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Eco Team

Welcome to our Haydn Eco Team!

Each class, from Year 1 to Year 6, has nominated a person to represent them in our Eco Team. We meet regularly to discuss how to make Haydn a greener school.

If you have any ideas, please speak to your class Eco Teamer!


Keep checking this page for updates on our work! 

Introducing Haydn's Lights Off, Board Off Policy!

The Eco Team would like to introduce our school's latest initiative with the aim of living more sustainably. Using less energy is really important if we want to lead a greener life and help our planet. It is everyone's responsibility to turn off lights when we're not in a room (even Mrs Mason's office!) and make sure that smart boards are off when they're not being used. You could even apply this rule at home!

Please find below historic Eco Team updates.

First Meeting Of The New School Year

In our first meeting back after the summer, we were very excited to share our ideas with each other. To keep our adults, and the wider school community up to date with our plans, we agreed that we will create a termly Eco Team News Letter. This will be typed online, by a member of the team.

Keep your eyes peeled for our latest news!


Our aims for this year are as follows:

"We want to make the school a bit kinder to make some more flowers." - Ellie Y1

"We want to tell people about electric cars." - Aria Y2

"Make everyone use paper straws." - Owen Y2

"Our job is to look after the environment." - Blossom Y4

"Make our school kinder and greener" - Ethan Y5


Finally, our two Year 6 members would like to point grown ups in the direction of the, "Free and Recycle" Facebook page. This page works a little like GumTree and FreeCycle. It helps reduce waste and encourages people to reuse things they might have, lying about the house!


All in all, a successful first meeting back!

Severn Trent Meeting

Today, the whole school enjoyed an assembly about water efficiency with Helen from Severn Trent Water. Afterwards, she met with our Eco Team to discuss how we could become more water efficient as a whole school and at home. The Eco Team (and Mrs Crawford!) are very excited to become Water Reporters! We will be surveying Haydn to see just how efficient we currently are!


If you would like to get your family a 4 minute shower timer, follow this link:

Onion update!

Four of our eco teamers replanted our onions into bigger pots today and they're still going strong. Fingers crossed!


Today, we gathered together our Sharing Sherwood posters ready for us to display around our playgrounds. Felicity and Toby are also busy revamping our recycling bin labels for every classroom.


Following the success of our recycling art project with Anna Roebuck, the eco team are very excited to be growing onions for the Sharing Sherwood social eating project. Cam and Lillian got very messy planting our first batch!


Today, we discussed how we could get involved with the social eating group, Sharing Sherwood. We all understood that projects like this one help reduce out impact on the world and, as Poppy in Year 1 explained, if Sharing Sherwood wasn't around, "Food would be wasted."

Our Eco Team came up with some excellent ideas about hoe we could promote and help the group.

Watch this space!


If you'd like to find out more about Sharing Sherwood, in the meantime, ask your adult to search for them on social media.

First Meeting

At our first meeting, we discussed what "eco" meant to us. We came up with some amazing ideas!

"Eco means taking care of the environment" - Alfie, Year 5.

Environment can mean the area around you and the whole world - Lillian, Year 4, and Toby, Year 6.

"Look after our world; we haven't got another" - Dan, Year 2.

Tom, in Year 1, and Frank, in Year 5, both agreed that "eco" also means working together and helping one another.

Over the next few weeks, we plan to take part in a recycling art project and a competition to conserve the local hedgehog population!




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