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Happy Thursday Everybody!


Here's Mrs Wilkinson to welcome you to a new day!

What are we learning today?

Cuddly Dudley

Listen to the story again and this time think about where the story is set and what kind of creature Dudley is. Look carefully at the pictures for clues!

Cuddly Dudley by Jez Alborough

Talking Together

Did you look carefully for clues? 

  • Where do you think Cuddly Dudley lives? How do you know?
  • What kind of creature is Dudley? How can you tell?
  • What do you already know about penguins?

Cuddly Dudley is a story. We know that real penguins wouldn't really go and live in a house and wear sunglasses! Let's find out about real penguins!

Penguins for Kids: Interesting Facts - Different Types of Penguins for Children

What kind of penguin do you think Dudley is? I think he is an Emperor Penguin and lives in the Antarctic. That's where the South Pole is. Maybe we can find out more about penguins and the South Pole tomorrow.


What letter sound does penguin begin with? P,p penguin! P is our sound of the week! Let's have a go at spotting things that begin with the p sound! Follow the link below.


Let's begin with a number rhyme!

Ten Green Bottles | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

Let's play Skittles!

Why don't you make your own ten green bottles game using recycled plastic bottles. They don't have to be green and you don't have to use 10 bottles! Here's an idea below for creating your own set of skittles.


Busy Fingers

Here's a fun idea to get those fingers busy!



This week we've been learning about the letter Pp

Have you looked on our letter sound of the week page? Today we are going to practise writing the letter. Follow the link below to find an activity where you can practise your pen control and forming the letter shape. If you don't have a printer at home, don't worry just use a pen and paper and ask your grown-up to write some letters for you to write over before you practise writing them for yourself! 


Busy Bodies

Use a timer to find out how many of these different things you can do in 30 seconds! 

  • star jumps
  • touching your toes
  • hops
  • jumps
  • take off and put back on your socks
  • sit down and stand up
  • bend your knees and touch the floor




Choose one of these things and see if you can break your own record by practising!

Let's finish with a song and a dance!

CBeebies Songs | Penguin Song | The Let's Go Club

Why don't you listen to one of our Favourite 5 stories before you go to bed! See you tomorrow for a brand new day of fun!
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