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Friday 20th November

Happy Friday!

Let's start our day together!

Happy Friday from Ms Paulson

Ms Paulson retells Owl Babies with our nursery puppets!

Why don't you retell the story of Owl Babies to your family? If you made some puppets earlier in the week you could use those! I made my 'stage' using a blanket and some sticks and leaves from my garden. What could you use for yours? Use your imagination and have fun!

Let's find out more about owls!

We've enjoyed learning the story of Owl Babies. It has made me want to find out more about real owls! I wonder what owls like to eat? How do they catch their food? Why do they have such big eyes? Shall we read an information book all about owls? Listen carefully as I'm going to give you a quiz at the end to see what you have learnt?

Ms Paulson reads a non-fiction book about owls

An Owl Quiz

Let's see how much we know about owls now that we have read our information book!

  • When do owls sleep?
  • What's the name for animals that are awake at night time?
  • Where do owls make their nests?
  • Why do owls have soft feather on their wings?
  • Why do you think owls have big eyes and keen ears?
  • What do owls use their talons for?
  • What do owls eat?
  • What do baby owls hatch from?

Don't worry if you can't remember all of these facts - you can always listen to the book again!

Would you like to hear the sound of some real owls hooting? Listen to this!

Owls Hooting


How many? Here’s a counting game to play around your house.

  • How many taps do you have in your bathroom?
  • How many chairs are there around your table?
  • How many clocks are there in your house?
  • How many rooms do you have in your house? Which room is the biggest? Which one is the smallest?
  • How many pillows are there on your bed?
  • How many steps are there up to the top of your stairs?
  • See if you can count all the way to 20! How long can you keep counting for?

Tidying away the toys and matching things that are exactly the same!

Join in with this activity below. I bet you are really clever at matching things!

Match Exactly the Same


Which of these dinosaurs are exactly the same? How do you know?



   Next time you are tidying away your toys, see if you can find and match things that are exactly the same. Tell your family how you know!

Busy Fingers

Whilst you are at home keep practising writing your name every day, even if it's just the first letter that you are learning to write! Keep your fingers busy by drawing, cutting and sticking, making models with blocks, duplo and play dough. Here's a simple recipe for play dough that you could make with your grown up!

Have a lovely weekend everybody. Be kind, keep safe and have fun!

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