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Story of the Week

Week Commencing 11.10.21

This week, our story of the week is called Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. 

It's autumn, and Fletcher's favorite tree is slowly changing colors and losing its leaves.

Fletcher is very worried.

He tells the tree he'll help. But when the very last leaf falls to the ground, Fletcher feels as though he's let down his friend...
Until the first day of winter, when Fletcher sees that his tree has turned into a shining, glittering surprise. Do you know what it is?


Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Week Commencing 04.10.21

This week, we are learning all about Autumn. Our story of the week is called, 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert. We will use its beautiful pages to inspire our art work. It will also help to teach us about some seasonal changes we see in Autumn time. Please enjoy listening to the story below.

Please remember to collect some Autumn finds on your walks this week! We would love to use them at school to help with our learning.


Leaf Man (Read Aloud books for children)

Have you ever looked at a cloud and thought it looked like something, like maybe a playful animal or giant dinosaur. The key to this story is to use your imagination. Have a close look at the leaves. What can you see?

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