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Welcome to Year 4 2022-23


Welcome to Year 4 we are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  Both classes have made an excellent start and it was lovely to meet so many parents at our meeting.  For those of you unable to attend, please see the powerpoint we used attached.


Welcome meeting powerpoint

Class Letters 2022-2023

Strings Concert

Gosh I am so proud of you year 4 and the musicians that you have become. Your hard work really paid off and it was so lovely hearing you play in front of an audience. I hope you eNjoyed it just as much as we did watching it!


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Wollaton Trip 2023

What a trip! Who knew children could have so many hours without sleep? The children (and adults) had a great time at Wollaton. We spent the day orienteering around the grounds and shelter building using our excellent teamwork skills. In the evening we had a lovely campfire roasting marshmallows and popcorn and lots of playtime before a very quiet bedtime. Well done year 4, your behaviour this trip has been exceptional!

The Great Orchestra Experiment

Wow what a day! 4E had an exciting time getting on the bus into town with all their instruments to go play with lots of other Nottinghamshire schools and a youth orchestra. The children played and sang along to music all around the world and even heard an opera song being performed. What lucky children!


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Perlethorpe River Trip

4E had the most amazing day visiting the River Meden in Perlethorpe, set in the beautiful grounds of Thoresby Estate. We had a interesting morning on a mini-beast hunt on an investigation over whether we would find more animals in the grassland of Thoresby Estate or in the woodland. We then had a lovely afternoon getting our feet very wet looking for aquatic life and measuring how wide and fast the river was. The children were very well behaved and learnt lots. A trip we will definitely remember even if it is for the soggy feet!

A visit from Michelle Reader

Year 4 had the most amazing day with Michelle Reader making sculptures from recyclable materials. Michelle 

has been making recycled sculpture for over 20 years. Through Michelle's art and sculptures, Michelle highlights the links between the things we consume and the destruction of wildlife habitats, whilst at the same time portraying the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Lakeside Moon Rabbit come to Haydn

We were very fortunate to watch the 'Lakeside Moon Rabbit.' The children learnt all about the stories that surround Chinese New Year and even saw three instruments from China. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are now on the lookout to see if they can find a rabbit on the moon themselves tonight!

Matilda Themed Day

In preparation for our visit to see 'Matilda the Musical', we had a very special visit from the previous West End Matilda, Lily-Mae Evans. Lily-Mae discussed her time on the West End and even taught the children her dance in the musical from the song Naughty. The children had a great time and may even show off their moves to you tonight. Hopefully just the dance moves not the naughty part! 

Year 4 dance to Matilda's 'Naughty'

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Emma Carroll Author Event - 29th November 2022


To mark 100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, we attended a live zoom event with over 200 other schools hosted by Emma Carroll: author of our class book 'Secret's of a Sun King'.  She read us some extracts from the book and spoke about the discovery of the tomb by Howard Carter 100 years ago today!

Haydn Bake Off 2022


We had a great afternoon in 4E. From bakers to tasters, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and definitely had no shortage of cake!  Well done to Inaya and Tibbie who were our star bakers!

National Poetry Day


For national poetry day, we focused on writing a poem all about Ancient Egyptian pharaohs. First, we learnt all about Pharaohs and some famous pharaohs such as Tutankhamun and Cleopatra. Following this, we wrote a poem describing what a pharaoh looked like.


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Ancient Egyptian Topic Work

During out Ancient Egyptian topic, we studied Ancient Egyptian jobs. We then became Ancient Egyptian bakers and jewellers, practising our skills in making Egyptian flatbread and necklaces.

Summer Term 


It is almost impossible to believe we have almost reached the end of our year!  It has been an absolutely amazing year in which I am so immensely proud of all the children.   We have had the most exciting of adventures, embraced all of our learning with enthusiasm and are absolutely ready to tackle Year 4 with such positivity. 


We have said goodbye to old friends and welcomed new ones to our class whole heartedly.  Thankfully we have been able to go on several trips, where the children have behaved impeccably and were a credit to the school.  Sports day was a fabulous occasion with the children very much focusing on team work, taking part, sportsmanship and above all having fun.



