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Goodbye 3T!             

I cannot believe the year is now over!  It really has flown by and it has been incredible seeing the children mature and grow in independence and resilience.  We know we will continue to see the children around school and can't wait to hear about their new adventures.


Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts, we are extremely grateful.


Best wishes to all our families,

Miss Thieme and Miss Elson x

Summer 1 : The Maya 


We really have had the most fantastic few weeks to the start of summer.  Despite a little disruption due to strikes and coronations, the children have continued to thrive and grow (Literally! They are getting so tall!).  We have travelled back in time to learn about The Maya, grown sunflowers and turned flowers blue.  Our writing and maths has progressed fantastically, with children confidently now showing off their developing skills.  They showed great resilience whilst stitching their own Day of the Dead skull, and the results have been spectacular! 


  A clear highlight was our trip to Cadbury World.  The children behaved impeccably, wowed the presenter with all our facts and of course, loved the chocolate!  


We continue to be extremely proud of them all and wish all our families a wonderful break.


Miss Thieme and Miss Elson x

 Spring 2 : Lights, Camera, Action!


It's incredible to believe we are now two thirds of the way through the year!   The children have been continued to be amazing and all work so hard. 

Despite some disruption, the children have impressed us with their resilience and determination to succeed.  Our learning journey has taken us back in time to investigate the history of film, think about healthy eating and preparing our own salad, as well as investigating friction and magnets.   


A particular highlight of the term was our brilliant Ukulele concert.

The children worked so hard in their lessons and the end result was superb! 


We am extremely proud of them all and wish all our families a wonderful break.


Miss Thieme and Miss Elson x

Welcome to Spring 1 : Light and Shadows


Happy New Year! 

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their cards and generous Christmas gifts and hope everyone had a lovely time together with their families.  Spring term is one of my favourites, where the children develop and change so much.


We have had the most superb start to the half term! The children have been amazing and worked so hard.  We have absolutely loved our first Ukulele lesson, we even played our first song!


Miss Thieme and Miss Elson x



Class Letters 2022-2023

Magna Science Adventure Centre! 


Wow!!  We have had the most wonderful day out.  We explored the wonders of science and technology in their four pavilions – Air, Earth, Fire and Water.  The whole day was completely interactive, with some much for the children to try out.  We took part in a volcanoes and rocks workshop which included erupting our own volcanoes and sorting rocks, where everyone got involved being scientists and watched a demonstration of the old steel furnace in the 'Big Melt'.     

Autumn 2


Time once again seems to flying by at serious speed! 3T once again again have astounded me with their hard work, effort and overall loveliness!  In sustainability week, we received a letter from the Lorax which we replied too. We have celebrated remembrance day by making stain glass poppies,  and begun a celebration of world sport to tie in with the world cup.   Elliot, our sports councillor pulled out the hat for us Uruguay and England so we got the atlas' out to find out where Uruguay was.  We are currently thoroughily enjoying learning William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, understanding the plot and meeting the characters ready to retell the story.


Next stop ......... Magna Science Adventure Centre! 

Autumn 1


It is hard to believe that our first half term is almost over!!  The children have worked so hard, and immersed themselves into all things Roman.  Our Haydn Bake off was a huge success, and we have thoroughly enjoyed eating through the leftovers at playtime!  We have celebrated with a Roman day including making bread, designed and built working aqueducts and completed our swimming lessons..  In Literacy, we have written reports about the Romans, using all the facts we have learnt as well as creating two different types of poetry! We have been so busy!


Have a wonderful break and see you all after half term, we will miss you lots.


Miss Thieme and Miss Elson 

Welcome to 3T!


We have had an amazing start to Year 3 and it has been a pleasure getting to know all of the children.  The children have settled into their new class and school routines so well, we are extremely proud of them.


It's definitely going to be an exciting year!   


Miss Thieme and Miss Elson x

2S 2021-2022


We have had a fantastic start to the year. We are all settling in beautifully and are so happy to be back together after a long summer. It's going to be a great year! smiley


Arts Week 2022


We have had a fantastic time during Arts Week. We based our project on our topic 'Jamaica'. We studies the Jamaican born artist Althea McNish and explored the famous milliner Philip Treacy and his iconic hat designs. We designed our own hats in our sketchbooks and then created them using cardboard. We created our own flowers by sewing them. Aren't they amazing!

