting out the story of Rama and Sita and have made our own Diva lights. I bet they could retell some of the story to you at home. Today, we enjoyed a celebration where we sang our Diwali song and lit all 28 of our lights! 

We also enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day on Thursday. We talked about people who are brave and kind. The children suggested answers such as fire fighters, doctors, dentists, parents and even taxi drivers!


Week commencing 01.11.21

A busy first week back!

The children have had a wonderful and very busy first week back. They settled back into routines wonderfully. I am so proud of their resilience after our big, exciting walk on Wednesday. They have blown me away with how well their writing is progressing already and I can't wait to tell you all about it over parents evening calls. This week, we have enjoyed a selection of bonfire night themed activities. FD's favourite activity was making their very own rocket ships! We are looking forward to learning all about Diwali next week. We have been introduced to Pop this week. He is a little mouse who loves reading and writing! Your children may mention him at home. He sets us little writing challenges each week. Some children brought this week's Pop challenge home with them today.   

Week 8 (01.11.21 - 05.11.21) A wonderful first week back!

  Our classroom has has an Autumn make-over ready for Autumn Term 2! Have a look below.

Week commencing 11.10.21

A very happy week! 

Wow, what a wonderful end to a brilliant first half-term at school. The children have been very busy recognising, manipulating and making numbers to 3, creating autumnal art, practising their reading, working on their gross motor skills and using lots of technology in their learning. Miss Deighton has noticed how many children have been extra kind and helpful to their friends this week as lots of us have been poorly! We are building lots of lovely friendship groups and are working hard to remember to share and take turns in our play.
On the last day of term, we enjoyed a part afternoon filled with lots of different party games and dancing.

FD teaching team hope that you all have a wonderful half term break with your families. 
See you soon!

Week commencing 4.10.21

We have had another brilliant week! This week, we have started talking and learning all about Autumn time. We can talk about different changes we see in Autumn and name lots of animals that come out in autumn time. We used conkers in our tens frames to help us create different amounts of numbers to 10, created our very own houses out of giant boxes, practised our handwriting using chalk, have continued to blow Miss Deighton away with our amazing writing and phonics and have been singing lots of songs! Please enjoy some photos below. 

Week Commencing 27.10.21

We have been very busy this week!  We have enjoyed having hot school dinners, have been creating box model houses, have had a go at retelling the three little pigs story and have LOVED receiving our new book bags. Miss Deighton is so proud of all of the reading practise we have been doing at home.
Lots of our busy time activities have linked to our phonics learning. This means that we are getting really good at spotting and writing the sounds we have learned so far: 's, a, t, p, i, n'. We enjoyed matching the words to their initial sounds and went on a phonics treasure hunt around the classroom! We have also met Puzzle this week and we love him. He helps us with our maths learning and loves to watch us in lesson time. Please read our maths topic of the week page to find out more about our super maths learning.

Week commencing 20.09.21

We have had a fun-filled week! We have had a go at lots of different activities this week that get our fingers ready for writing. We have tried carefully creating peg board pictures, have been practising writing sounds in the sand, have created three little pigs houses, enjoyed more dough disco and have had our very first hand writing and phonics lessons. Miss Deighton can't believe how fantastic we already are at spotting and writing the sounds, 's, a, t'! We can't wait to practise our new reading books at home this weekend and tell you all about our fun activities. 

Please enjoy some photos below. Scroll further to read all about our adventure in the garden!

After reading 'The Three Little Pigs', we had a chat about what we could make using sticks. We then decided to go into the school wild garden and collect sticks of our own! We had so much fun collected the right shape and size sticks and can't wait to create some artwork and sculptures using the sticks next week.

Week commencing 13.09.21

We LOVED learning the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' this week! We acted out the story, watched the author read it, had a go at drawing parts of the story and even made our own bear faces!

The author of this book is called Michael Rosen. We have learnt that an author is somebody who writes the words in a book.

We have had a fun time exploring lots of our new provision this week. Some of our favourite moments have been our outside play times, building with the crates (we built a pirate ship!), dough disco, creating in the workshop and enjoying the water play. Miss Deighton was so proud of us because we worked as a team all by ourselves to build our very own stream of water. It was so long!

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