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Happy Monday Everybody!

Here's Ms Paulson welcoming you to a brand new week!

Happy Monday

What are we learning today?

Our Special Books

My Self-Portrait

We love to see your drawings! We can't wait to see your picture of yourself!

Grown-ups, it would be lovely if you could write down some of the things your child says as they draw. Encourage them to look at themselves carefully in the mirror and talk about what they see. Here's an example...



Writing Your Name

Use the writing frame below to have a go at writing your name. You can choose any colour or pen to write with and don't worry if you need a little help. It would be good for us to see what you can do all by yourself too though.

Let's do some cutting!

Have a go at using scissors to snip and cut. Grown-ups, help your child to choose from one of the pages in the booklet below appropriate to their cutting skills or create your own cutting activity like the ones in the picture below. Don't worry if they still haven't got the hang of cutting yet and they are struggling to get the correct grasp - that's completely normal! Children develop different skills at different rates and that's okay! Give your child lots of opportunities - and of course, lots of encouragement! - to use scissors with different materials and go at their pace. See this cutting tray idea to start you off. Let us know if you need any children's scissors or card and paper.



Enjoy a story celebrating the joy of liking who you are!

I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont and David Catrow

We hope you have enjoyed today's activities. We'll see you again tomorrow for fun and learning!
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