The entire year really has flown and it's hard to believe that it is almost time to say goodbye.  It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the children and I will very much be keeping an eye on them as the continue their journey throughout Haydn x

Arts Week

To celebrate Haydn Arts Week, Year 3 decided to meet the 'Fashion and Textiles' brief by being inspired by Disney's 'Sneakerella'.  We designed, made, decorated and then evaluated our very own pair of shoes!  The results were spectacular!  The children displayed their work for a Haydn Art Exhibition, where we were able to look round each year group to see what they had created from Arts Week.

Spring 2 : Our Bodies 


It is hard to believe how quickly this half term is going!  Once again, it has been action packed with the children showcasing just how much they have grown and developed over the course of this year.  I am so proud of all their hard work and determined attitudes.   We were all so excited by the Emma Raducanu Trophy Tour, getting up close to such a special and shiny trophy as well as our trip to St John's church in Carrington.  

Spring 1  :  Light and Shadows


It's hard to believe we are almost half way through this half term already!!  The children have been working so hard, and thoroughly enjoying all the aspects of our new topic.  

A particular highlight of our term so far is learning the Ukulele.  Our weekly lesson is so much fun and everyone is doing a fantastic job.  I am so proud of them all heart

In celebration of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, we invited the New Age Kurling Roadshow into school to introduce the children to Kurling.  Our class was split  into 6 teams representing countries from the Winter Olympics and then they played a series of games against each other before finishing the session with a Class v Teacher Challenge.    At the end, we had an awards ceremony where everyone got get a special wristband and the winning team will got special gold ones!  Well done team Germany, who won all their games! 


The children behaved impeccably for our visitors, took turns brilliantly and showed absolute sportsman like behaviour.  I was so proud of them, and they even earned 2 treat squares towards our next treat day! 

Autumn 2 : Rocks and Volcanos


Once again the term is whizzing by with so much learning, fun and even wiggly worms!!!  Everyone is working extra hard to understand the new concepts they are being taught and showing great perseverance skills when it is sometimes tricky! 

CLASS LETTERS - 3T - 2021-2022

Welcome to 3T!


We have had an amazing start to Year 3 and it has been a pleasure getting to know all of the children.  The first half term whizzed by with an action packed start to the year and already we have got busy learning all sort of new skills and knowledge after our well earned holiday!  


Miss Thieme and Miss Elson x


2M  2020 - 2021

Class Letters - 2M - 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Year 2!

1R 2019 - 2020

School's out 2020!


Thank you for all of your kinds words, cards and gifts.

We feel so lucky to have taught each and every one of you this year; it has certainly been a year we will never forget!

Thank you to you and your families for your incredible dedication over the last few months.

It has been a challenge for us all, but I am so incredibly proud of everything you have achieved.

Have the most wonderful summer making memories with your families.

Thank you for a wonderful year, you are all going to be amazing in year 2, Miss McLeod is a lucky lady!


Lots of love,

Mrs Sudborough & Mr England



Year 1 bubbles

Returning to school PowerPoint for children

Home Learning & Return to School



1S, you are all AMAZING! You have been working so hard on your home learning and I am so incredibly proud of you all! (see the photos and videos below!)



Now that we are able to invite more children back to school, we are really excited to see lots of you very soon!

We will continue to upload weekly home learning planning for those of you who are returning to school.

If you are returning to school, you do not need to complete the home learning for the week that you are in school. When you are at home the following week, you will need to complete the home learning set for that week.

This will follow on from the learning we have been doing in school and wherever possible, we will send resources home for these weeks on the Friday that you are at school.


We cannot wait to see you soon!





I would LOVE to hear from the children and find out all about their exciting home learning adventures!


Please let me know when sending photographs or videos of your child whether you would be happy for these to be uploaded to our class page as a celebration of their learning and so that the children can see what one another have been up to!

Photos and videos will be added below!


Look after yourselves and stay safe smiley



Stay safe, from #TeamHaydn

We have a message to send home to all of you, we miss you so much and hope you are all staying safe!

