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Monday 23rd November

Hello everybody - it's Monday!


Ms Paulson welcomes you to a brand new week!

Our Favourite Five Stories

Let's find out what our first Favourite Five story is. Ms Paulson is going to give you some clues - see if you can guess!

Did you guess the story? Let's listen to it...

Ms Paulson reads The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Talking Together

  • What do you think Sophie thought about the tiger? Did she like him? How can you tell?
  • Do you think the tiger was scary?
  • What things did the tiger eat and drink in Sophie's house? Can you remember?
  • How did Sophie's mummy feel when the tiger had gone? Why?
  • How did Sophie's daddy help to solve the problem?
  • Can you remember what Sophie and her mummy bought from the shops the next day?
  • Where do you think the tiger went after visiting Sophie's house?


I liked the tiger in this story - he seems very friendly. He does need to learn some good manners though, don't you think? It's rather rude to eat all the food and not share it with the other people!

I bet you have very good table manners.


Make Your Own Tea Party




Making a list

Why don't you make your own Tiger Who Came to Tea tea party! First you will need to make a list of the things that you think the tiger would like to eat. Can you remember what Sophie gave him in the book? You could draw the pictures and your grown can help to write the words.


Collecting and making the things you need

You don't need to make real food for you tea party. You could use play dough or you could draw pictures of the food and cut them out. Think about how many plates and cups you will need and see if you can find a teapot and a jug to put on your table. Don't worry if you can't - you can just pretend!


Setting the table

When you have got together all the things you need, then you can begin to set the table ready for your tea party. Who will you invite? It could be some of your soft toys or people in your family but you will definitely need a tiger! Can you really invite a tiger to tea? 


Making a tiger mask

Make your own tiger mask so that you can have your own tiger at the tea party. There are lots of different ways you can do this depending on what you have in your house! Here's an idea using a paper plate.



Another way is to rip some black paper and stick it onto some orange paper and then with a little help cut it into the shape of the tiger's face. You could also use paint. Your grown will need to help you cut out some eyes for your mask. 


Now you are ready to have your tea party. I wonder who will be the tiger at your party? Have fun!




Let's take a break...

Making a tea party takes a lot of work! I think you're ready to sit down and listen to another story about a different tiger.

Ms Paulson reads Don"t Wake Up Tiger!

The tiger in this story is friendly too! And it looks like he is about to have a tea party too - for his birthday!


What do you think real tigers like to eat?

Watch this video to find out more about real tigers.

Tigers for Kids: Learn All About Tigers

I hope you've had a fun time learning about The Tiger Who Came to Tea. I wonder what the second story from our Favourite Five will be tomorrow? See you then!

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