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Week Beginning Mon 17th May

Monday 17th May 2021


This week we have been reading the story of Oliver's Vegetables by Vivien French and Alison Bartlett and finding out about all of the different vegetables that Oliver's Grandpa grows in his garden. Here is the story for you to listen to together. Your children will know this story well now and will be able to tell you which vegetable Oliver finds each day.

Oliver's Vegetables | Story About Healthy Eating For Children | Learn From Home | Read Aloud

Talking Together

I hope you enjoyed the story. Take some time together to talk about what happens in the story. 

What vegetable is Oliver trying to find in the garden?

What does he find first?

What day does he finally find the potatoes?

Did Oliver like vegetables at the beginning of the story?

What about at the end?

Why do Grandpa and Oliver laugh when Oliver's mum says she had hoped Oliver would eat something other than chips?




We've been talking about keeping healthy and how it is so important to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Each day we have been looking at the different vegetables that Oliver found in the garden - they've been appearing on our story table! So far we've had carrots, spinach, rhubarb and cabbage. I wonder what will appear tomorrow? We've also been investigating lots of other fruit and veg, looking inside them and finding the seeds - they all look so different! We've even tasted some too! On Friday we are trying potatoes just like Oliver - but we're having jacket potatoes! They are much healthier than chips!

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