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The Curriculum at Haydn

At Haydn we are very proud of the curriculum we have created for our children.  It is ambitious and has been carefully designed and sequenced so that children develop the necessary knowledge and skills, within a clear framework for progression. We follow both the National Curriculum (2014) and the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (2021) but ensure that it reflects our local context. We celebrate and embrace diversity and  wherever possible we tailor our curriculum to make it reflective of our school community. We are an inclusive school and ensure that our curriculum fully reflects that in meeting the needs of all children, regardless of their backgrounds, needs or abilities. We give learning a meaningful context, including real-life , practical and outdoor learning experiences wherever possible. We make links between subjects and the real world to make learning relevant and purposeful.  Our curriculum aims to ensure that all children receive a broad and balanced learning experience that inspires a commitment to life-long learning. We want children to acquire new learning and knowledge and retain it and be able to talk about their learning confidently. We want children to connect new knowledge with existing knowledge and develop their fluency in applying this knowledge to new situations so pupils at Haydn can flourish.  We have uncompromisingly high expectations of all children and work together to ensure they achieve their full potential.


We believe creativity is vital when enabling pupils to achieve high standards and that, by being creative, children learn to think for themselves, become adaptable and learn key skills for life. Our curriculum motivates, engages pupils and enables them to become independent and confident learners. 


Across each phase, subjects are planned so they are delivered systematically and effectively, building on prior learning. Each subject unit of work has clearly sequenced lesson objectives which detail the substantive knowledge to be taught. These are shared with children.


Our curriculum places books and reading at its heart. Quality texts provide rich language and an effective stimulus for expression in order to help learners develop their understanding of other cultures and awareness of difference as well as tolerance and understanding. We want them to learn to read so that they read to learn.


We teach our children to develop strong characteristics for learning. At Haydn these are:

Resilience, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness, Readiness.


Finally, we ensure learning is enjoyable and stimulating; delivered in a way that develops and challenges children and excites their imagination. In this way, children enjoy not just learning different things, but learn in many ways, from each other and from other adults as well as their teachers. Ultimately, we strive to provide a varied and memorable learning experience for our children.

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