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Happy Monday Everybody!


Welcome to a brand new week and a brand new month! It's the first day of February today. Remember that all the teachers in nursery are missing you so please send us some photos and a message to let us know how you are getting on!

Start the day with Ms Paulson!

Welcome to a new week

What are we learning about this week?

This week we are reading the story, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and doing lots of activities based around this story and other stories about bears. Here’s Michael Rosen himself telling the story. Before you listen, go and fetch one of your favourite teddy bears so they can sit with you and join in!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Talking Together

Did you enjoy the story? Have you read it before? Which bit did you like best? I  liked the ending where they all hide under the bed covers!

Listen to the story again but this time see if you can join in too! You could do the actions and tell the story too! It's really easy to learn the story as it has a great rhythm and parts of it are repeated again and again! Try this part...


We're going on a bear hunt. 

We're going to catch a big one.

What a beautiful day!

We're not scared.



A Bear Hunt of Your Own

Go on your own Bear Hunt in the garden or house. Collect up some teddy bears and other soft toys. Ask a grown-up to hide them around the garden or house and to tell you how many bears you need to find. Set off to find them! Say the words from the story as you go “We’re going on a bear hunt, We’re going to catch a big one, What a beautiful day, We’re not scared. “ Watch out for tall, wavy grass, or deep cold, rivers on the way! Keep counting the bears as you go along to make sure you find them all. When you have got all of them you could take a photograph of them to email to Ms Paulson and let her know how many you found.


  • This activity uses your collection of bears and soft toys from around your house. Once you have them all together, sort them into the order of size from smallest to largest, shortest to tallest. Which is the biggest bear? Can you see just by looking? You could use a tape measure to measure the height and the width (round the middle) of your bears. Talk about what you notice about your bears. What's the same? What's different?




Busy Fingers

Do you know what our letter sound is this week? Check the webpage to find out. But here are some clues for now...



That's right! It's b for bear!


Have a go at writing a letter b either on some paper with a little help from your grown-up or print out the sheets below. Remember to start from the top and bounce back up again and all the way around!

Busy Bodies

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Do you know this song? Listen to it now as we are going to use for the next activity.

The bear went over the mountain | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

Today we're going to use this song to experiment with moving in lots of different ways! Walk around the room as you sing, 'The bear walked over the mountain.' Then try changing the words and the actions to 'The bear marched...'. Then try these ideas: ran, jumped, climbed, hoped, crept, plodded, bumbled, slid and skipped.


If you have a drum then ask your grown-up to match the drum beat to the different types of movement: steady beat for walking the faster for running; slow for jumping and climbing and very and quiet for creeping; loud and slow for plodding and so on.

Before you go, listen to a story from this week's Stories to Share page - there are some new ones for you to enjoy!
Come back tomorrow for more bear activities!
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