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Happy Friday Everybody!

Hello everybody and welcome to Friendship Friday! This week we are celebrating what is unique about ourselves and our friends. There are so many things about us that we share and are the same but there are also so many things that are different and that's what makes the world such a beautiful place! Let's be curious about the world and all the people in it. Everyone is valuable and we all have different things to share.



Let's start with a story. It's called The Same But Different and it's written by Karl Newson and Kate Hindley.

The Same But Different Too by Karl Newson and Kate Hindley

Talking Together

Talk with your family about all the different ways you are similar and different from each other. Start by thinking about the way you look. What is the same and what is different? Look at...

  • the colour of your skin
  • your hair - what colour is it? Is it curly or straight? Is it short? Do you have braids?
  • the colour of your eyes
  • how tall you are


Families come in all different shapes and sizes so you may find lots of things that are the same between you or you may find you are all different!


Here's another brilliant story to look at together...

The Skin You Live In Readalong

Look at your skin-the wonderful skin you live in!

Busy Fingers

Now I want you to think about what is the same and different about the things you like and the things you can do! Your daddy might be good at cooking and you might be good at running. Your mummy might like riding her bike and you might like to do that too! Think about who is in your family and draw a picture of each person doing something they are good at or enjoy doing - including yourself! 


Working Together

Making Fruit Salad

Find out what each person in your family's favourite fruit is and use this alongside your own favourite to make a fruit salad. There may be just two of you in your family so you could choose two fruits each! See the recipe below for ideas. Remember you will be making your fingers strong by peeling tangerines and pulling apart the segments, peeling and slicing bananas, plucking grapes from the bunch and washing them and slicing strawberries! Even washing and picking up blueberries is good for your fingers and this means you will be able to make the fruit salad with only a little help! That will make it even more special! 



Busy Bodies

Out and About

Now the weather is starting to get a little warmer and spring is creeping closer, why don't you go outdoors in your garden or to the park and practise the things you like doing the most. That might be riding your bike or scooter, playing football, throwing and catching or running and jumping! Keeping active is really important - it makes you feel happy and it keeps your body healthy!


Here are some ideas for things to do today or over the weekend...

Let's finish with a song! Do you know this one?

If You're Happy and You Know It! | Barefoot Books Singalong

We hope you have a lovely weekend with your families. It won't be long before you're back at nursery and we will all be together again! In the meantime, remember to keep safe, be kind and look after each other!
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