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Monday 13th July 2020

Hello everybody!

We are nearly at the end of term and it is nearly time for you to be thinking about getting ready for big school. Some of you will be coming to Haydn and some of you will be going to a different school but it will still be a change for everyone! It's been a strange year for us all and the teachers here at nursery wish they had been able to see you again and say goodbye properly. Look out on the website next week as there will be videos from the group leaders with a message to you all!

Getting Ready for School


I bet you are able to do lots of new things since we last saw you in March and will be ready to begin in your new classes with your new teachers and lots of new friends. You might feel excited and even a little nervous about starting somewhere new  - that's completely natural! And it will be a big change from being at home with your families but I know that you will get used to it very quickkly and will have an amazing time!!


Starting with a Story...

This week we are going to be thinking about the different things you can do to get yourselves ready for starting school in September. Where shall we begin? I like to begin with a story! I've found some of my favourite starting school stories for you here.

Grown ups, sharing engaging stories and picture books about starting school is a great way to gently prepare your child for their first day.

Starting School By Janet Ahlberg and Allan Ahlberg

I Am Too Absolutely Small For School by Lauren Child - Read Aloud by Heather's Story Time Corner

Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School

It can be very scary, even for a Stegosaurus... How will Harry and his dinosaurs fare on their first day at school?

Chu's First Day of School | Kids Books

Here are some things you can practise at home to help you get ready for school. You could make a little checklist and tick off when you feel you're almost there! Don't worry if you can't do all of them yet - your new teachers will be there to help you!


Self-Care and Independence

• I can wash and dry my hands.

• I can wipe my nose.

• I can put on/fasten my coat and shoes.

• I can use the toilet.

• I am learning to dress/undress – this will help me change for PE.

• I am happy to be away from my parents or carers. I know they will be back soon.


Speaking and Listening

• I can talk about my ideas, needs and feelings.
• I can ask a grown-up for help.
• I can follow simple instructions.


Eating and Drinking

I can use a spoon, knife and fork.
• I can open my lunch box as well as wrappers and packaging.
• I can drink from a water bottle, carton or open cup.



• I can count a small number of items.
• I like singing number rhymes or songs.
• I am learning to say numbers to ten.
• I can recognise some numbers.


Reading and Writing


• I can recognise/read my name.
• I can hold a pencil to draw.
• I am learning to write my name.
• I enjoy listening to stories and rhymes.


Playing with Others

• I join in games and activities with other people.
• I can share and take turns.

Have a look at this Starting School Activity Pack - it's full of more ideas for you to use!

This bit is for you to look at first, Grown ups.

Think about what you would like to do when you start school. It might be to make some new friends or you might want to learn a new skill or read some new stories. Follow the link below to fill out your own Wish Upon a Star.

Lucy's First Day at School | Time for School Full Episode

The first full episode in the popular CBeebies series following children in their first term in Reception Class at school. It's a big day for four-year old L...

Here's a video for you to watch, grown ups! It has some top tips for preparing your child. It was of course made in pre-COVID 19 times so please bear that in mind as you watch. There are still some good ideas that you will be able to do!

CBeebies Grown-ups: Time For School: Tips for preparing your child for Reception

Remember the most important thing you can do to prepare your child for school is to have plenty of quality time together over the summer holidays - talking, playing and reading stories to each other!


Look out for the Goodbye videos on our webpage next week. We will also be sending home your child's report and Learning Journeys for you to share together. Take care everyone.

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