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Year 6 Tag Rugby Festival

On Monday 14th October a team of 8 year sixes went to represent Haydn in a Tag Rugby Festival held at Nottingham Rugby Club.  the team played brilliantly winning 2 matches, drawing 1 and losing 1.  They all had a great afternoon despite the rain.



Sheriff's Challenge 2018-19

On Monday 14th September we had a visit from the Sheriff of Nottingham Cllr Patience Ifediora to present us with a trophy for winning last years' Sheriff's Challenge and running more miles, as part of our Haydn Mile, than any other school in Nottingham.  We are currently top of the table for this year too, so let's keep running Haydn!

Boys' Football Fixtures and Results 2019-20


24/9/19 - Haydn Primary 8 - 0 Berridge Primary

24/9/19 - Haydn Primary 2 - 1 Forest Fields Primary

25/9/19 - Crossdale Primary 4 - 4 Haydn Primary (Haydn lost on penalties)

15/10/19 - Haydn Primary 2 - 1 Claremont Primary

15/10/19  - Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Sycamore Primary


Girls' Football Fixtures and Results 2019-20


15/10/19 - Nottingham Academy Primary 1 - 0 Haydn Primary


Under 11 Boys' Outdoor 6-a-Side Competition - The Kilpin Trophy

Massive congratulations to our boys' team who finished second at the NSFA Carnival on Thursday 10th October at the Forest Zone.  They were undefeated in the knock-out round and won their semi-final against The High School.   They unfortunately lost to Southwark Primary 1-0 in the final, but they all played brilliantly; we are very proud of the team which is showing great promise for the rest of the season.

Under 11 Girls' Outdoor 6-a-Side Competition

A huge congratulations to our girls' team who finished second at the NSFA Carnival on Thursday 3rd October at the Forest Zone.  They were undefeated in the knock-out round and won their semi-final match on penalties.   They lost to Southwark Primary 2-0 in the final but were a huge credit to themselves and the school.

Year 6 Quicksticks Hockey Tournament - Thursday 26th September 


A mixed team of 6 year sixes took part in their first hockey tournament at Highfields Hockey Centre.  They all played brilliantly and won some high scoring matches, making it through the knock out stages.  Unfortunately, they didn't make it to the finals but finished an impressive 5th out of 18 teams.  Well played Haydn - we are very proud of you.

Boys' County Cup First Round - Wednesday 25th September


The boys played their first round cup tie at Crossdale Primary in Keyworth.  It was a close fought match, ending in a 4-4 draw leading to a penalty shoot-out, where unfortunately the boys were knocked out.  The boys all played brilliantly and we are looking forward to an exciting season with them.

Boys' U11 League 24th September 2019

What a great start to the new football season.  The U11 boys secured two wins on our first league meet down at the Forest Zone winning 8-0 and 2-1 in their first matches!  Well done boys!  Looks like they were inspired by our visit from Nottingham Forest yesterday.

Nottingham Forest 'Dream Big' Roadshow - Monday 23rd September 2019 


Haydn welcomed some very special visitors from Nottingham Forest this morning.  As part of their 'Dream Big' roadshow, Nottingham Forest brought along the European Cup won 40 years ago.  We were lucky to have a guest appearance from Nottingham-born Garry Birtles who told all about his career at Nottingham Forest and playing in the European Cup winning team.  The children were all encouraged to dream big 'anything is possible'.

Nottingham Forest Dream Big Roadshow - Monday 23rd September 2019

Nottingham Forest Dream Big Roadshow - Monday 23rd September 2019 1
Nottingham Forest Dream Big Roadshow - Monday 23rd September 2019 2



Haydn attended their first rounders festival on Tuesday 16th July held at the Nottingham Outlaws Rugby Club.  They played brilliantly as a team; all matches were close and they won 1 out of 4 of the matches they played.   

