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Happy Monday 11th January 2021!

Miss Storey welcomes you to a brand new week!

Ms Paulson introduces a new week of learning.

What are we learning today?

One Snowy Night

Talking together

What a funny story! Let's think about some of the things that happen in the story.


  • What season do you think it is when the story takes place?
  • How can you tell?
  • What does Percy notice when he looks out of his window?
  • What does he do to keep himself warm?
  • Which animal comes knocking on Percy's door first?
  • Why do you think Percy scratches his head and thinks before letting the fox in?
  • What happens when all of the animals get into Percy's bed?
  • What do the mice think the scratching noise might be?
  • Why don't the animals come back out when Percy tells them it's just a mole?



Where are the animals hiding?

Have a careful look at this page of the book and tell someone in your family where the different animals are hiding. Grown-ups, encourage your child to use prepositions such as under, inside, on top of, next to when describing each animal's position.




Percy's Hut I Spy

Using the picture above, play a game of I Spy. There are so many different animals and objects to spot and will give your child a chance to practise recognising the initial sounds of words. 

Here are some clues from Ms Paulson!

I can spy a black and white animal beginning with b.

I can spy something you wear beginning with h.

I can spy something you cut with beginning with s.


Are those too easy for you or just right? Can you do some clues for your grown-up? Have a go!


Kim’s Game

Make a collection of  5 different things from your house or your garden beginning with our letter sound of the week 't' and put them on a tray. Cover them over and ask your grown-up to take one away without you seeing. Uncover them and see if you can guess what is missing. Once you have done this for a while, change it so that you take away a different number of things each time and talk about how many are missing and how many are left. This makes 5 altogether! Grown-ups, talk about the objects with your child as you play and what they are used for. Help your child to speak in full sentences by modelling language and encouraging them to repeat in a playful way. Have fun whilst they learn! 

Out and About

Winter Walk Hunt

Here is something you can do when you are going out for your daily exercise!

Tick the boxes when you see the different objects.



Here's a copy for you to print if you have a printer.

Time for a dance! Get your body moving and have some fun!!

Get the whole family to join in with this Jungle Book song and dance!

I Wan'na Be Like You (from The Jungle Book)

Poem of the Day

Let's finish on a poem again! Another winter one, this time by Shirley Hughes from a book called 'Out and About'.

Out and About by Shirley Hughes


Have a lovely day with your families and we will see you again tomorrow ready for some more fun home learning!
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