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Welcome to 3S!

We have a really exciting year ahead of us and we thank you for all your kindness and support. The children are working hard, looking after each other and having lots of fun. Look at our class page to see all the exciting things we get up to!

Class Letters 2022-2023

Art Exhibition - Shaun Tan Creatures


We have based our theme for arts week around Shaun Tan. An Australian author, artist and film maker. He has written many fantasy books and is amazing at creating his own weird and wonderful creatures.

The children have designed their own 3D Sculptural Creatures using Modroc. They photographed them and created their own mini documentary, talking about their creatures’ habits, diet and interesting features!

The Mayans!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed our topic on The Mayans, this half term. Here are just a few pieces we have created in our topic work!

The Kings Coronation

The children created some brilliant poems describing the things they would do if they were king for the day!

Cadbury World Trip


We had the most exciting day visiting Cadbury world, the home of chocolate! We started off the day by learning about the Mayans, their history, culture and of course the Cacao bean. We had a tour of the factory, learning lots of key facts about how it is made and we even got to try some chocolate and write with it too! One of the highlights was the 4D cinema experience and we even got to take some free chocolate home.

PSHE - Big Book


Look at these superb Safety posters which are in our PSHE Big Book. The children love their lessons with Miss Elson!



We had the most wonderful day at the woods. After a long and successful walk, we got straight into lots of activities including a scavenger hunt, clay imprinting, making fairy wands, a big hunt. We created some maps, thought about our senses, created transient art and even toasted marsh mellows on the fire! The weather was beautiful and enjoying lunch on the grass was a bonus!

Autism Week


Stephen Wiltshire is an artist who draws cityscapes. He has a particular talent for remembering thee and drawing them from memory. Stephen is on the Autistic Spectrum and was diagnosed in the late 1970's and we have learned about this and celebrated it this week!

Sketchbook App


In our computing lesson we have been exploring the uses of different electronic devices. We created a picture on paper and then had to replicate it on an app called Sketchbook.

Mothers Day Cards

Look at these gorgeous cards!

Sketch Map - Turkey


In light of the recent earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria, we spent an afternoon learning about Turkey, its landscape and its culture. We did some map work, spotting countries in Europe and we created our own sketch map of a beautiful coastal region called Alanya.

Lava Lamp

Still image for this video
Look at these amazing homework's we set for half term! The children created their own lava lamps!

Shadow Puppets!

To end our topic on light, dark and shadow, the children worked together in groups to create their own shadow stories. We created our own puppets out of card and added a moving part using split pins. The children loved performing their stories to each other!


Here is some lovely work form our PSHE floor book.

This is where we showcase our learning throughout the year!

Light, Dark and Shadow Art

We have really embraced our sketchbooks this half term, learning how artists use light, dark, shadow and colour. We looked at Hong Kong artist Marc Allante and created our own pictures of bioluminescent creatures. We also practised sketching looking at tone and shading.


We have had a great time learning about different bioluminescent creatures including, deep sea shrimp, fire flies, glow worms and many more. We have created some fantastic posters about Angler Fish, a terrifying sea creature!


Chinese New Year!


We were very fortunate to have some Chinese teachers come into school and teach us some fascinating facts about China and their New Year celebrations. We learned their language, their animal protectors, we wrote some letters and created our own rabbits out of card!


Little Inventors Day!

We have had the best time during the schools Little Inventors Day. We spent the morning looking at inventions that have changed the course of history including light bulbs, water wheel, concrete, the calendar and many more. Our brief was: To invent a piece of equipment to help your favourite animal survive in the wild. The children made a fact sheet all about their animals needs, habitats and personalities. They created imaginative designs in their books and spent the afternoon presenting their ideas to their peers.

Fossil Printing


To end our topic on Volcanoes, rocks and soil, we looked at a variety of different fossils from around the world. We created stunning prints of our own fossil designs using printing ink.

Digital Art

We had a great computing session this afternoon using games and quizzes on the Tate Kids website. The children created their own art works using the online tools and completed quizzes on some well known artists!


Here is the website!

Christmas Jumpers

We have had a lovely end to the week, celebrating Christmas by wearing festive jumpers. :)

Snow White Pantomime!

We were extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to go to the Pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham with Year 2. We watched Snow White and spent the whole time laughing, singing, dancing and enjoying the classic fairy tale. Hopefully we can go again next year!


Worms, worms, worms!

The children have been learning about the layers underneath the earth, including the soil and rocks. We made our own wormery out of recycled bottles, carefully building up the layers for the wriggly critters. We had to wait a bit longer because of the postal strikes, but they finally came. Now we can look after them at home!

Volcano Art


We have been creating our own Volcano art pieces linked to our science topic on Rocks. We learned about Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement looking at his repeated prints and his use of colour. We created our own volcano inspired by this movement. We finished off the project by creating our own volcano collage based on William Turners 'Eruption of Vesuvius' painting.

Magna Science Trip

We had the best day out at Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotheram. We took part in lots of hands-on experiences packed with interactive exhibits. We explored the wonders of science and technology in four pavilions – Air, Earth, Fire and Water and took part in a Volcano workshop, sorting rocks into categories, creating exploding volcanos and taking rock samples! The centre was absolutely colossal and we explored the world of the steel mills with the spectacular Big Melt Show. ‘E’ furnace, one of the original electric arc furnaces. It was brought to life with light, sound and special effects. We even had time for a quick play outside and were ready to get on the bus home to Nottingham.

Remembrance Day


We had a lovely day celebrating British culture and remembering all of those lost or affected by wars. The children created their own poppies which are displayed on our classroom windows.

Sustainability Week 2022


Food Miles

We have had a great week during Haydn's Sustainability week. We explored where our food comes from, looking at food miles and plotting food on a world map. We discussed world hunger and the reasons why people experience this, including poverty, famine, wars, food prices soaring and natural disasters. We designed our own planet friendly burgers and made these in school. We also designed our own packaging for our burgers, imagining we are selling these in our local supermarkets. We loved eating them, they were delicious!


The Lorax

We spent our literacy lessons immersing ourselves in the story of The Lorax by Dr Suess. He looks after the trees and we really admire his job! We sent him letters explaining the changes we are going to try and make at home and in school to help the environment.

Rangoli Patterns


As part of our Diwali celebrations, we created our own Rangoli patterns. The rangoli represents the happiness, positivity and liveliness of a household, and is intended to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good luck.



As past of our Roman topic we have been studying ancient Roman Aqueducts. We have been making our very own in teams and tested them out to see if they are stiff, sturdy and functional!

Roman Food!


We had the best day celebrating the Romans! We learned Latin words, designed our own battle shields and made our own Roman bread. We finished off the day by trying popular Roman foods and having a lovely time!

The Great Haydn Bake Off!


It was a great start to the week because all the children in the school were set a homework to bake something of their choice. We brought them in and tasted them all. We voted for our favourite bake and some children got star baker awards! We spent some time designing packaging and went home very full!



We were so lucky to be able to enjoy the theatre again. We watched a performance of 'Scrooge' and were laughing our socks off!

Roman Art!


We have immersed ourselves in Roman art this half term. The children have been completing their sketchbook work learning how to make simple mosaics using card, they have explored fine and coarse ware pottery and even made their own coil pots!