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6G 2018/19

CLASS 6G 2018-2019

                                               Summer Term
Year 6 children have had a fantastic opportunity to work with award winning eco-artist Sarah Turner. The children learnt how to make a plastic bottle flower and then place them into a frame which they painted. The stunning art installation was then displayed with 14 other primary schools at Cafe SoBar from 27th May - 12th June. The work was called Urban Garden.




After a really busy two terms and surviving the SATs it was time to go on our adventure to Kingswood. All 60 children from the year came and we had an amazing time. From start to finish it was jam packed with adventure and laughter. Thank you all for coming and making it such a brilliant experience. We took over 1000 photos so have put a selection below to give you a feel for the trip.

Spring Term


During the spring term we have been very very busy indeed! In our PE lessons we learned about tag rugby and had lots of brilliant games with our class.

For world book week we designed our own picture books to share with Year 1. They made books to read to us too. On World Book Day we all came dressed as our favourite characters from the best books that we have read.

We had students come along from China to teach us about traditional ink painting and we had a go at painting pandas, it was very cute!

In Literacy we have been studying WW2 and reading 'Letters From The Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll, we wrote diary entries from the viewpoint of a child experiencing evacuation. To get into character we did some drama where we acted out the last moments before we went to our new homes in Devon.


For Science Week we found out about the effects of space on the human body and to understand the anatomy of bones we got hands on had and studied some real life bones.


As you can see we have been very busy and have even more fun coming up in the summer term. See the pictures from the term below and have a look at the fantastic things we have been up to!

VE Day Party


To celebrate SATs being over, we held a VE day party where the children all dressed up a brought in some food that could have been made with rations. It was a fantastic afternoon where we played games, ate lots and lots of food and really let our hair down after working so hard all year!



Christmas Party Day 2018


We had a fantastic day out for our Christmas party day this year. We went to the cinema to watch the film 'Wonder' which was even more enjoyable after reading the book throughout the term. After the cinema we went to the ice arena for some festive skating. Take a look at the amazing photographs that were taken.

Autumn 2


We have had a great start to year 6 and the children have worked incredibly hard and have earned a much needed break. We have lots of exciting things to look forward to in the coming half term. We will be continuing our Goose Fair project in DT and programming crumble boards to make them move and light up in Computing. The children are enjoying reading Wonder and we are planning a trip to the cinema to see this as well as our visit to see The Fantastic Mr Fox as part of Into Film Festival.

We are looking forward to seeing all the great projects the children will produce over the holidays as part of our extreme earth Geography topic. Letters have been sent out informing you about homework club which will begin on the first Tuesday of Autumn 2 between 3.30 and 4.15.

Have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you in the new half term.

Primary Parliament 

On Monday 19th November the Year 6 School Council visited the Council House for Primary Parliament. In the morning, during the first session, the children had to consider the following:

  • what jobs might look like in the future
  • what qualifications they might need
  • where they could work
  • earnings
  • what experience they might need
  • how they might do this through school

In the afternoon, the group learned about Ecokits which each school will be presented with in January. The team had to decide how they will inform the rest of school and parents about their use; they then had to do a two minute presentation to councillors and the nine other schools involved.

The children were articulate, interesting and fantastic role models for Haydn.


Young Ambassadors Conference 11th October 2018


On Thursday 11th October 2018 Mrs Evans and 4 of our sports leaders attended a young ambassadors conference run by School Sport Nottingham.  The children took part in workshops looking at Healthy Lifestyles, Personal Best Challenge and Change For Life.  Beth, Finn, Holly and Charlie are looking forward to sharing all the new ideas with the rest of the sports leaders and becoming role models for the rest of the school promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle.





Welcome back to school!




Welcome back to school, we hope you have had a lovely break and the first few weeks at school have been enjoyable. We are so happy with everybody in the year and know that we are going to have a lot of fun as the year goes on.


A brief overview of what we will be studying this term is as follows:


Science - Everything Changes - We are looking at the process of evolution and adaptation, how living things have changed and why.


Geography - Extreme Earth - We are learning about the different types of climate and weather that occurs around the world.