Picture 1
Picture 2



A team of year 6 boys and girls attended the Benjamin Barsby Cup Cricket Festival at the Nottingham High School on Monday 15th July.  The team played brilliantly finishing in third place.  They won 2 out of 3 of their matches; only losing one match after an exciting super over!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



On Monday 15th July we held a sports assembly to celebrate all the amazing sporting achievements this year.  We were able to give out medals and certificates from all the events we have attended throughout the year including dance, tennis, football and cricket.  We were able to present our year 5/6 girls' football team with their runners up medals, year 5/6/ boys' football team with their league winners medals and also present the Fred Riddell Primary Schools Football Achievement Trophy which Haydn won for the first year.  This was presented to both teams for their participation, enthusiasm, sportsmanship and commitment when taking part in the NSFA football league and tournaments.  We are very proud of both teams!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8



Everybody had a fabulous day at the annual sports day.  All the children were in mixed year group teams in the morning participating in potted sports events.  It was great to see teams working together and supporting each other.  The afternoon saw the children competing in individual and relay races.  The winning teams were presented with medals at our sports celebration assembly with South Korea winning Gold, Nigeria Silver and Holland Bronze.



We are pleased to announce that this year Haydn has been awarded the silver school games award recognising all the great work we have been doing in P.E. and in different competitive and non-competitive events.


Mixed Forest Zone League


Year 5 and 6 boys' and girls' football teams are participating in an Inner City School League.  Each month we will be taking a mixed team (boys plus at least one girl) to The Forest Sports Zone and every three months our girls' team will also compete.


Monday  24th June 2019

This month we took our year 6 team (Haydn B) as well as a year 5 team (Haydn A) for their first competitive fixture.


Haydn Primary A 1- 1 Welbeck

Haydn Primary A 1 - 1 Bluebell Hill

Haydn Primary A 1 - 3 Carrington Primary A

Haydn Primary A 0 - 1 Sherwood Djanogly

Haydn Primary A 1 - 0 St Ann’s Well

Haydn Primary B 0 - 0 Sherwood Djanogly

Haydn Primary B 4 -0 St Ann’s Well

Haydn Primary B 3 - 0 Carrington Primary B 

Haydn Primary B 0 - 2 Bluebell Hill

Haydn Primary B 2 - 0 Welbeck


Monday 29th April 2019

This month we took all of our girls to take part (including two girls from year 4 who will be part of next years' team).  There was only one other team competing so we had lots of playing time.  It was good to see all the girls play competitively.  This fixture was also the final match for the year 6 girls who have had a very successful season.


Haydn Primary A 2 - 0 Carrington Primary

Haydn Primary A 1 - 0 Haydn Primary B

Haydn Primary B 0 - 0 Carrington Primary

Haydn Primary A 1 - 0 Carrington Primary

Haydn Primary A 3 - 1 Haydn Primary B


Monday 25th March 2019

We took a mixed A and B team this month  giving all players the opportunity to participate in competitive matches. 


Mixed A Team

Welbeck Primary 0 - 1 Haydn Primary

Haydn Primary 0 - 1 Sherwood Djanogly

Bluebell Hill Primary 2 - 3 Haydn Primary

Mixed B Team

Carrington Primary A 0 - 0 Haydn Primary

Haydn Primary 0 - 1 Carrington Primary B

Welbeck Primary 4 - 0 Haydn Primary

Haydn Primary 0 - 1 Sherwood Djanogly


Monday 28th January 2019

Another successful evening for our boys' team - still undefeated!


Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Welbeck Primary

Haydn Primary 0 - 0 Seely Primary

Haydn Primary 2 - 1 Blue Bell Hill Primary


Monday 26th November 2018

This month we took the girls' and boys' teams to the Inner City School League and had another very successful evening with both teams winning all their matches!  Well done to all who took part.



