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Happy Tuesday Everybody!

Let's start the day with Mrs Wilkinson...

Happy Tuesday from Mrs Wilkinson

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Can you remember the name of the story that we are learning about this week? The Tiger Who Came to Tea is one of our Favourite Five stories. Can you remember what the story is about? Has a tiger ever been to your house for tea?


Word Detectives

Today we are going to be word detectives, just like we were when we read One Snowy Night. There are lots of interesting words in the story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Listen to the story again but this time you need to listen very carefully for 5 words. Look at these words below with your grown-up and say them together. Talk together about what the words mean and think about when you have heard the words before. As you listen to the story, when you hear each word, jump up and do a little wiggle.

Here is the story again for you to listen to once you have practised saying the 5 words.

Ms Paulson reads The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Talking Together

Did you listen carefully and spot where the five words were in the story? Great detective work, children! 

Practise using these words in your own sentences. For example, you might say, 'Suddenly a monster jumped out!' or 'Do you like my stripy socks?' With your grown-up, think of different ways to use these words or practise saying them in funny voices!


Can you remember what our sound of the week is?  That's right it's t like in tiger and teapot. 

Have a look at these pictures below and decide which one is the odd one out and doesn't begin with a t sound. Say each word carefully before you decide!





Robot Time

Grown-ups, when pronouncing the letter sounds we use ‘pure’ sounds – this is the shortest sound that letter makes. So instead of ‘suh’ we say ‘sss’ as ‘suh’ is actually made up of two sounds ‘ss’ and ‘uh’.

Let's get better at our Robot Talking!

With a grown-up, play a listening game about a visit to a farm. ‘I went to the farm and I saw…’ Instead of saying the animal name, split the word up into its sounds. You could say






Busy Fingers

Follow the Lines

Remember this week we are practising lots of skills that will help us to form our letters and write our names - to become good writers! Here's an idea for you to do today. You can use sand or salt for this activity and children can use their fingers or a chopstick to make the marks and copy the different patterns.







Today we are going to make some repeating body patterns today. Listen and watch your grown-up’s pattern. Can you continue the pattern? I wonder if you can make one up for your grown-up to copy. Grown-ups: Start with 2 part patterns and then try 3 and maybe 4 part patterns if your child is confident making their own 2 part pattern. For example: 2 part pattern - stamp, clap…stamp, clap…stamp, clap… 3 part pattern - clap, clap, stamp…clap, clap, stamp…



Busy Bodies

Let's sing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - can you join in with the actions?

Sing with CBeebies | Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes | Chris and Pui

Let's finish with a story! Find somewhere cosy to sit and listen...

Ms Paulson reads I'm Not Your Friend by Sam McBratney and Kim Lewis

See you again tomorrow!
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