Art/DT/Computing - Fairground Rides - Combining these three subjects we will be designing, making and programming our very own rides to make a 'Haydn Goose Fair'.


PE - Tag Rugby.


When we come back from half term we will begin swimming on Friday mornings so please make sure you have your swimming kits every week.


Homework will be issued on a Wednesday and due in on Thursday. The children all have their own pupil planners to keep a track of the weeks activities, we ask that this is signed each week.


We hope you are enjoying being back and setting a great example as Haydn Year 6 pupils.


The Year 6 Team.












The £5 Challenge


A big thank you to everyone who came and supported us with our £5 challenge. The children made lots of amazing products and raised a brilliant amount of money for charity. The totals were:


5WH £107.35

Money for charity (Fresh fruit drinks) £33.55

WH & CO (Slime) £18.80

The 10 musketeers (Cake & fruit skewers) £55 


The children worked so hard to put this project together and we are so proud of them!


5WH 2017-2018

Summer Term

 Black Country Living Museum


Our final trip of the school year was to the Black Country Living Museum, after a long coach journey we wandered around the Victorian streets following the journey of three characters. Along the way we went into shops, houses, schools and even the mine. Again the weather was amazing and we had a brilliant time, the sweet shop was a favourite and the mine was excellent.

Black Country Living Museum

Oakwood Olympic Day


Some of us went to Oakwood Academy for a larger Olympic day with several other schools. There were some really fun races, some brilliant cheers and lots of great competitive sports. The Haydn children set a perfect example and tried their hardest.

School Olympic Day


Some of us stayed at school with Miss Worrall and Mr Grimshaw, we did lots of fun and some silly races as teams. The weather was amazing and we ended the day with a great game of rounders. There were some amazing runs and it was a brilliant day.

School Olympic Day

Southwell Workhouse Trip


As part of our Victorian topic we made a trip to one of the last remaining real workhouses in the UK. On our trip we dressed as a Victorian child, experienced what life would have been like in a workhouse and even had a real Victorian school lesson. In the afternoon we carried out research on our characters by finding information from a real census. It was a great day and Mr Grimshaw even bought some rhubarb!

Language trip to The University of Nottingham


On Wednesday 18th April we went on a visit to The University of Nottingham to learn about different languages. We learnt Russian and German as well as a tour of the campus, we even met the cat that lives at the library! After many lectures we spent some time in the amazing sunshine before the journey back to school.

University Trip

Spring Term

Singing Performance at St Mary's Church.


We performed with other schools, written and taught by Sarah King. The theme was British history. We also performed this at school for our families. We really enjoyed learning and singing these songs.

Singing Performace at St Mary's Church

Our Trip to Sherwood Forest!


We went to Sherwood Forest on 14th March to learn about forests and to do lots of fun activities. We built dens out of stick and branches then tested them to see how waterproof they were. Surprisingly, we got wet! Below are videos showing us making and testing them. After our lunch we had a great walk around the forest looking at and hugging trees. We saw the Major Oak and learnt about seed dispersion and the types of tree in the forest. We loved our trip and we hope you like looking through the photos and videos.

Den Building

Still image for this video

Den Testing

Still image for this video

Den Testing

Still image for this video

Den Testing

Still image for this video

Ice Skating


During the spring term year 5 will be skating on a Monday afternoon. After 3 sessions the improvements we have made have been amazing, everyone is now going around on their own and some of us are even starting to go backwards! Check back later in the term to see our progress then.

Autumn Term


Greek Food Tasting


To finish off our topic of Ancient Greece we tasted typical Greek food. This was great fun and we all tried at least one thing that we hadn't had before. The halloumi was a big hit with the year. We found olives split opinions; some of us loved them and some were not so keen!


After tasting all the food we made tables describing the sensations of the food and how we could use our different senses to explain them.

Greek Food Tasting

Testing Upthrust!

Thursday 7th December 2017



Today we have been experimenting in science to discover the effect upthrust has on an object. We formed different shapes out of plasticine and placed them in water to see if they floated. To work out the strength of the upthrust we measure the Newtons on a Newton meter, here are some pictures of us in action!


