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Hello everybody - it's Monday!


Welcome to a brand new week! We hope you have had a lovely weekend with your families. Are you ready to start the day?

Join in with Ms Paulson to do our daily routine!

Happy Monday with Ms Paulson

Let's find out what we are learning about today!

Come and meet Percy the Park Keeper!

A Message from Percy

Talking Together

What a lovely surprise to meet Percy the Park Keeper!

Percy is such a kind park keeper. He always looks out for the animals in the park and makes sure they have enough food and shelter. Percy said that there isn't much food around for the animals at the moment. Why do you think that is? What could we do to help? 


We could make a Bird Feast!

Little birds fluff up their feathers on cold days and look quite plump but don’t be fooled as underneath their feathers they are usually thin and scrawny. Small birds get very hungry in the wintertime so help them out and make them a feast!



Here are 3 different ideas for making your own bird feeders at home. Follow the link below. 



Don't forget to hang your feeders somewhere safe away from cats! And don't forget to put out clean water as birds need water to drink and to bath in. Don't worry if the birds don't come straight away - it may take them a little while to find your garden! Remember to watch them from a window as most birds are shy creatures and will fly away if you come too close!
Time for a Winter Story

Miss Storey reads Robin's Winter Song

By Suzanne Barton


Let's start with a rhyme...

Two Little Dicky Birds Sitting on a Wall

CBeebies Songs | Something Special | Dicky Birds

You could change the words to this rhyme so it is about different birds that you might see through your window! You could sing Two little blackbirds or Two little robins. I've just seen two little blue tits in my garden!

All about 2

This week we're going to be thinking about the number 2. Can you count to 2? Show your grown-up 2 fingers. You could use one hand or both! Have a look at the I spy 2 activity below to practise!

CBeebies | Numberblocks | Two Song

Lots of things come in 2s- or pairs! Go on a hunt around your house for things that come in pairs and when you've made a collection  you could take a photo and send it to Ms Paulson so we can all see! Happy hunting!




Busy Fingers

Making your name

Ask your grown up to write your name with the letters spaced out a little on a piece of card and then cut it into pieces with a letter on each piece. You need a capital letter at the beginning and small, lower case letters for the rest of your name. Now you can practise putting the letters of your name into the right order, saying each letter name and sound as you go along.




Once you have done this, practise writing your name. You may begin by tracing over your grown-up's writing and then you might choose to practise just one of the letters so you can get really good at it! Remember to start the letter in the right place. Your grown-up can show you how.

Busy Bodies

Let's Dance!

Join Boogie Beebies for the Barnyard Boogie!

CBeebies: Boogie Beebies - Barnyard Boogie

We hope you've had a fun-filled busy day! Let's finish with a story. Go to Our Favourite 5 Stories and choose one to listen to.
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