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Mon 22nd February 2021

Happy Monday Everybody!

Welcome back everybody to a new half term. We hope you had a a really lovely half term with your families and that you are ready to start a new week! 

What are we learning today?

In Nursery this week the children will be learning more about the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. This story is one of our favourite 5 stories and by the time we leave nursery we want to know this story really well. Let's listen to the story again - the more you read it the better you will get at being able to tell the story yourself!

Ms Paulson reads The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Talking Together

  • What do you think Sophie thought about the tiger? Did she like him? How can you tell?
  • Do you think the tiger was scary?
  • What things did the tiger eat and drink in Sophie's house? Can you remember?
  • How did Sophie's mummy feel when the tiger had gone? Why?
  • How did Sophie's daddy help to solve the problem?
  • Can you remember what Sophie and her mummy bought from the shops the next day?
  • Where do you think the tiger went after visiting Sophie's house?


I liked the tiger in this story - he seems very friendly. He does need to learn some good manners though, don't you think? It's rather rude to eat all the food and not share it with the other people!

I bet you have very good table manners.



This week our sound of the week is



Let's go on a sound hunt!

Go on a hunt around your house for different things beginning with the t sound.  How many can you find? Practise listening to and saying the t sound in each word - t, tap. Where can you hear the t sound in each word?

Learn letter "t" with Evie and Dodge | Phonics | CBeebies House

Busy Fingers

Follow the Lines

This week we are practising lots of skills that will help us to form our letters and write our names - to become good writers!

Today we are going to use different things to trace lines from left to write - just like when we write! 



Ask your grown up to draw some different lines on a large piece of card - this could be from an old cardboard box. Collect some small things together such as shells, dried pasta, dried peas or tiny stones. Start from the left and carefully follow the lines. Talk together as you follow the lines using language such as across, up and over, top to bottom, down and under and so on.



Let's go on a Shape Scavenger Hunt!

On 4 large pieces of paper draw a triangle, a circle, a square and a rectangle. Go on a shape hunt around your house and find different shaped things and place them on the correct shape picture. Talk together about the different properties of the shape and ask questions such as 'What do you notice?' and  'How do you know...?'



Busy Bodies

Let's get our bodies moving!

Roar! | Noodle Televison

Let's finish on a song!

The Animal Boogie | Barefoot Books Singalong

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