Olympic Medal Making in Art & Design

Friday 24th November 2017


5WH have been working hard in Art lessons, planning and designing our medals and then making them out of clay. We worked hard to make the best design and then once they had been made we let them dry and painted them a lovely shade of bronze, silver or gold. Please have a look at our amazing work!

Year 5 Class Assembly 9th November 2017


5WH and 5F put on a great show to demonstrate how much they have already learnt in year 5! The theme was Ancient Greece and included acting, singing and fact finding! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Our Ancient Greece Assembly

Literacy in 5WH


13th October 2017


This week we have been learning about scripts, we have been using Daedalus and Icarus to think about stage directions, speech and the different ways to portray a character. We have filmed the children performing so you can have a glimpse of our skills!

Year 5 English

Reading from a script

CLASS 5WH 2017-2018


Welcome to Year 5. The teachers you will be working with this year are, Mrs Harrison, Miss Worrall and Ms Francis. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Cousins and Mrs French. We also have Mr Grimshaw, who is a student teacher, working with us this year.


This term we will be studying Ancient Greece. In science we will be looking at Earth and Space.


Our swimming lessons start on Friday 8th September. Please ensure that children remember their swimming kits and any earring have been removed at home.


Homework is given out each Friday and expected to be completed and back in school by the following Tuesday. Spelling tests are every Wednesday.


PE is every Tuesday, so please ensure kits are in school.


Parents evenings are on 3rd and 4th October.






YEAR 4 2016 - 2017

25.05.17 - Fiesta Day! Today we enjoyed some Mexican music, tasted some classic Mexican dishes (including Chilli de Crawford), competed in a Mexican quiz AND had a go at creating our own Mexican folk art paintings that were almost as tall as some of the children! Have a look at the fun we had.

22.03.17 - If you would like to have a go at practising the song that we have been learning in Spanish, follow this link -

Please remember to get your adult's permission first.

21.03.17 - Look how busy we have been in 4C! We have applied our superb team working skills and our river knowledge to create these amazing river scapes. Aren't they fabulous?

09.03.17 - We had an amazing time at Castleton this week! The children were absolutely brilliant! They asked lots of interesting questions, played beautifully together and represented Haydn so well. We were all so proud of them. Look at some of the fun we had!


06.03.17 - Today, we enjoyed some Kodu training with Mrs Simner. She introduced us to the coding program and showed us how to use lots of its features. If you would like to use the program at home to practise your coding, it can be found here for free!

Alice in Wonderland


Well, what a busy time we have been having in 4C! All of the children in Year 4 have worked tirelessly to create, produce and perform our spectacular version of Alice in Wonderland. The show was a real treat and a joy to watch every time. Below are some of our pictures from rehearsals. Enjoy!

International Day - 29.11.16

For International Day, our country was Germany! We learnt how to say "hello" and "goodbye" in German and learnt how to count up to 12. Miss Elson was very busy all day, baking pretzels with the children. We tried sauerkraut and even some spicy mustard!

To tie in with our history topic, Ancient Egypt, we have made a bread salad called a fattoush. It is delicious! If you would like to make a fattoush at home, scroll down for the recipe.


1 loaf of crisp bread

3 finely chopped tomatoes

3 finely chopped cucumbers

1 finely chopped onion

3 crushed garlic cloves

1 finely chopped lettuce

a few fresh mint leaves, chopped

2 tbs lemon juice

1 tbs sumac

2 tbs oil

pinch of salt

1) Cut up the bread into small pieces.

2) Sprinkle with cold water and place in a salad bowl.

3) Pile all the vegetables and mint over the bread.

4) Mix lemon juice, sumac, salt and oil.

5) Pour over fattoush and mix together.

In Science, we have investigated pitch with bottles (and tried to play Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star with them) and tested what sound can travel through.

We also had a longest sausage dog competition. We had some spectacular entrants, with two of them being over 5 metres long! Some of them were made from loo rolls, some of them were drawn on enormous sheets of paper and some of them were even made out of clothes!

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