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Thursday 19th November

Happy Thursday everybody!

Happy Thursday from Ms Paulson

Night Time read by Ms Paulson

Time to Talk

I liked the way this book took us on a journey through the night, looking at all the things that while you’re tucked up in your bed!

  • What different things can you remember that happen or are around at night time?
  • How can you tell when it’s night time in the book?
  • In November it’s dark when we go to bed and when we wake up in the morning? Why do you think this is? Is it the same in the summertime?
  • Why are some animals awake in the night?
  • Why do you think some people  still need to be awake in the middle of the night?
  • I wonder why we only see the stars when it’s night time?
  • Sometimes I’ve seen the moon in the afternoon or the morning. Have you?

Night Time I Spy

When it gets dark this evening why don’t you play a game of night time I Spy. Go to your window with another member of your family and look out into the night. You might need to go behind your curtains or turn out your light so that you can see more clearly. See what you can spot and say I spy with my little eye something beginning with... I wonder what you might spy! Maybe you could draw a picture of things you spot and take a photo to email to Ms Paulson or your nursery group leaders.


Do you think this might be the forest where the Owl Babies live?

Soothing Night Time Forest Sounds


  • Kim’s Game - Make a collection of  5 different things from your house or your garden and put them on a tray. Cover them over and ask your grown up to take one away without you seeing. Uncover them and see if you can guess what is missing. If this begins to get too easy, increase the number of objects. This is a great game to play with objects beginning with the same sound too or objects that are all the same shape. Grown ups, talk about the objects with your child as you play and what they are used for. Help your child to speak in full sentences by modelling language and encouraging them to repeat in a playful way. Have fun whilst they learn! 



Let's Get Cooking!

This week in nursery we were going to make toast and choose different toppings that we could have on it.

What do you like on your toast? You could help to make toast for yourself and your family. You will need help with the toaster or grill as it can get very hot so only a grown up can use this. Once the toast is cool enough to touch then you can take over! This is a good chance to practise your spreading and cutting the toast in half.

Think about: What will you need to make toast? What makes the bread turn into toast? How is it different once it's cooked or toasted? Let us know how you get on and what you choose to put onto your toast!



Bedtime Lullabies

Lullabies are gentle and soothing songs that we listen to as we go to sleep.

Here are some lullabies from around the world to listen to as you go to sleep tonight. Night, night....

The Sanshin Cafe Orchestra - Cradle Song (Japan)

Artist:The Sanshin Cafe Orchestra Song: Cradle Song Album:Putumayo Presents: Dreamland - World Lullabies Country: Japan Genre:World Sweet dreams :)

World lullabies - Numi numi /Israel/

Numi numi yaldati numi numi nim. Numi numi, chemdati. Aba halach la'avoda yashuv im zet hallevana yavi lach matana. Sleep on, sleep on, my child, sleep on, s...

Fortuna - Durme Durme ( Fortunee Safdié Joyce )

Putumayo Presents - Kids Dreamland - World Lullabies 2003

That's all for today. Remember to check the story time page for new stories to listen to. See you again tomorrow!
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