Jamaican Style Landscapes

Jubilee Art!


We have had a fantastic week celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Look at our gorgeous art work and stamp designs!

Nottingham Castle!


What a way to start the final summer term. We had a blast at Nottingham Castle. We ventured deep into the caves and learned about their uses years ago. It was very cold! We learned about the stories of Robin Hood and his Merry Men and practiced virtual archery and played games. We loved playing in the amazing play park with our friends and sat and had our lunch in the sunshine on the grass.

Aviation - Testing our Paper Aeroplanes!

Still image for this video
We have loved our topic on Aviation this half term. We have been making our own paper aeroplanes and testing them out at school!

The creation of the world


In our R.E learning we explored the Christian faith and the story of God creating the world in 7 days. We have created some beautiful oil and chalk pastel pictures of each day in the children's eyes.

Aviation Posters - WORD Processing

We have learned lots of new skills creating posters using Microsoft Word. We created text boxes, adding in writing. We changed the font, size and colour and we copied and pasted images onto the document!

Aircrafts of the Future!


The children have been exploring different types of aircrafts designed and made over time. They have designed their very own aircrafts for the future! They have lots of purposes including carrying people, cargo, exploring space, saving animals and RAF aircrafts.

Garden of Dreams and Goals


In our PSHE learning we have been discussing our dreams and goals. We had a lovely morning creating dream birds for our garden of dreams and goals. We had to work well in a team and make sure everybody took turns and had a lovely time together!

Eid Mubarak! Many of our children have celebrated Eid this week. Some of them came in to school in their beautiful celebration clothes and explained what Eid means to them and their families. The girls also had wonderfully intricate mehndi patterns on their hands. What a happy time!

Mixed Media Collage

We have loved learning about line, shape, pattern and colour. To end our project, we have created some mixed media collages. We took photographs of each other and created a beautiful picture showing our imagination, things we love and celebrating our personalities.

Trip Recounts

Look at these incredible pieces of writing about our trip to White Post Farm! 

Glockenspiel Music!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We regularly have little dancing breaks throughout the day and the boys are in the lead!

Cosmic Disco

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We like to start every Friday morning with some cosmic disco!

Scratch Junior


We have very much enjoyed our computing this half term using Scratch Junior! They use this program to create their own interactive stories and games. Children snap together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. Children can modify characters in the paint editor, add their own voices and sounds, even insert photos of themselves -- then use the programming blocks to make their characters come to life.


We have been learning about the invasion happening in Ukraine. We spent some time learning about this beautiful country and their lifestyle. The children located it on a map and talked about their wild animals, local cuisines and weather. The children then created their own sunflower paintings which is their national flower, drawing from Vincent Van Gogh's style.

White Post Farm!

In Science, we have been learning about animals, including humans. We have learnt that animals change from babies to adults and what animals need to survive. So, we went on a trip to White Post Farm! We were so lucky with the weather and we had an excellent time holding rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and goats and we even stroked snakes, bearded dragons and fed sheep! We couldn't believe our eyes when farmer Kate brought us a 3 day old lamb to pet! Luckily, no one was eaten by a goat and we all had a great time!

Music with Mr Fretwell

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We love Thursday afternoons with our music teacher.

Animal Research Project

To start off our science topic on 'Animals Including Humans' we set homework to research an animal. It was lovely to hear all the fun and fascinating facts the children had learned. Here are some!

You're A Bad Man Mr Gum!

We have had the best time reading 'You're a Bad Man Mr Gum' by Andy Stanton. Mr Gum is a horrible man who hates children and fun. The only good thing we can say about him is that he looks after his garden, but even that is only because an angry fairy who lives in his bathtub will hit him with a frying pan if he doesn’t. We have learned about Onomatopoeia, similes and much more! We wrote some honest and hilarious book reviews too!

Children's Mental Health Week 2022!

We have had a brilliant week celebrating Children's Mental Health. We have taken part in lots of activities!


