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Happy Tuesday Everybody!

Mrs Wilkinson welcomes you to a brand new day!

This week we are learning about the festival of Chinese New Year. Here's Ms Paulson to tell you more...

What are we learning today?

CBeebies: Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Talking Together

I enjoyed watching Abbie and her brother get ready for Chinese New Year. Can you remember some of the things they do? Here's a little quiz...

  • How do they get the house ready?
  • What do Abbie and her brother wear for Chinese New Year?
  • What colour is lucky?
  • What does their mum give them that's special for Chinese New Year?
  • What do they make a Chinese School?
  • What do they use to eat their Chinese New Year's Eve meal?
Tomorrow we will watch the second part of this video to find out more about how Abbie and her brother celebrate Chinese New Year with their family.

Ms Paulson reads A Dragon Dance

Here's a story to share! You can find out how a different family celebrate Chinese New Year. Are some things the same?

Dragon Dance - A Chinese New Year Story


This week we are going to learn about number 5. Can you find 5 on this number line?


I think five is one of my favourite numbers! I have 5 fingers and 5 toes. Do you? Count and check! There are lots of rhymes about the number 5 too such as 5 Currant Buns and 5 Little Ducks. Can you think of one? 
Count these polar animals. How many are there? Do you know what animals they are?

These 5 babies are looking for their mothers. Can you help them?



Numberblocks Songs | Hen House Hop 🐔 | CBeebies

Learn to how count to five with this song from the Numberblocks.

Busy Fingers

A Necklace for You! 

Let's do some threading...

Here's something you can do all by yourself and it will help you to have strong fingers!

Ask your grown-up for some wool or string and some small things that you can thread onto it to make a necklace. You could use pasta tubes, plastic straws (you could snip them into pieces yourself!), paper clips, cut up egg carton with a hole pushed into it or paper cake cases.


Busy Bodies

Balloon Volleyball

Here's a fun game to keep your body busy! Grown-ups, blow up a balloon and use a piece of tape to mark the centre line or “net” on the ground. Balloon volleyball is a great game for two or more, but it can work for just one. If there’s nobody else around, have your child play both sides by running back and forth over the line to hit the balloon before it lands on the ground.

Or you could play at keeping the balloon off the ground - how long can you keep it up in the air for?

Here are some more balloon ideas...


Let's finish with a song about balloons!

Up, Up, Up! | Barefoot Books Singalong


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