Haydn Primary 2 - 0 Scotholme Primary

Haydn Primary 2 - 0 Blue Bell Hill Primary

Haydn Primary 2 - 0 Carrington Primary

Haydn Primary 3 - 2 Scotholme Primary



Haydn Primary 1 - 0 St Anne's Wells Academy

Haydn Primary 4 - 1 Blue Bell Hill Primary

Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Djanogly Sherwood Academy


Monday 24th September 2018

The boys' team (featuring at least one girl each match) had a very successful first fixture: winning all three of our matches.

Haydn Primary 5 - 0 St Anne's Wells Academy

Haydn Primary 4 - 3 Carrington Primary

Haydn Primary 2 - 0 Blue Bell Hill Primary School


Year 6 Cricket Festival - Tuesday 17th June

Well to our team of year 6 boys who represented Haydn at the ECB Kwik Cricket Festival held at the Victoria Embankment.  All the boys played well in all their matches and had a great day.

Picture 1

Year 5/6 High School Swimming Gala - Wednesday 5th June

We entered our first competitive swimming gala held at Nottingham High School.  A team of 3 year 5 children and 3 year 6 children competed.  Each child swam in an individual race (breaststroke, backstroke or freestyle) and a team relay.  All our swimmers were fantastic and really enjoyed the experience.  Well done to Zach for coming third in the backstroke final and winning a medal!



Picture 1
Picture 2

Year 3/4 mixed Mini Tennis Championships - Wednesday 5th June

Our year 3/4 team returned to Nottingham Tennis Centre to compete in the finals.  Each match was very competitive and we finished in 5th place, missing the medal places by only one point.  This is an amazing achievement given this was the first competitive tennis event we have entered.


Picture 1

Year 3/4 mixed Mini Tennis Championships

Two mixed teams from Haydn competed in the first round of the mini tennis championships at Nottingham Tennis Centre on Monday 13th May.  All the children played well, especially considering it was the first time some of them had played competitively, and enjoyed the opportunity.  One of the teams successfully made it through to the finals to be held on Wednesday 5th June.


Year 4/5 Cricket Festival

On Friday 17th May a mixed team from years 4 and 5 took part in a cricket festival at Nottingham High School.  The team played brilliantly and finished in 3rd place - a great achievement for out first competitive tournament.

Picture 1

Year 6 Mixed Basketball Tournament - 25th April 2019


12 year sixes competed in their first basketball tournament on Wednesday evening at Ellis Guilford School.  The matches were played in two halves with the girls competing in the first half and the boys in the second. Despite it being their first competitive event, the team played well together and enjoyed the opportunity to compete against other schools.  They are looking forward to more opportunities in the future.

Haydn Primary 8 - 18 Brocklewood Primary

Haydn Primary 8 - 14 Glade Hill Primary


Year 5/6 Girls Football Tournament - 2nd April 2019


Well done to the Haydn Girls' football team who played brilliantly in the football tournament held at Nottingham Academy Primary.  They sailed through the first round winning all three matches but were knocked out in a hard fought semi-final by the team who went on to win the tournament.  All the girls played fantastically and did Haydn proud.

Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Rise Park

Haydn Primary 2 - 0 Nottingham Academy

Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Jubilee Academy


Haydn Primary 1 - 2 Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

Girls' Football Fixtures and Results 2018-19


16/10/18 Brocklewood Primary 0 - 8 Haydn Primary

20/11/18 Jubilee L.E.A.D Academy 1 - 0 Haydn Primary

6/3/19 Robin Hood Primary 0 - 9 Haydn Primary

26/3/19 Jubilee L.E.A.D Academy 0 - 7 Haydn Primary

23/4/19 Our Lady of Perpetual Succour 2 - 0 Haydn Primary




Boys' Football Fixtures and Results 2018 -19


3/10/18 Haydn Primary 8 - 2 St Margaret Clitherow

7/11/18 Haydn Primary 3 - 0 Burford Primary

7/11/18 Haydn Primary 7 - 0 Burford Primary

21/11/18 Haydn Primary 2- 1 Sycamore Primary

21/11/18 Haydn Primary 1 - 1 Sycamore Primary

13/2/19 Haydn Primary 9 - 2 St Margaret Clitherow

20/3/19 Haydn Primary 2 -1 Seely Primary

20/3/19 Haydn Primary 1 - 1 Seely Primary

Under 10s 6-a-side Semi-Finals 20th March 2019


The boys faced some tough matches in the semi-finals and didn't make it through to the final, but all the boys played well and enjoyed the experience. 

