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Friday 27th November

Happy Friday!


Ms Paulson welcomes you to a new day of learning.

Happy Friday everyone!

Our Favourite 5 Stories.

Today we will be reading the last story from our Favourite Five collection. This is a really fun story and I like it because it has a little song in it that you can join in with - a  bit like in The Smartest Giant story! Again I don't have this story at home but the version I'm going to show you is great.

In fact it's definitely better than I would be able to do myself! It has music and the storyteller’s voice brings the story alive!

It's called...

Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons


Do you know this story? It's written by Eric Litwin and it has lots of counting in it. You are all getting so good at counting!

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Talking Together

I love how Pete the Cat is so resilient! Even though he loves his groovy buttons he doesn't get upset or make a fuss when he loses them one by one. Did Pete cry? Goodness no! Buttons come and buttons go. He just kept on singing his song... He stays happy and positive and reminds himself in the end that he still has his tummy button! 


Can you remember...

  • How many buttons does Pete have at the beginning?
  • What is he doing when he loses his first button?
  • What about when he loses his second button?
  • Does Pete get upset when he loses all of his buttons?


Thinking together...

It isn't always easy when things go wrong and, of course, it's okay to cry when our feelings or our bodies are really hurt. But I like the way that Pete is able to look on the bright side and keep happy when things go a bit wrong. Maybe we could remind ourselves of Pete the Cat when little things go wrong for us in life!


Lots of different clothes have buttons on them. Are you wearing anything with buttons on today? If so, how many buttons can you count? Do you have more than Pete the Cat or fewer?


Ask your grown up to help you find four buttons from around your house or maybe you could draw and cut out four buttons. Draw and cut out a shirt for Pete and place the buttons on the shirt.




As you listen to the story, move the buttons and count how many are left. Can you point to your tummy button when all the buttons have gone?


Let's Make Button Sandwiches

Why don't you help to make lunch today or over the weekend? Here's an idea to make 4 button sandwiches. You can put any filling in that you like. It will be a good opportunity for you to practise you spreading and cutting skills.


You will need 2 slices of bread and a small cutter or lid to make the button shapes.




Use a straw to make 4 holes in the top slices of the buttons.




Your buttons are now ready to eat! As you eat each one, count how many you have left.

I hope they are tasty. What filling did you put in yours?

Our Christmas Show

Next week when you come back to nursery we are going to be learning some new songs ready to make a Christmas Show which we will video and share with our families. How exciting! Here is the first song that we will be learning. You might know this one already...

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

Next week...


Our letter sound of the week will be 


Bring something in from home that begins with the c sound! You can show your friends then put it proudly on the sound table.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /c/

We hope you enjoyed the last of our Favourite 5 stories. Which of the five do you like best of all? When you come back to nursery on Monday you can look at the lovely books and show us which one is your favourite. We can't wait to see you again. Have a lovely weekend with your families and we'll see you very soon!
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