  • Cosmic yoga
  • Mindfulness colouring
  • Read beautiful stories
  • Friday's 'Dress to Express Yourself'


We finished off the week by reading the story ‘Aaron Slater Illustrator’ by Andrea Beaty and it is about a young boy who loves to listen to stories and dreams of writing his own but when he reads the letters they look like squiggles! He uses his unique love for drawing to portray his story. We have had a go at portraying a story using our own illustrations just like Aaron.

Marble Run Madness!

We have spent this last week of the half term designing and creating marble runs. We worked together in teams and made the designs into reality using recycled materials! We had the best time testing them out with our friends and having a laugh!

The Jewish Torah

As part of our religious education studies, we learned about the Jewish Torah. It is the central and most important document of Judaism and has been used by Jews through the ages. They believe that the Torah shows how God wants Jews to live. We have made our own and written our own teachings we feel are important to follow!

Venus Fly Traps!

During our science topic on plants, we have spent some time learning about Venus Fly Traps. We have put our excellent writing skills to good use creating posters. We used fancy words like "interestingly" to share our knowledge. Look at our beautiful drawings!


Happy Chinese New Year!


We were very fortunate to have been involved in an online lesson with a teacher living in China! We learned the story of Chinese New Year and the 12 Zodiacs. We created our own tigers and had a lovely day learning about their traditions!

Research a Country!

Over the holidays, the children spent some time researching a country of their choice. When we came back to school, they presented their findings to the rest of the class. The children presented their project in many different ways and we had so much fun learning about different cultures, languages, cuisines, animals, sports and climate!


We have loved spending our first week back creating our own dragon poetry based on the story 'The Dragon Stoorworm' by Theresa Breslin.

Christmas Party!


We have had a fun filled week of Christmas activities. Today, we played games in the hall, had a dance off and made our own crowns. We settled down to watch The Grinch with some yummy snacks.


Pop Up Santa!


The children made Christmas Cards for their families. They added in a sliding element so that Santa pops out of the chimney.




Christmas Singing!

The children have been practising Christmas songs for their Nativity Play.

This is one of our favourites.



Still image for this video

We LOVE Hedgehogs!


The children have been working on a project all about Hedgehogs! We designed Hedgehog Houses for them to Hibernate in during the winter. We also created fantastic posters showing off our knowledge about Hedgehogs Appearance, Diet and Habitat. 


Tidy - By Emily Gravett

The children loved reading the story 'Tidy' about a badger called Pete who likes to clean the forest and keep everything neat. Unfortunetly, he went a bit too far! They have written some beautiful story introductions!


We have really missed singing with Mrs Needham! Every Wednesday we get together, sing our favourite songs and play musical instruments. This is one of our favourites. heart

Singing with Mrs Needham

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As part of our religious studies, we have been learning about famous leaders. We loved learning about Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie, Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi! They all made huge contributions to the world and helped form the society we live in today!

Welcome to NG5!


Our first topic in Year 2 has been based around our local area. We have learned about different types of housing, the importance of postcodes and completed lots of map work. Here are some maps of Sherwood we created. Have a look and see if you can recognise the streets!

Animal Habitats!


For our 'Into the Woods' topic we set some half term homework and they didn't disappoint! They have created their own animal habitats from all over the world. They are super creative and had a lot of fun making them. Well done 2S!

Blackwoods Trip!


In November, we went on our first trip to our local woodland area. After a long walk, we arrived and took part in lots of fun activities. We created pictures by rubbing on top of bark, we went on a mini beast hunt and we made pictures on the ground using natural materials. We loved getting together in the hut to eat biscuits, drink hot chocolate and listen to a story. It was a great day!




During the Autumn Term we have based our learning around the woods and animals. We have been working in our sketchbooks, creating beautiful sketches and drawings around mini beasts of our choice. We finished the project by making our own 3D/Sculptural insects!

Sustainability Week!

Year 2 read a story called ‘Fish’ by Brendan Kearney which explores the impacts of plastic pollution on our oceans and marine life. They worked together to create posters explaining the pros and cons of plastic. In connection to our Into The Woods topic, we also created 3D Mini Beasts out of recycled materials. Take a look at some of our posters we created!