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Wednesday 30th June

Happy Wednesday Everybody!


Hello again everyone and welcome to a new day of learning and fun! Let's start our day with Mrs Wilkinson. 

Happy Wednesday!

What are we learning about today?

Today we're learning about a different minibeast.

I wonder if you can guess what it is? Here is a riddle to help you!


I travel very slowly

When gliding along the ground

I wear a shell upon my back

In your garden I am found.


Because I can't move fast

Getting places takes some time

But you can tell where I have been

As I leave a trail of slime.


What am I?


Have you guessed what minibeast it is? Yes, you're right! It's a snail!

Minibeast Detectives

Let's be minibeast detectives again only this time we're going to become snail experts! Your challenge over this week is to find out the answers to these questions:

  • Where do snails live?
  • What do snails like to eat?
  • How does a snail protect itself?
  • Does a snail have eyes?
  • Does a snail have legs?
  • How does a snail move around?
  • Do snails lay eggs?

Our Story of the Week

This week we are reading the story, Snail Trail by Ruth Brown. Ruth Brown is both the author and the illustrator so she writes the words and creates the pictures. In this story we get to see the world through the eyes of a little snail who sets out on a trail - up a hill, over a bridge, into a cave. It sounds like the snail is travelling a long way but wait and see as things are not always as they seem!

Ms Paulson reads Snail Trail by Ruth Brown

Talking Together

  • Where do you think the snail went on his journey? You have to look really carefully at the pictures for clues on each page.
  • What can you see on the last page? Was it really a cave where he curled up and went to sleep? What do you think the arch was that he squeezed through?
  • Look at the story again and see if you can work out where he was in each part of the story.

Letter Sound of the Week

Let's look again at some of the letters and sounds we have been learning about this year. Look at the slideshow below and practise saying the sounds as you see each letter.

Can you guess what our sound of the week is? Here are some clues to help you - Max the mouse moved to the moon!





Learn letter "m" with Evie and Dodge | Phonics | CBeebies House

Can you practise writing the letter m?

Letter Formation Lowercase m

Now go on a hunt around your house looking for things beginning with m. You might even spot the letter m on your way! Can you draw some of the things you find next to your letter m? We would love to see them when you come back to nursery! We can put them in your special book.


Let's do some counting together. Can you count to 10? Can you count backwards from 10?

What number comes after 5 and before 7? Count and find out!


1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10


Here's an episode of the Numtums all about number 6...

CBeebies: The Numtums - Numtum Number 6

Make a collection of 6 objects - pasta, lego, teddies and so on - and look at the different ways you can split the group. Here are some examples:

  • 3 teddies on the floor and 3 on the sofa
  • 2 Lego towers - are they the same height? 
  • 2 teddies on the bed and 4 under the bed
  • Can you draw 6 things - 6 fruit, 6 animals or put 6 spots on a ladybird?

Our World

Let's think about snails again! See if you can find any snails in your garden. Where do you think you would find them? Watch carefully what they do and where they go. Think of different words to describe the snails. What do you think they have been eating? Let's find out some more about snails by watching an episode of Minibeast Adventures with Jess. I wonder if you will be able to answer any of the questions once you've watched it...

Snails For Kids

Busy Bodies

Listen to this BBC Radio Playtime episode all about Snails. You will be able to join in with some music and movement activities. Follow the link below. Are you ready? This will help you to become good at listening carefully!



Our Favourite 5 Stories

Let's finish with one of our Favourite 5 stories. Which one shall we read today?

Ms Paulson reads Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne

Join us tomorrow for more snail activities. We might find out about some other minibeast too. Can you think of any other minibeasts that don't have any legs?

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