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More Ideas for a Bear Hunt

Ideas for a Bear Hunt trail 


Long wavy grass: Green (or another colour you have handy) party streamers are perfect for creating this obstacle! Tape long pieces of streamers along the sides of your kitchen table or in a doorway and you have a perfect spot for your child to crawl through some long grass.

Deep, cold river: a blue duvet cover (a sheet, towel, any material would work just as well) or fill up a water table or a large bowl or tub with water, and with a little imagination... you have a river! A fun way to turn this into an obstacle is to put several small toys or items into the water and have your child search for a specific one!

Thick, oozy mud: a brown rug (you could use brown paper, a towel, or side of a cardboard box). Another way to create the mud is to turn it into a balance game! Think of the times you’ve pretended “the floor is lava” and make a trail of safe spaces that you can walk on to stay out of the mud as you move from point A to point B. Or if you’re outside, try making a hopscotch game you have to travel across.

Dark forest: Twigs & sticks (collected on one of your walks) secured in an old flowerpot, pine cones scattered on the floor (strips of cardboard scattered on the floor would work well too)To add a challenge, test your remembering brain by playing a memory game based on things you’d find in a forest! You could either draw the pictures yourself or cut out the pairs of images to work on your fine motor skills.

Snowstorm: Use your imaginations and dress up in your scarves and hats before you head through the pretend snowstorm! 

Cave: Nothing says a dark cave like a good old-fashioned blanket fort made with two chairs or a cardboard box! Add in a teddy bear and ask your child to crawl in and see what they find!

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