Haydn Primary 0 - 1 Robin Hood

Haydn Primary 0 - 3 Southwark Primary

Haydn Primary 3 - 0 Old Basford Primary

Haydn Primary 0 - 1 Whitemoor Academy

Haydn Primary 0 - Nottingham High School



Under 10s 6-a-side Football Competition 13th March 2019


Our under 10s are through the semi-finals of the 6-a-side competition after a very successful evening at The Forest Academy Ground.  They played six matches: winning 3 matches and drawing 1.  Well done boys!  


Haydn Primary 4 - 0 Melbury Primary

Haydn Primary 0 - 0 Nottingham High School

Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Robin Hood Primary

Haydn Primary 1 - 2 Southwark Primary

Haydn Primary 0 - 1 Cantrell Primary

Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Scotholme Primary

Under 9s Football Festival 11th March 2019


A huge congratulations to the Under 9 football team who won their very first tournament.  They were undefeated and didn't concede a single goal.  Well done boys!

Haydn Primary 0 - 0 Southwark Primary

Haydn Primary 2 - 0 Nottingham Academy

Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Mellors Primary


Dance Showcase Wednesday 6th February 2019

Still image for this video
On Wednesday, Mr Ward took a group of year 5 and 6 dancers from Leah's after school dance club to a dance showcase held at Ellis Guilford school. The dancers were all amazing and enjoyed the opportunity to show off their dancing skills. Have a look for yourself at how amazing they are!

Sponsored Circuit Training with GB Athlete Laura Samuel

On Monday 4th February, we welcomed GB triple jump athlete Laura Samuel to school.  Laura spent the morning doing circuit training with each class followed by an inspirational assembly about herself and how she became an athlete.  As part of the event, we asked children to raise sponsorship money and in total we raised an incredible £2937.85, contributing £1225.00 to Laura for training, competitions and equipment and £1712.85 to the school for exciting new sports equipment.  On behalf of Mr Ward, Mrs Evans and Laura, we would like to say a huge thank you!



Primary Cross Country Championships


8 children from years 5 and 6 did an amazing job representing Haydn in the Primary Cross Country Championships at Wollaton Park on Wednesday 16th January 2019.  It was a very wet and cold day but all of our runners did us proud.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Under 11 Boys' Indoor 5-A-Side Competition


Congratulations to the seven boys who represented Haydn in the finals of the under 11s 5-A-Side competition on Tuesday 4th December.  They finished in second place and were the only undefeated team in the whole tournament; even beating the eventual winners. Well done boys - we are very proud of you.

Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Old Basford Primary

Haydn Primary 1 - 0 Nottingham High School

Haydn Primary 3 - 0 Scotholme Primary

Haydn Primary 1 - 1 Whitemoor Academy

Haydn Primary 0 - 0 Brocklewood Primary

Under 11 Boys' Indoor 5-A-Side Competition


A huge well done to the boys who took part in preliminary matches with Glenbrook, Milford and Whitemoor on Tuesday 27th November 2018 at Harvey Hadden.  They qualified for the finals coming top of their group after 4 undefeated matches.

Haydn Primary 3 - 0 Glenbrook Primary

Haydn Primary 1 - 1 Milford Primary

Haydn Primary 2 - 0 Whitemoor Academy

Haydn Primary 2 - 1 Melbury Primary

Y5s Nottingham High School Tag Rugby Tournament


On Friday 16th November, we selected 10 pupils to take part in the High School Tag Rugby Tournament.

