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Monday 6th July 2020

Week Beginning Monday 6th July 2020

Hello Nursery children and families! Welcome to a new week and to a new month! It isn't June anymore, it's July! I hope you enjoyed learning all about bees for our Haydn Arts Week. This week we are going to be thinking about journeys again. Do you remember the story we were learning about? It was called The Train Ride. The little girl went on an exciting train journey all the way to the seaside where she met up with her grandma. Now we are going to be looking at journeys by boat. When do we use a boat to travel? Boats travel on the water. You can use different kinds of boats to go on short journeys and long journeys. What kind of boat do you think you would go on if you were travelling to another country? What kind of boat might you use if you were going on a short journey on a lake or up the river?


Story of the Week

Our story this week is called Mr Gumpy's Outing and it is written and illustrated by John Burningham. One day Mr Gumpy decides to take a trip along the river in his boat and lots of his animal friends join him. Everyone's having a lovely time until the animals start moving around and making lots of noise and the boat starts to rock... I love this story - it's so funny! Here is a lovely version from Singing Hands which is told using Makaton signs.

Makaton Signed Story: Mr Gumpy's Outing by Singing Hands

Talking Together

Did you enjoy that story? I thought the animals were very naughty squabbling and kicking and making a dreadful hullabaloo on the boat! What happened when they did this? Mr Gumpy was very patient and kind wasn't he? Can you remember what he did? Listen to the story again and see if you can join in with the repeated refrains. 


Retelling the story

Do you think you could have a go at telling that story? I know a really good way to help you. We can turn the story into a song!

We're going to use a song you already know called 'Old Macdonald had a Farm' and our new song will begin with the words, 'Mr Gumpy had a boat e-i-e-i-o'. Listen to the story again and each time an animal gets into the boat, make a note of it - write the word or draw a picture - and talk about what the animal does. You can then turn this into a map for your song! For example, 'And on that boat there were some chickens

e-i-e-i-o. With a flap, flap here and a flap, flap there.' and so on.



You could turn your song into a puppet show and perform it to your family! Here are some puppets you could use or you could draw your own - you choose!

Reading Challenge
This week we would like you to find some fun and unusual places to look at a book or to have a story read to you by your grown up. Can you make a cosy reading den in your garden or read in the bath tub?! Share some photos of your fun reading adventures with us and we will put them onto the nursery webpage.



Sharing Songs and Rhymes

Here are some songs and rhymes about boats and ships for you to learn and sing together!


CBeebies Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Row Row Row Your Boat

Big Ship Sails - Kate Rusby

A classic nursery-ryhme, sung by Kate Rusby and a few of her family.

Five Little Boats

Here's a number song about boats featuring the Numberblocks.

Numberblocks Songs | Five Little Boats

Sing along and learn about number order with five little sail boats.

Letter Sound of the Week

Let's look again at all of the letters and sounds we have been learning about so far this term. Can you remember the letter sounds we looked at last week? Look at the slideshow below and practise saying the  sounds as you see each letter.

This week our two letter sounds of the week are p and n.

Let's practise writing those letters!

Get Squiggling Letters | Letter P

Get Squiggling Letters | Letter N

Robot Talking (Blending and Segmenting)

Have you been practising your robot talking and playing the games I gave you? If you get really good at understanding robot talk (blending) and can begin to do your own robot talking (segmenting) that will really help you when you start in your new F2 class in September!


Here is another game you can play this week. 'I spy' the different animals from the story.

I spy with my little eye the p-i-g... Take it in turns so that you can blend the sounds and segment the sounds too!





Pencil Control Skills

As well as practising writing your name, here are some pencil control activities for you to print out and do. Grown ups, if you don't have a printer at home then open up the activities and see if you can create your own sheet using a pencil and dots for your child to use.


Let's begin by practising our counting. This week I would like you to count everything you see and do! You could count the stairs as you go up and down, count how many steps to different parts of the house and count how many seconds it takes to do different jobs. 


Mr Gumpy Counting

Let's now count Mr Gumpy's animals. Look at the activity below - you can print it out and practise writing the numerals if you have a printer at home.


A Game of Hopscotch
For lots of hopping fun and counting and recognising numbers share these easy hopscotch rules before you
Draw a court of 10 numbered squares outside with chalk or inside on pieces of card.


Throw a marker, it could be a beanbag, rolled up pair of socks or pebble into a square. Can you say the number in the square and hold up the right number of fingers? Skipping the square with the marker, hop (or jump!) from one square to the next right up to the end of the court (no.10). Then turn back, collecting
the marker before you finish. Then it’s the next player’s turn. Keep playing the game seeing if you can throw the marker on each number! Remember to say the number and hold up the right number of fingers each time you throw the marker! Have fun!

Let's do some sorting!

Sorting objects into a row - from big to small or light to heavy - is a really great way to develop your child's communication and reasoning skills.

Encourage your child to explain what they are doing at each step. Try using measure words like, 'bigger' or 'biggest' when sorting.

Watch this video from the BBC's Tiny, Happy People for ideas.

Our World

Let's find out more about boats. Here is a story that gives us lots of information about different kinds of boats. It's called Brilliant Boats by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker.

Brilliant Boats by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker - Read Aloud Story for Kids

Floating and sinking activity

Make sure you are with your adult as you do this activity.

With your adult find a selection of different objects around the house and outside e.g. a stone, a leaf, a plastic bottle, a toy car, a cork. Ask your adult to fill a bowl with water so you can test to see which things float and which things sink. Have a guess before you try them out and see if you can work out why some float and some sink. You could try making your own boat, here are some ideas. Test it out to see if it floats!

Here's a funny story about sinking and floating. It's called Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen. This story reminds me of Mr Gumpy's Outing. Have a listen and see what is similar.

Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen

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