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Happy Thursday Nursery Children!

Today we're going to begin with our Busy Bodies! That's different!

What a lovely way to start the day!

Good Morning Yoga: Mindful Yoga with Sophie

Sophie explores yoga poses and mindful breathing with her sister, Hayley on this amazing journey!

Now you are all ready to begin a new day of learning and play! Here's Mrs Wilkinson to start us off!

Happy Thursday from Mrs Wilkinson

Let's retell the story of A Polar Bear in the Snow!

Ms Paulson retells A Polar Bear in the Snow

Talking Together - making a story map

I think you must be getting to know this story well now. Why don't you make a story map of the polar bear's journey? Do you remember the story map we made of One Snowy Night? This story is shorter and simpler so I think you could do a brilliant job! Remember too that you don't have to do your best drawings, just make marks to show the different parts of the story. The important bit is using your map to tell the story to someone. I've made a quick one of my own to share with you. Can you send me a photo of yours to share with me?





Let's start with a story all about 3...

Ms Paulson reads The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Nick Sharatt and Stephen Tucker

Counting sets of 3 

There are 3 billy goats in the story. See if you can make sets of 3 things by collecting objects from around your house such as 3 pennies, 3 cups, 3 teddies, 3 hats and so on. Maybe you could make up a story about your 3 things such as Once upon a time there were 3 teddies who decided to go on a picnic as it was such a sunny day so they put on their hats - 1,2,3 and packed their 3 cups into their basket... You can make your story be about anything you want- just count the objects as you tell it! 

Colour of the Day - Yellow

Go on a hunt for all things yellow today.

Put up a washing line made from string and hunt for yellow paper, fabric and objects that can be pegged to your line. This will be a great opportunity to sort and match items and talk about what is the same and what is different. You could even play a game of I Spy on My Washing Line



Busy Fingers

Polar Animal Rescue!

Freeze some polar animals (or other toys if you don't have any) in tubs of water. Remove the ice blocks from the tubs. Explore what different things you can use to help free the animals! Try different tools such as forks and spoons to chip away at the ice. What will make the ice melt faster? Use something different on each ice block. Examples include sugar, salt and warm water. But most importantly, keep those fingers busy!





Making and Writing Your Name

Remember the more you practise the better you will get! Here's another idea for building your name.



Have a really lovely day! Take care and remember to be helpful and kind to your family!
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