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          “A good teacher brings words alive. In some ways, teachers are the guardians of our language – the                     well-turned phrase, the beautifully constructed argument, the story that will stay in the mind for ever…”                   Pie Corbett 


At Haydn Primary School, we recognise that English skills underpin all elements of the curriculum and are essential life-skills. Considering the fundamental importance of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing in everyday life, we are dedicated to enabling our pupils to develop as confident, creative, capable, enthusiastic, successful and accomplished writers.  Children who want to be authors, journalists, researchers, copywriters and editors; children who feel confident to express themselves. We aim to foster an enjoyment of writing and a recognition of its value through providing a stimulating broad curriculum and school environment. We place the development of writing skills, directly linked to reading, at the very heart of the curriculum, and provide meaningful contexts and quality texts as inspiration. We want pupils to acquire a wide vocabulary, a solid understanding of grammar and be able to spell new words by effectively applying the spelling patterns and rules they learn.  

At Haydn, children develop their skills by exploring an interesting range of different genres, with a focus on models of excellence and using these to inspire composition and then guide the drafting and editing process. We not only develop a real enjoyment of writing in English lessons but in all subjects across the curriculum. We expect the highest standards of writing in every subject. 

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