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Happy Tuesday!


Welcome to another new day! 

Here's Miss Storey for the daily routine.

Happy Tuesday from Miss Storey

What are we thinking about today?

Today we are having a kindness day and will be thinking about what it means to be kind. It’s the small acts of kindness that brighten our daily lives! Read this story by Alison Green - it’s beautiful and the pictures are by 38 different illustrators!


Kind: A Book About Kindness

Kind by Alison Green and 38 different illustrators!

Talking Together

What a beautiful story! There are so many ideas about how we can be kind to each other!

  • What do you think it means to be kind?
  • Maybe it's giving? Like making cookies for someone who lives alone. Or letting someone have your favourite coat when it's too small for you to wear anymore?
  • Maybe it's helping? Like picking up your toys when you've finished playing with them. Or putting your dirty clothes in the laundry basket?
  • Maybe it's sharing? Like letting someone else play with our toys or have some of your snack when they don't have any.
  • Maybe it's looking after someone if they are unwell or feeling sad?
  • Maybe it's saying nice things about someone and noticing special things about them?
  • Think about the different things that you and your family do that are kind. Being kind is so important. Just like it says at the end of the story - if everyone is kind, we'll make a better world!

Here's a very kind message from Ben from the Cbeebies House followed by a lovely story called

One World Together by Catherine and Laurence Anholt.

One World Together | Everyone's Welcome in the CBeebies House


I really liked the idea of the kindness jar! Maybe you could make a kindness jar and every time you do something kind today you could put a marble (or something else if you don't have any, like pasta or beans) in your jar. Count how many you have in your jar at the end of the day before you go to bed and let us know! We know you are all such kind children in nursery!


Busy Fingers

Making Soda Bread

Let's use our busy fingers to do something kind for our families. Why don't you have a go at making soda bread - it's really easy and you can then share it for lunch or for tea. There's a recipe and video below that you can follow. It's really good for your fingers to be kneading and shaping dough.  

Jamie Oliver and Buddy making soda bread

Practising Your Name

Carrying on from yesterday, practise making your name with the card letters and then practise writing your name in lots of different ways! Here are some ideas using fingers in shaving foam and flour, sticks in mud and glue with small parts such as beads, sequins or pasta.





Busy Bodies

Move Like an Animal!

You’ll need some open space, but this is a great way to get children using new muscles.

Here are some ideas:

  • Move like a bird (run with arms outstretched)
  • Move like a snake (wiggle on tummies on the floor)
  • Move like a bear (walk on all fours)
  • Move like a frog (get down on haunches and hop)
  • Move like a kangaroo (take big leaps with arms in front of chest)
  • Move like an elephant (with heavy stomping)
  • Move like a penguin (waddle with ankles close together and arms pinned to sides)
Let's finish with a dance!

CBeebies: Boogie Beebies - Do The Dino

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