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Wednesday 18th November

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

Hello everybody from Ms Paulson

Let's begin our day together! Join in with the daily nursery routine and find out what we are learning about today!

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson

Ms Paulson reads Owls Babies.

Talking Together

  • How do you think the owl babies felt when they woke up to find their mummy gone in the night?
  • Why do you think they all huddled together on the same branch?
  • Can you remember what Bill kept saying again and again?
  • Have you ever felt lost or worried?
  • How do the owls feel when their mummy returns home?
  • Where do you think she had been?
  • Why were they all awake in the middle of the night?


Story Mark Making

Why don't you draw your favourite part of the story and ask your grown up to write down what you say about this part of the story. We would love to see this drawing! You can email a photo of it to Ms Paulson and she can share it with all of your teachers!

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation


Owl Babies is a story where the characters come in a set of three- just like in The Three Billy Goats Gruff or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. There is something else that is the same in these stories- the three bears and the three goats are different sizes, one small, one medium-sized and one large just like the baby owls - Sarah, Percy and Bill! Can you make collections of three things from around your house or your garden and order them by size from the smallest to the biggest? For example, 3 shoes, 3 socks, 3 stones, 3 leaves, 3 bottles, 3 boxes and so on. Talk about their size using language such as smaller than, bigger than, shortest, tallest, biggest and smallest.





Why don’t you take a photo of the different things you find and email them into Ms Paulson? That would be fantastic!

Creative Challenge

Why don't you have a go at making your own owl puppets to help you retell the story of Owl Babies? You could draw and cut out your own pictures and stick them onto lolly sticks or use scrap cardboard tubes to make owls like these below. How would you change them to make them look like the owl babies?



Let's finish with an owl counting song!

Winnie the Pooh: 123s - Owl's Counting Song


That's all for today! Have a lovely day at home with your family and remember to be kind and helpful. Maybe you could help with a preparing a meal or setting the table? Keep your toys tidy and put them away when you have finished playing with them. See you again tomorrow!
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