Creative Quarter Challenges


Keep an eye on the Creative Quarter page ( ) on our website for weekly art challenges that you can all get involved in, inspiring websites and links. 

Home Learning Pack

In addition to the weekly home learning planning and resources, here is another resource to use for ideas if you want to supplement the class home learning packs.

Week beginning 13th July - to be completed by ALL children

Week 16 home learning planning

Week beginning 20th July


This week is the last week of school!

For those in school, we will be breaking up on Wednesday, for staff INSET on Thursday and Friday.

I have therefore provided a short list of ideas for things you can get up to at home for the last three days, as if we were in school, we would be doing lots of lovely, fun things together and enjoying our last few days as a class!

Take the next 3 days to reflect on the whirlwind of a year we have had together, start thinking about your exciting new adventure into year 2 in September, and celebrating what an amazing job you have done at keeping motivated, enthusiastic and working SO hard during the last 17 weeks!

Martha's dinosaur poem

Martha has used pairs of rhyming words to write an amazing poem!
It is truly brilliant Martha, well done!
You are a fabulous writer and we miss you very much!

Tibbie - Things

Tibbie has been super busy composing her own music!
She is working on a few tracks at the moment, here is on called 'Things'.
Well done Tibbie!
#TibbieForNumber1 xx

A joke from Martha!

Still image for this video
Martha made my day with her hilarious dinosaur joke!
What a ray of sunshine!
Thank you Martha!
Keep being you :)

Seb makes slime!

Seb has had a very busy afternoon making his own slime!
He read the recipe, wrote the shopping list and thought of some super adjectives to describe it once it was made!
I love the goggle Seb!
Keep finding fun things to do with your family :)
We miss you! x

Shahzad sharing a book with us all!

Shahzad is sharing an information book all about musical instruments.
What a fantastic reader you are Shahzad! Well done!

Joni's dandelion clock

Still image for this video
This little clip put such a smile on my face!
What a beautiful, smiley girl!
We miss you Joni! Keep smiling x

Millie's fun times!

Still image for this video
Millie has made a video montage of some of the fun things she has been getting up to!
It made me smile a lot and I'm sure it will you too, especially the part where she is getting the hose pipe to work!
It looks like you're having lots of fun with your family Millie!
We miss you lots x

Aggie's message for Mrs Sudborough

Still image for this video
Aggie used a program called 'Game Froot' to create her own computer game!
What a computing whizz!
Move over Mr Grimshaw!

Isobel's Easter message!

Still image for this video
Isobel has sent us a video message telling us what she has been up to in the first week of the Easter holidays!
I can't wait to see what happens to the catterpillars!
What do you think they might look like by the time we come back to school?

Is it Shahzad? Or is it Joe Wicks?!

Still image for this video
Shahzad has been joining in with Joe Wicks' PE lessons in the morning!
What a super job he is doing - well done Shahzad, you could have Mr Ward's job when we're back at school!
Keep it up!

Huey's Lego Moon Landing

Still image for this video
Huey researched Neil Armstrong and watched video clips of the Moon Landing.
He then recreated the Moon Landing using lego and sound clips from the videos he found!
How clever?!
Well done Huey :)

A beautiful song by Aggie

Still image for this video
During Aggie's home learning, she has recorded her own song!
I hope that it makes you all smile as much as it did me!
Well done Aggie, I am sure you will be a superstar one day!

Our silly photos to make us smile!

Previous home learning planning and resources

Week 15 home learning planning

Week 14 home learning planning

Week 13 home learning planning

Week 12 home learning planning

Week 11 home learning planning

Week 10 home learning planning

Week beginning 25th May



You have all worked so unbelievably hard the last few weeks and we are SO proud of you!

Make sure that you take some time this week to enjoy the sunshine and reflect on your home learning journey so far.

Keep smiling, stay safe!


Mrs Sudborough & Mr England xx

Week 9 home learning planning

Week 8 home learning planning

WEEK 7 home learning planning

WEEK 6 home learning planning

WEEK 5 home learning planning

WEEK 5 home learning resources

WEEK 4 home learning planning

WEEK 3 home learning planning

WEEK 2 home learning plan

WEEK 1 home learning plan

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