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Stories to Share

Stories to Share

Enjoy reading these stories this week. Keep checking as we may put more stories on this page over the week.

Here's Nick Butterworth who wrote One Snowy Night reading another Percy story called After the Storm.

After The Storm - A Percy The Park Keeper story read by Nick Butterworth

Miss Storey reads No-Bot by Sue Hendra

Ms Paulson reads Nancy No-Size by Mary Hoffman and Jennifer Northway.


Here’s a story from the Story Time with Miss Randall channel. This is one of my favourite YouTube channels - have a look as Miss Randall chooses such wonderful stories to tell!

❄️ Kids Book Read Aloud: KIPPERS SNOWY DAY by Mick Inkpen

Another story from Miss Randall. I love this story!

❤️Kids Story Read Aloud: HAIR LOVE By Matthew A. Cherry I Storytime with Miss Randall

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