Having only had one training session, the team did themselves immensely proud and were singled out for praise by their group referee. Unfortunately, the team didn't win their group but were the highest try scorers.




Haydn 3 - 3 High School Team A

Haydn 2 - 3 High School Team B

Haydn 1 - 3 Carnarvon Street

Under 11s 6-a-side Carnival 11th October - Forest Sports Zone


Haydn boys  played extremely well in the football carnival on Thursday and were runners up in their group - missing out on reaching the finals by one point!  Well done boys!


Rise Park 2 - 0 Haydn Primary

Glade Hill 0 - 1 Haydn Primary

Cantrell 1 - 0 Haydn Primary

Sycamore 0 - 2 Haydn Primary

Young Ambassadors Conference 11th October 2018


On Thursday 11th October 2018 Mrs Evans and 4 of our sports leaders attended a young ambassadors conference run by School Sport Nottingham.  The children took part in workshops looking at Healthy Lifestyles, Personal Best Challenge and Change For Life.  Beth, Finn, Holly and Charlie are looking forward to sharing all the new ideas with the rest of the sports leaders and becoming role models for the rest of the school promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle.



Sports Day 2018


On Thursday 12th July, the whole school took part in another fabulous Sports Day. The 'Potted Sports' winners were GB followed by Brazil in second place and Greece in third. Well done to everyone who participated and made the day the success that it was.

Oakwood Olympics 5th July 2018 Year 5



On Sunday 24th June, ten pupils from Haydn will be swimming to raise money for dementia. As part of a bigger team, the children will be swimming the combined distance of the English Channel - that's 34km! To support the event, the children in year 6 have designed some bags to give to the swimmers as a thank you for their time and efforts. Good luck to everyone involved.


Year 3 showed fantastic teamwork and had great fun at the Harvey Haddon Megafest.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Sport Relief 2018


Despite the snowy weather, the children showed us their enthusiasm, determination and resilience by showcasing an impressive interpretation of the 'Sport Relief Dance' flash mob style. It was an absolute pleasure to see the whole school - the children in the nursery right through to those in year 6 (teachers included) - revealing their hidden dance moves. What a fantastic day! Go Haydn.

Picture 1
New Kit
Don't we look professional in our new football kit! Thank you North Midland Construction for making it possible.

Girls Football Team




Results and Fixtures


3/10/17 Haydn Primary vs Brocklewood Primary  7-1

10/10/17 Haydn Primary vs Melbury Primary  4-2

17/10/17 Haydn Primary vs Hempshill Hall 0-2

28/11/17 Haydn Primary vs Burford Primary 4-0

6/3/18 Haydn Primary vs Robin Hood Primary 2-3



Boys Football Team


Fixtures and Results


27/9/17 Haydn Primary vs St Margarets Clitherow   6-0

12/10/17 The Zone Karnival

18/10/17 Haydn Primary vs Radford Primary 4-1

15/11/17 Haydn Primary vs Burford Primary 2-1

14/3/18 Haydn Primary vs Radford Primary 3-1

20/3/18 Haydn Primary School vs Claremont 0-2

20/3/18 Haydn Primary School vs Claremont 0-2

25/4/18 Haydn Primary School vs St. Margarets Clitherow 5-2

Sports Day 2017

The children of KS1 and 2 enjoyed a morning of potted sports as part of our 2017 Sports Day.  Each team was captained by a year 6 pupil competing in 22 activities to receive points.  The winning teams were:

1st Place: Ireland

2nd Place: Greece

3rd Place: USA

Well done Haydn Primary School! We saw fantastic teamwork, encouragement and sporting spirit.

Sports Day 13th July 2017

Sports Day 13th July 2017 1
Sports Day 13th July 2017 2
Sports Day 13th July 2017 3
Sports Day 13th July 2017 4
Sports Day 13th July 2017 5
Sports Day 13th July 2017 6
Sports Day 13th July 2017 7
Sports Day 13th July 2017 8
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