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Story of the Week

Week Beginning Monday 14th December 2020

Our story this week is

Little Owl and the Star



Little Owl and the star - a Christmas Story

Written by Mary Murphy

Week Beginning 16th November 2020

Our story this week is

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson

This week we will be thinking about the night time and learning about different nocturnal animals. We will enjoy reading the story of Owl Babies and finding out more about owls by looking at some information books and videos. What do you do at night time? Think about your bedtime routine and what you do in the evening before going to bed and to sleep.
Watch this video of the story - it's beautiful!

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

Here's another video you can watch to find out more information about owls.

Owls for Kids | Animals for Kids | Educational Videos for Kids

Week Beginning 12th October 2020

Our story this week is

A New House for Mouse by Petr Horacek



Here's a video of the story being told so you can share it at home.

A NEW HOUSE FOR MOUSE | Story Train Read aloud for kids

Story of the Week

Week Beginning 21.9.2020

This week we have been reading and helping to tell the story of

The Gingerbread Man. Can you tell the story to your family?



The Gingerbread Man

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